Niall or harry?

Skyler is torn between two boys, the only two boys who take interest in her. Who will she choose? Who's best for her? Who does she trust the most? And who will she keep as a friend? Read more in Niall or Harry


2. Harry's house

Skylers P.O.V

I had got my outfit ready for tonight. I was wearing a red flowy dress, white purse and red flats.

I grabbed my keys and my purse, leaving with the directions to Harry's house.

As soon as I pulled up on the drive, I couldn't breathe. This house was massive. I mean proper MASSIVE.

Harry must have seen me pull up because he came and opened the door with a smile nearly as big as his face.

"The other boys arrived here quite a while ago if you would like to say hi" he told me while I nodded. He was so cute with his head of chestnut curls!

As soon as I walked in, I noticed niall throwing a wink in my direction. Not thinking much of it, I smiled and waved and he smirked to himself. After I had gone round everyone, I went to help myself to a drink only to find an arm being snaked around my waist!

I turned around seeing harry and being faced with his dimples. "Need a hand?" He asked. I wasn't sure if he was acting flirty or being serious. "I'm fine for now,thanks" I replied, wriggling away from his arm.

I was fully aware that harry and niall were acting very flirtatious with me, but who's better for me?


I'm sorry that I'm writing short chapters but I find it easier to publish small chapters at a time that are short so I can write more! Thanks!

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