1. Chapter One





"Diana, it's time to wake up honey. Your flight leaves in four hours and I want you to have time to eat, say goodbyes and make it on time to the airport. Your father and I will drop you and Daniel off." My mother shook me awake as she rambled on and on about the flight. Me and my brother Daniel have decided to go to the United Kingdom for college together. Have I mentioned were twins? Cause we are.

Slowly I pried myself out of bed, shuffling my feet over to my dresser and picking up my outfit that I had pulled out last night. My tank top had cursive writing of "forever young" on the front, my black cardigan over the top of it, and my blue jean capris, not to mention my green socks that brighten up my care-free personality.

I walked into the bathroom, taking a look at myself in the mirror. My cinnamon brown eyes, light brown curly hair, beauty marks placed on my cheek and the side of my nose, just as if it was a piercing. I scrunched my nose up, I had always been disgusted with myself. I pulled my makeup case out, getting the coverup out first dabbing a little onto my finger then dotting my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. I started rubbing it all around my face, making sure every spot was covered. Then I pulled my Chapstick out, placing if around my lips then rubbing my lips together followed by putting a light shade of pink lipstick, eyeliner and mascara.

"You really don't need makeup, you know that right? You're beautiful just the way you are." my brother side-hugged me.

"That's a lie and a half."

"No it's not. You truly are beautiful and I'm not just saying that cause you're my sister either."

"Then why are you saying it then?"

"I want you to know the truth. Plus we're going to the U.K. I want you to start a whole new life there. Not to mention the guys there are a hella lot nicer than the limited ones here in the U.S. yeah you might run into a few assholes but you'll soon realize how amazing these English guys actually are. One of these days you'll meet a guy who acts nothing like the guys you've been with. And his name is Mr. Right." I looked at myself in the mirror as Daniel spoke. He was right, I should just start a new life in a new place with new people. It's all just worth a try. I'll even have Daniel with me, by my side like he always had been.

"Thanks Danny, you're truly the best brother anyone could ever ask for. I'm gonna clean my face up, then I'll meet you in the kitchen." I hugged him before he left to go get ready.

I turned the water on, splashing my face before I placed the face wash all around my face, making sure I got everything off my face. Then I rushed to the kitchen and sat besides Daniel.

"Well hello. Taking that makeup off really does make an improvement, you look a hella lot better without it too." he smiled as mum handed us each two strawberry pancakes with some bacon on the side.

"Oooh my favorite! Thanks mum." Daniel and I said in unison, then laughing afterwards. We've always spoke at the same time, it's like we're mind readers.

"Haha no problem. After all, it is your guys' last day, well morning with us. Your father and I just thought we should make it special." mum smiled, side-hugging father.

After we finished eating, mum got her camera out and set it up for a quick few photos for our last time being together for awhile :'( eh, they'll be great for a photo album <3

"Hey Robin, can you come set this camera up?"

"Haha yeah."

Father finally finished setting the camera up, then rushed towards us. I was between mum who had her arm wrapped around my back and Daniel who had his two fingers behind my head doing the "bunny ears" and father who stood behind mum, with his head resting on hers. We took a few goofy pics, then our final pic we were all together standing besides each other (from left to right: Daniel, me, mum, father) our arms linked around each other, all smiling. I'm really going to miss mum and father.

"Ok, it's time to go. Lets all get in the car." father looked down at his watch, me and Daniel already said goodbye to all of our classmates. We're ready to start a whole new life. We all got into the car and went off to the airport.

"I'm really going to miss you two, just promise to call us when you guys land, ok?" mum started to get teary eyed.

"Awh mum! Don't cry, yeah we'll call you when we land. I promise. I'll even annoy the taxi driver. I mean they can't have a 'no cellphone' policy, do they? Eh oh well. They'll end up with a no cellphone policy after I get out. Either way. Anyway, I'm gonna miss you too mum." we hugged each other one last time before we turned into Daniel's and fathers conversation.

