Louis's Little Girl

~This used to be called Adopted By Louis Tomlinson but I wanted to change it because I had an idea.~

I know that there is a lot of story's about being adopted by someone in One Direction, but I wanna try to make one. Here's what it's about.

Louis has a big secret. Before he was on the X-factor he did something with his girlfriend. His girlfriend had a little girl named Annabelle. She couldn't care for Anna, so she gave Anna to Louis' mum. Louis' mum cared for Anna, but she had to give Anna to her father. Louis lies to the rest of the boys and says that he adopted her. What will happen when the boys figure out Anna is really Louis daughter? What will happen to his and Eleanor's relationship? How will the fans react? Read to find out.


2. The Boys and the Story

Louis' P.O.V.

"Where's Lou?" I heard as I walked into the dressing room.

"Don't know." another voice said.

"Anna, this is my girlfriend, Eleanor." I said quietly to Anna.

"Hi, Elweanor." she said in her little voice.

"Hi, Anna." Eleanor said.

"Anna, Eleanor is gonna be with you for a little bit okay?" I asked her wondering if she was okay with it. She smiled and nodded. I smiled back and kissed her forehead.

"I'm here, boys!" I yelled as I ran into the dressing room. 

"Louis!" Niall said running up into me, causing us both to fall on the ground. 

"Lou!" Zayn said jumping on Niall and me.

"Boo Bear!" Harry said jumping on Zayn, Niall, and me.

"Swag Masta From Doncasta!" Liam called jumping on Harry, Zayn, Niall, and me.

"Don't call me that!" I yelled.

"Boys, boys, get off of him!" Lou yelled grabbing Liam. Then Harry. Zayn and Niall hopped off of me. 

"Here." Niall said, he grabbed my left arm and I grabbed his right, and he helped me up.

"I have someone for you guys to meet." I said. The boys were watching me curiously. "Anna?"

Anna didn't come out.

"Anna?" I repeated.

She still didn't come out, and the boys were looking at me even more curiously.

"Eleanor. Bring her out." I said to Eleanor. I looked over and saw Eleanor pick her up and walk out.

"Here." she said. I grabbed Anna out of her arms and turned to face the boys. Their faces were shocked.

"Anna introduce yourself." I said to her. She looked at me with her big eyes.

"I don't know them. Gamma says don't talk strangers." she said with her pointer finger out waving it up and down.

"Yes, but these aren't strangers. These are my friends." I said to her. Then looking up at the boys. "Why don't you guys introduce yourselves first?" 

"Okay, hi . . . " Liam said.

"Annabelle." I said.

"Annabelle. I'm Liam." he said walking up to her with his hand out. Anna gave him a high-five and smiled. I put her down.

"Call me Anna, Weeyum!" she said. Liam smiled.

"Hello, Annabelle, I'm Niall." Niall said walking up with his hand out. Anna ran up into his arms.

"Call me Anna, Wiall!" she said. Niall smiled and picked her up in a Horan Hug. Once he put her down, Harry walked up.

"Hey, Annabelle. I'm Harry." he said with his hand out. Anna walked up to him and grabbed his hand. She started to shake in a very crazy yet cute way.

"Call . . . me . . . Anna . . . Hawwy!" she said, with every word a giant shake. Harry smiled and laughed.

"Annabelle? I'm Zayn." Zayn said with his hand out. Anna walked up to him, turned him around.

"Go down lower." she said. He went down lower. She jumped on his back and threw her arms around his neck.

"Call me Anna, Sayn!" she said. Zayn ran around the room with a laughing Anna holding onto his back. When they were done Zayn put her down.

"So, Louis?" Harry said.

"Yeah?" I asked grabbing Anna and playing with her. She was laughing really hard. Eleanor sat down beside me and played with Anna as well. Anna laughed harder.

"How do you know Anna?" Liam asked.

"Well, it's a long story." I started. I stood up and let Eleanor and Anna play. "Sit down."

Zayn, Niall, Harry, Liam, and I sat down on the couch. 

"Well, you see. Before I went on the X-factor I went to the Adoption Center and saw her. She was only 13 months then. Her parents left her behind when they moved. They treated her like an unwanted dog. I went over to the people and begged them to let me adopt her. I still remember what they said." I told them.

"What did they say?" Lou asked. I looked around and I saw that everyone was listening to me. Eleanor was still listening even though she was cradling a sleepy Anna.

"They said: Your not of age, Louis. Since no one is adopting her, you have to wait 2 months to adopt her." I said. "I waited 2 months came back and she still was there. I walked up and they smiled and let me adopt her for free. They just gave me her. I asked them why and they said because I was the only one that wanted her and they were thankful."

"Awww!" they all yelled.

"Shhhh!" Eleanor said. We all looked over and saw Anna sleeping.

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