Simply... Just, bored

After Sherlock has found out Moriarty is back; he's been snooping all over London for some clues. While.. some new neighbours move in. Then, move out. And then he's stuck with the weirdest person that he cannot understand. Who is it? Will they get sick of living in the Downstairs apartment; constant shouting during the night, shooting and more gory scenes or, will they be addicted to the sight and senses of murders, serial killers and shocking deaths or faint in plain sight?

Listen to the you-tube video thing during the whole story.. Just for sherlockian effect.


1. Just some background Information

This chapter has no story; it has some background info and some rules that might come in handy.

I will be publishing one chapter (usually) or more once a week. It’s about Sherlock. Read this or you will be followed by a Weeping Angel. Comment, like and favourite. Comment who you ship, if you like. Welcome to Night Vale, I will mumble a picture of my Night Vale fan art. CURSE YOU MOFFAT! Goodbye readers, Goodbye

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