"Make sure that nobody hurts my princess. I'm trusting you to protect her." father said.

"Nobody will hurt her, I'll be sure of that."

"Ok, thank you. Now for the two of you. The apartment is being paid off, it's a two bedroom - has a kitchen, laundry room, and a family room. Oh and one last thing.. You each get a 1,000 dollar limit on each of these master cards. You can do whatever you'd like with them, but I suggest you use them wisely." father handed Daniel and I each a credit card, which we immediately put them in our wallets.

"Thank you guys. Our flight is going to leave soon. We have to go, love you." I waved goodbye as I dragged Daniel behind me.  

"Tickets please." the attendant smiled politely as we handed her our tickets so she could examine them.

"Thank you, and have a wonderful time on the plane."

"Thanks." Daniel and I said in unison, giggling shortly after as we got seated on the plane, luckily we got put besides each other.

"Hey Danny?"

"Yeah sis?"

"I'm tired."

"Here, I'll be your pillow. Just take a nap, no worries."

"Ok, thanks." I rested my head on his shoulder, slowly drifting off into sleep.


    -few moments later-

"Diana! Wake up!" I was shook awake immediately.

"Hmm? Whaaa?"

"The plane is on fire. Take this and put it on. We're going to jump out together, don't forget mum and father already put our luggage in our apartment. Now lets go." Daniel tossed a parachute at me as we both put them on then jump out the side, holding each others hands for safety.

"If I don't make it, but you do.. Please tell mum and father that I love them. And please don't forget that I love you too."

"No Daniel. We're gonna make it out together. I promise. Just no more plane rides." we both pulled the string and slowly parted away from each other. He was being drifted off towards the left and me the right. Far apart. Just great - hint the sarcasm. I landed towards the shore that we landed on, noticing there were two other people on the land.

"Hey you!" the curly hair guy ran up to me, picking me up and running me back to the other guy who had a few rips in his plaid shirt and a slightly shaved head. He ripped part of his sleeve off, getting some alcohol and Neosporin out of his back pack. The curly hair guy placed me down on a rock nearby.

"What are you doing?" I asked clearly confused.

"Your knee is bleeding really bad, you don't remember the nasty fall you had back there?" the slightly shaved guy asked as he poured some water on my knee to get rid of some dried up blood.

"All I remember was from the time when me and my brother drifted apart to now. Nothing between that time."

"Do you even feel this?" the guy placed alcohol on the huge cut I had on my knee.

"Nope, I'm numb. Well my knee is anyway." I shook my head.

"Looks like I'm going to be carrying you." the curly hair guy winked, showing off his dimples.

"No Harry, I am." the other guy said in a serious tone as he wrapped the cloth around my knee.

"Buuuttt Leeeeyyyuumm!" the Harry guy whined.

"No but's. I'm carrying her, end of story." Harry picked me up, hesitating a bit before placing me on Liam's back, then we began walking towards where the others have landed.

I looked beside me, noticing that Harry was getting frustrated, I placed my cheek on Liam's shoulder, tapping Harry slightly to get his attention. He looked up and smiled, I could tell something was still bothering him.

"There's no signal here." he stated as if reading my mind.

"Well that's pretty obvious, we're stuck on this island full of mysteries." Liam spoke up, shooting Harry the 'duh' look. Harry looked down, slowly placing his headphones in and blaring his music.

"What is with you two? He didn't do a damn thing to you." I snapped at Liam.

"He's flirting with you and I don't like it. I'm not sure if you remember, but we're cousins. Our parents stopped talking after awhile, you and Daniel were 5 and I was 8. I still remember you two, I'm just really protective of you two. I don't want you hurt Diana."

"I knew I heard your name from somewhere! I missed you!" I hugged him, smiling.

"I missed you too.. Now le-"

"Hey! A map!" Harry interrupted Liam.

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