Simply... Just, bored

After Sherlock has found out Moriarty is back; he's been snooping all over London for some clues. While.. some new neighbours move in. Then, move out. And then he's stuck with the weirdest person that he cannot understand. Who is it? Will they get sick of living in the Downstairs apartment; constant shouting during the night, shooting and more gory scenes or, will they be addicted to the sight and senses of murders, serial killers and shocking deaths or faint in plain sight?

Listen to the you-tube video thing during the whole story.. Just for sherlockian effect.


3. A girl

A taxi pulled up on the side of the road.

"That's as far as I can go kid, there's police tape about 100 yards away" The driver said. I sighed and paid, got out and shut the door. I sat down on a wall, not knowing where to go. I was lost. I heard sirens and glanced towards the direction they were coming from; the same street. (Baker St) Being my nosey self, I stood up and started dragging my oversized suitcase behind me tripping up along the pavement. I was lost in my thoughts during the short time I was walking therefore, didn't notice the panting, overweight Policeman rushing up to me. . .

"Excuse me ma'am, are you a witness to what happened here?" The police officer rambled.

Startled and unsure I quickly replied " yeah?" The officer beckoned me to follow him and we entered a house. Almost everyone stared at me. 

"This is a witness"The officer said. A tall and particularly annoying guy said (in a really snobby voice) "Take her upstairs to Lestrade, Sherlock and the other weirdo" I was dragged upstairs to find 3 men; all in their mid twenties-thirties. One, with a mop of curly brown hair and a purple shirt, shiny black oxfords and seemed to be staring me down or studying me (kind of) Another with grey hair, a black Parker coat and he seemed overly annoyed. The last seemed to Be in shock, maybe? Flinching at any movement. 

The tallest one with curly hair was still staring at me. 

"There's an apartment downstairs" He stated, turned back round and started talking to the irritated one. "Oh, how rude of me. The name's Sherlock Holmes and.." 

"The address is 221b Baker Street" a voice said behind me. I swiftly turned and The extremely annoying, snobby man was leaning against the door frame. I suddenly forgot about the Sherlock statement about an apartment.

"Oh go away, you are the most irritating and impertinent...human that might exist" I slammed the door in his face and turned back around. "Who's he?"


A smug looking Sherlock looked at the other guy, to the door and back to me. 

"Anderson" They both replied in sync. 

The man that was shocked had seemed to recover from his state and pointed out how rude I was then left, it was only the three of us left in the house now.. I couldn't hear anyone else but the landlady or something below.


"I'm Greg Lestrade and...Who.Are.You?"

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