Simply... Just, bored

After Sherlock has found out Moriarty is back; he's been snooping all over London for some clues. While.. some new neighbours move in. Then, move out. And then he's stuck with the weirdest person that he cannot understand. Who is it? Will they get sick of living in the Downstairs apartment; constant shouting during the night, shooting and more gory scenes or, will they be addicted to the sight and senses of murders, serial killers and shocking deaths or faint in plain sight?

Listen to the you-tube video thing during the whole story.. Just for sherlockian effect.


4. Stuff

"I'm Greg Lestrade and...Who.Are.You?"

                                                                                        *            *            *

I panicked, I did not want to get involved in a crime scene; so I did what I do best.. fangirl

"Wait, Greg Lestrade? Noooo it can't be you oh my god, oh my god!" He looked startled, this was my chance when I heard the door shut and lock. 

"Okay, Febris, now... that was obvious you were going to make a run for it and scream for help but... the police are already here. In that case they would just bring you back up her-" I interrupted 'Sherlock's' arrogant speech and stated-

"-But this house is empty of people... well other than the landlady and us three.. four; the police left. Yeah that's right, don't look so shocked Mr. Holmes I noticed someone come into the house. A man by the sounds of it: heavy footsteps and call me Ris... I also know you know my name because of my bracelet" I held my personalised bracelet up, proving my statement. 

''Oh, can I be involved in this case and what might this man's name be...?''

I waited for a reply from either of the men, of who the man was while Greg Lestrade just watched in awe as Sherlock and I glared arrogantly at eachother, I could easily imagine the metaphorical screws and cogs going round in his brain.

"John Watson" the door opened and a middle-aged man with a slight limp came in holding a plastic bag with milk in. 

I spun around and walked up to this new person. Studying his clothes, faint tan line on his wrists and neck then walked in a circle around him.

''Got a new girlfriend?'' I asked. The short man that stood nose-to-nose with me opened his mouth in shock. Closed it. Then once again opened his mouth.

''And...Um...Why. Who. Urgh. Sherlock. Another client?'' After he said that I then growled in disgust.

''Why would I be a client for this...arrogant idiot that goes prancing around thinking he's smarter than me?''

''Sherlock. Is she? Can she? Why is there two of you?!''

Sherlock and I looked at each other and then at the other to men in the room. 

''I'm going downstairs to unpack'' I muttered

''Well why did you state that, it was fairly obvious'' I heard someone say irritatingly as I stumbled out the room.


                                                                                               *     *     *

''Hello? Mrs Landlady? I'm going to live here now. Make me some tea, add a few biscuits if you like. Thanks''

''Sherlock? Why are you putting on a woman's voi-'' An old frail, voice muttered from the kitchen. I heard a chuckle that lingered behind me

''That wasn't me Mrs Hudson. It was the new tennant that'll be living in the downstairs apartment. And while you're at it make me some tea as well bring it into the girls room. She seems to have made herself at home already and I would like to speak to her. Also-'' I stopped Sherlock.

''Never compare me to that... incompetant idiot again.'' I said bluntly.

Sherlock pushed into my apartment and sat down on a chair. He looked at me quizzically. Took a breath. And then opened his big mouth.

''You're from Essex although, you have a more posh accent than most people would expect. You have a big family and there's a lot of Irish in it due to your pale complexion and dark hair. You've recently moved and just finished university. How sweet. Dumped a boyfriend because he was boring and is now looking for a place to stay - you have a very large suitcase for someone on holiday - that's why I told you about the flat downstairs. You are fairly intelligent and have the same arrogance as I. You're also socially awkward and overly clumsy. You can change your personality to fit your surroundings because of the... Fangirling... scene you acted out earlier. Who would know who Geoffry Lestrade is. Am I wrong?'' Sherlock sat there smugly with his legs crossed and a crafty look in his eyes. Well... Let's see what I can find out about you.

''Well done for stating the obvious'' I replied, took a breath and started deducing. ''You smoke, craving a cigarette now actually. Right? You also have a habit of staring into space to think. You originate from London and know the Landlady from a past experience. John Watson and The Lestrade person are probably your only friends because you lack people skills. Like me. You have a brother... or two... and most likely despise both. You have a bad past experience and wanted to be a pirate when you grew up. You like tea and custard creams. And rarely eat. How's that?'' 

Sherlock sat in silence, taking in what just happened.

''Right. Yes. I understand how you got everything but... The pirate?'' I laughed at this.

''We're quite similar, I noticed that. So I just assumed that you used to want to be a pirate like me'' He grinned and looked down at the table. When did the tea appear? I thought. He looked at me.

''It tends to do that. I hardly notice people around here'' 





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