When Paige's brother, Ashton gets in a band, Paige meets Luke. Will Paige and Luke start dating? What will happen to Luke and Ashton's friendship?
Credit to Sassyas for the cover


13. Chap. 8

"Best. Movie. Ever!!!!!!" I yelled.


"Where's Ashton?" Luke asks.

"With Elizabeth. His girlfriend. Do you want Chocolate milk?" I ask. He nods. I roll up my sleeves and get to work making it.

"What are these?" Luke asks grabbing my wrists.


"Uh, nothing." I pull my wrist away and pull down my sleeves.

"Those are fresh. From yesterday. I can tell. Why?" He seems hurt. I look down at my scars.

"Okay. Ash hasn't told you this. But I will. Our parents died in a fire, 6 years ago. That's why we live alone. We used to live with my grandma, but she died too. I went through depression when I was 15, and I starved my self till I was about, 80 pounds. Then I started cutting last year. I only do it when I'm stressed, or when I think of mum. I didn't get along with dad, but I wish I did now that he's gone. I saw twitter hate about me, and I couldn't resist. I'm sorry. I understand if you wanna break up. I'm a freaking mess. I'm horrible." I say. By the end in bawling my eyes out.

"Are you crazy? I would never break up with you. But let me have all your razors. Now. I don't want you doing this anymore. So take me to the bathroom, and give me ALL of them." Luke whispers in my ear while hugging me. I take him to the bathroom.

"Here." I hand him my makeup bag. I keep my secret one, just in case I can't stand it.

"If you feel like cutting, tell me. Now, hand me the extra one." He says with his hand out.

"How'd you know?!?" I ask shocked.

"Cause I know you. Now give it." I sigh and hand it to him.

"Okay. If I find another one, you'll be in trouble. Now hug me." He says with his arms out. I hold onto him like a kola.

Luke's POV

(AN I know! Different right?)

That scared me so much. She could have died. She's capable of pretty much anything, so if she wanted to die she would find a way.

I go to her room an sit down on the bed. I lie down and check my Instagram feed. And I see this.

Megabae666: really? Paige? You can do so much better then her.

Zaymimhot!:She should die in a freaking hole. She's so ugly!

Iluv5SoS: OMG she is so ugly! Die! Just leave Luke alone.

LolimAb!+€h: commit suicide!

I decided to post a picture of her and I and said:

Look. You guys aren't real fans. You realize if she even thought about suicide, if she did, I would too. So if you guys get rid of her, you get rid of me.



I'm so pissed right now. I wrote a bunch of stuff after this, but then Movellas crashed! It deleted everything! I had like 30 paragraphs!!!!!! I'm so pissed! It took me an hour, then it just crashes! URGH! And I wrote a huge part of the story, and it's gone now. I have to re-write that part. ^_^

I'm really angry. And before you say, "You didn't save it, Idiot." I did actually. It crashed like 10 seconds after I saved it. And it wasn't saved. I'm ranting. I'm sorry. :) I'll just rewrite it. It's okay.

Love ya, M.

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