Niall or harry?

Skyler is torn between two boys, the only two boys who take interest in her. Who will she choose? Who's best for her? Who does she trust the most? And who will she keep as a friend? Read more in Niall or Harry


6. You're insecure

Skylers P.O.V

Since my life is pretty complicated I ran upstairs and did something I have managed to avoid for a while. Even though I was only here a night, I had a small bag packed with the little things (see what I did there?😉) I might need when going out with people I just met. I ran upstairs to the en suite in nialls room and pulled out my bag.

I searched my bag for a good 10 seconds before I found my life saver that keeps me sane.

My razor.

As I said, my life's complicated, my family aren't that nice to me and sometimes beat me so I have good reason to continue what I'm doing. I picked up the razor and slid it across my wrist once whilst saying "one for bad luck in life", I slid the razor again whilst saying "one for crap family" and cut a few more slits for extra effort and put the razor back after washing it under the tap.

Seconds later, I heard a knock at the door. Crap.

"Skyler?! Are you in there?" Asked a voice. Harry. Damn, why is he being so nice? "Um- hold on a minute!" I replied shakily whilst washing my wrists and pulling the sleeves of my jumper down.

I opened the door and walked past harry assuming he'd gone to go to the loo. A second or two later he had grabbed my wrists and pulled me back, I squealed in pain and pulled a face.

"Is there something wrong with your wrist?" He asked politely. "Not at all!" I laughed nervously. Bad idea. "You can't trick me skyler" he replied worriedly pulling up my sleeves and gasped.

"Skyler?" He questioned, trying to get an explanation.

A/N: Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I haven't really had the time and I'm sorry I accidentally tagged my instagram name wrong in the last authors note!

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