My Life as a Book

Hello. Jade here. I'm a pretty weird kid. Deal with it. If you wanna know about me, for some odd reason, just read this here book. Go ahead. You know you want to.
DO IT!!!


2. Todays Events

February 16th, 2014, Sunday

I've just received a message that has sunk down in my heart so far it pains. My mom's fiancee's sister just had a miscarriage, and is at the hospital as I type this entry. I'm very sad, because I wanted a little baby cousin. I may be satisfied with my three month old sister, but I only see her two days-three nights a week at my dad's house, cos I live with my mom. But it would be cool to have a boy. I'm pretty sad about it. :(

.    Another thing I'm pretty sad about is the fact I'm watching the Good Luck Charlie Series Finale :(

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