Louis's Little Girl

~This used to be called Adopted By Louis Tomlinson but I wanted to change it because I had an idea.~

I know that there is a lot of story's about being adopted by someone in One Direction, but I wanna try to make one. Here's what it's about.

Louis has a big secret. Before he was on the X-factor he did something with his girlfriend. His girlfriend had a little girl named Annabelle. She couldn't care for Anna, so she gave Anna to Louis' mum. Louis' mum cared for Anna, but she had to give Anna to her father. Louis lies to the rest of the boys and says that he adopted her. What will happen when the boys figure out Anna is really Louis daughter? What will happen to his and Eleanor's relationship? How will the fans react? Read to find out.


9. Eleanor, Please Don't Leave Me

Eleanor's P.O.V.

"She is my daughter. Blood and all." Louis said on stage. I looked down at Anna. She looked up at me. I felt so stupid. How didn't I notice it before? I thought. Anna looks a lot like Louis. Her hair is the exact same color; her eyes are the exact same color; she acts the same; she seriously is the mini girl version of him! 

"Elweanor?" she said. I felt like crying.

"No, Anna." I said, then I started to walk away.

"Eleanor!" Louis called running off the stage.

"No, Louis." I said, he walked closer.

"Eleanor, let me explain." he said.

"No, Louis!" I repeated. "Why didn't you say something!"

"I honestly don't know." he said. Now the tears started to fall. This time, I let myself cry in front of him. "Don't be mad at me, Eleanor. I know I should have said that she was my daughter-" 

"I'm not mad at you for not saying that she is your daughter! I'm mad at you because you lied, Louis!" I yelled. People were starting to look at us.

Louis' P.O.V.

"I'm not mad at you for not saying that she is your daughter! I'm mad at you because you lied, Louis!" Eleanor said. I felt tears spring into my eyes.

"Eleanor, I didn't want to lie-" I said, getting cut off by her.

"Then why did you?" she asked. Her tears grow thicker. As did mine as they rolled down my face.

​"I . . . it just . . . I don't know." I said. My tears and her tears both rolled faster down our cheeks. 

She let out a huff of air. Looked at me. Then looked at Anna. Then looked over my shoulder at the boys. Then turned to go.

"Louis, if I can't get an explanation of why you lied. Then I can't be with you." she said. I could tell that she was sad. I grabbed her wrist anyway.

"Eleanor, please don't leave me." I said my tears rolling down faster.

"I'm sorry, Louis. Call me when you have a good explanation." she said. Then she pulled her hand out of my grip. 

"Eleanor, wait! I love you!" I screamed. She looked at me, tears still gushing from her eyes.

"I love you too, Louis. But I just, I just don't like to be lied to." she said. Then she walked away, leaving me standing stationary. Tears flowing out of my eyes.

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