love that boy

this is about were 2 teenage girls Brooklynn and Sophie go to a one direction concert and backstage to meet them. but what happens when both of them fall in love to quick. will they get hurt or will they stay together rad to see what happens .


1. getting ready for the concert !!!

Sophie's p.o.v

I woke up from the sun beaming through my eyes but I was still tired so I got up and closed the curtains that Brooklynne must of opened. I looked at the time and it was 1 o`clock in the afternoon I was shocked at first but I did realise that I went to bed at 5 `o'clock In the morning. my eyes were now shut until I heard Brooklynne come in and sing "time to get up" song as you can see me and brooklynne are huge directioner fans. we are actually going to see hem at the o2 arena. we are seeing them today because we have the whole week off collage so we decided to go and see them. I am round here because brooklynnes mam and dad are in Spain and my mam dad and Emily are with them because we are like family so I decided to sleep at brooklynnes the whole week. I went in the shower because I literally stunk and when I got out I saw brooklynne in the bedroom and she said to me all shocked and a bit angry " why are you wet, have you been in the pool again how many times have I told you stop going into the pool we have a concert to go to you know !!!" I replied " sorry and no I have not gone into the pool I have been in the shower because I stunk and I am getting ready now. only I wish I got to actually see them and talk to them" she looked like she was hiding something I said breaking the silence " what have you done?" she replied back to my question " well my mam got us some backstage passes to go and meet them." my jaw dropped. I never spoke a word all I did was hug her really tight and scream and shout at her saying thank you over and over again.

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