Louis's Little Girl

~This used to be called Adopted By Louis Tomlinson but I wanted to change it because I had an idea.~

I know that there is a lot of story's about being adopted by someone in One Direction, but I wanna try to make one. Here's what it's about.

Louis has a big secret. Before he was on the X-factor he did something with his girlfriend. His girlfriend had a little girl named Annabelle. She couldn't care for Anna, so she gave Anna to Louis' mum. Louis' mum cared for Anna, but she had to give Anna to her father. Louis lies to the rest of the boys and says that he adopted her. What will happen when the boys figure out Anna is really Louis daughter? What will happen to his and Eleanor's relationship? How will the fans react? Read to find out.


1. Annabelle

Louis' P.O.V.

"Tell me that I'm wrong, but I do what I please. Way to many people in the Addison Lee. Now I'm at the age where I know what I mean. Oh-woah!" I sang as I ran up to the fans screaming my name.

"LOUIS!!!" they screamed.

"LOUIS LOUIS LOUIS!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!" they screamed some more.

**the concert is over**

"Louis!" I heard my mum say.

"Hey Mum!" I said. I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Louis!" Phoebe and Daisy yelled running to me. 

"Hey girls!" I said picking them up and going in a circle.

"Louis!" Fizzy yelled running up and giving me a hug.

"Hey Fizzy!" I gave her a hug back.

"Hey Lou!" Lottie said after me and Fizzy broke apart.

"Hey Lottie!" I gave her a hug.

"Louis!" Eleanor said. I ran up to her, gave her a kiss and then a hug.

"Louis." my mum said.

"Yeah, Mum?" I asked.

"Look who came." then I saw a little girl about the age of 5 come up behind my mum's legs. She had dirty blonde hair and beautiful light blue eyes. She looked a little like me when I was little.

"Annabelle?" I asked. She nodded. I slowly walked up to her. She hid more. "It's okay."

"Anna?" my mum picked her up. Then she whispered something to her and handed her to me.

"Who are you?" she asked me.

"I'm . . . I'm daddy." I said to her. Eleanor looked kind of shocked. Phoebe, Daisy, Lottie, Fizzy, and my mum smiled and nodded.

"Daddy?" Annabelle said. I nodded. "Daddy!" 

Then she threw her arms around my neck. I moved my left hand to put on her hair. My right hand under her bum holding her up.

"Louis? We have to go now okay?" my mum said.

"Bye, Louis!" the girls said. 

"Bye, Boo Bear!" my mum said.

"Bye, guys!" I called after them. "Come on, Eleanor! Let's go have the boys meet Anna."

"Okay, Lou." Eleanor said. Then I put a giggling Anna on my hip, grabbed Eleanor's hand and we all ran into the dressing room.

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