Louis's Little Girl

~This used to be called Adopted By Louis Tomlinson but I wanted to change it because I had an idea.~

I know that there is a lot of story's about being adopted by someone in One Direction, but I wanna try to make one. Here's what it's about.

Louis has a big secret. Before he was on the X-factor he did something with his girlfriend. His girlfriend had a little girl named Annabelle. She couldn't care for Anna, so she gave Anna to Louis' mum. Louis' mum cared for Anna, but she had to give Anna to her father. Louis lies to the rest of the boys and says that he adopted her. What will happen when the boys figure out Anna is really Louis daughter? What will happen to his and Eleanor's relationship? How will the fans react? Read to find out.


14. Signing

Louis' P.O.V.

"Boys-and little Anna-we have to get back on schedule." Paul said. Everyone nodded and got up. I picked Anna up.

"Where do we have to go now?" Liam asked Paul.

"Signing. Then quick meet-and-greet. Then out to dinner." Paul said.

"What to wear?" Niall said in his irish accent.

"I got that c'mon boys!" Caroline said.

"Daddy, who's that?" Anna asked me.

"I forgot to introduce myself." Caroline said looking at Anna. "I'm Caroline."

Anna said nothing.

"Hold out your hand." I said to her. She held out her hand. Anna grabbed it and held it up with her pointer finger. Then she spun around like a little ballerina.

"Call me Anna, Carwowine." Anna said when she was done twirling. Caroline laughed.

"C'mon boys! Let's get you guys dressed!"

**at signing**

This is what we were wearing:

What Anna was wearing:

"Ahh! People!" Anna screamed. A lot of our fans were outside. Liam, Niall, Harry, and Zayn were laughing. I was smiling while looking down at her. She was holding my hand. We got inside.

"I'll hold onto Anna for you, Louis." Lou said. I handed Anna's hand over to her. Anna looked back at me while they walked off. I waved at Anna and she waved back.

"Louis! Sit." Zayn said. I sat down next to him. The order we were in was: me on the very left, Zayn next to me, Liam in the middle next to Zayn, Harry next to Liam, Niall on the very right next to Harry.

"Loud in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." Niall said counting down. Sure enough when he said 1, it got very loud.

"Louis! Louis! Louis! Can you sign this!?" one fan said. I smiled then signed it. "I have something for you!"

"What is it?" I asked. She got out a box wrapped up in wrapping paper. "Thanks."

I heard her at Zayn's yelling the same thing, but saying 'Zayn' instead of 'Louis'. 

"Louis! You're my favorite!" another fan yelled. I smiled.

"Thanks," I said. I signed a picture for her. She moved on to Zayn.

"Louis!" another fan yelled. 

"Hi," I said smiling.

This went on for about an hour. Maybe 2 hours. I wasn't sure. We were here for a long time though. 

"What time is it?" I asked Zayn.

"3:30" he replied. We got here at 1:30.

"Daddy!" Anna yelled, running over to me.

"Hey sweetheart!" I yelled. I picked her up in my arms and we went around in a circle.

"Boys, Anna, Caroline, Lou. Time to go back, change, then meet-and-greet." Paul said. 

We all walked out of the door to go back to change.

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