Louis's Little Girl

~This used to be called Adopted By Louis Tomlinson but I wanted to change it because I had an idea.~

I know that there is a lot of story's about being adopted by someone in One Direction, but I wanna try to make one. Here's what it's about.

Louis has a big secret. Before he was on the X-factor he did something with his girlfriend. His girlfriend had a little girl named Annabelle. She couldn't care for Anna, so she gave Anna to Louis' mum. Louis' mum cared for Anna, but she had to give Anna to her father. Louis lies to the rest of the boys and says that he adopted her. What will happen when the boys figure out Anna is really Louis daughter? What will happen to his and Eleanor's relationship? How will the fans react? Read to find out.


3. In the Car

Eleanor's P.O.V.

When Louis was telling Anna's story, I was playing around with her. She looked at me with her beautiful big blue eyes. I couldn't help but love her. She started to look sleepy, so I grabbed her and cradled her in my arms. I did it slowly. She fell asleep after about 2 minutes.

"Awww!!" everyone yelled. 

"Shhhh!" I shushed them. They almost woke her up.

Louis' P.O.V.

**in the car**

"Ummm . . . she needs some stuff." I said once we got to the car. I put a sleeping Anna on my lap.

"Call your mum." Eleanor said. 

"Good idea." I said. Then I slowly and quietly put Anna on Eleanor's lap. She cradled her in her arms.

**in the conversation**

"Hey, Mum." I said to her.

"Hey, Lou." she said. "Hows Anna doing?"

"Great. She's doin' great. She's actually why I called." I told her.

"What happened?" she asked, her voice turning very concerned.

"Umm, we don't have any of her stuff." I said.

"Oh! Yeah! I dropped off at your guy's hotel. We put them in your room." my mum said.

"Thanks, and Mum?" me.

"Yeah, Lou?" Mum.

"Why did you give Anna to me? After all these years? Why now?" me.

"She had to meet the boy . . . or man now . . . she deserved to meet you." Mum.

"Thanks, Mum." me.

"For what, Lou?" Mum.

"Bringing her to me." me. Everyone was looking at me. Eleanor was silently saying aww.

"Your welcome." Mum.

"Bye." me.

"Bye, Boo Bear." Mum.

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