Niall or harry?

Skyler is torn between two boys, the only two boys who take interest in her. Who will she choose? Who's best for her? Who does she trust the most? And who will she keep as a friend? Read more in Niall or Harry


7. what?

Skylers P.O.V

He looked into my eyes looking for an explanation and to be honest, that scared the hell outta me.

What was I gonna do? What was I gonna say? I couldn't concentrate on an answer with all these thoughts swimming around my head.

So I being me, did the stupidest thing possible in that moment.

I ran for it.

Out my bedroom door, down the stairs and out the door to the nearest park.

I curled under a tree and just let everything out.

Nialls P.O.V

I had told the lads I was gonna go to the nearest park to do footy practice but I didn't tell them I was gonna clear my head of skyler and her beautiful face. Yes, I might flirt with her but I do love her! 💙

After around ten minutes in the park, I heard a loud noise like a girl crying.

This didn't look good. I ran over to the girl, finally processing it was skyler and wrapped my arms as tightly as I could round her arms. Apparently she'd hurt her arm or something as she winced and cried louder.

"Skyler? Are you ok?" I asked her a worried expression crossing my face. Wrong thing to say, of course she's not okay you idiot! I thought to myself.

" why are you here niall? I'm not good enough, I never will be and I don't deserve you or any other of the boys!" She sobbed

I can't believe she would say that! I kept reassuring her and carried her bridal style to our house.

Harrys P.O.V

I was shocked. She just took off and left me! I don't what was wrong with her but I'm gonna find out.

That was before I heard the front door click shut.

Niall walked in with skyler holding her bridal style. What? He was there for her when I wasn't.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, busy with school but now it's the EASTER HOLIDAYS!!! I am going to the WHERE WE ARE concert on 30/5/14!!!!

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