before you leave me

when you don't expect it, it happends. Daisy is a 19 year old girl she has a very ordinary life untill JUstin gets in the picture.


2. next day!! what a wonderfull day


i woke got ready and walked downs stairs my mother was already eating i sat down next to her and we started talking. following moment I Told her About my date with justin.she took it a bit seriously but it eased since she said "you know that justin is a bad ass and if he is hurting you, you know I'm here, darling, she Said before I went up to my room to pick clothes."thanks momi you are the best" i said before going up to my room . ABOUT  4H LATER!! "MOM I GO NOW" I yelled before I went. me and justin had decided that we would meet in the park before we went to the "TOAST" also known as my favorite resturant. 
When I arrived at the park, I saw Justin sitting there on a bench. I put on a smile on my face before I went to him.hey I said before I sat down next to him.He did not answer but was completely in his mobile phone .i wondering what was so important that he did not say hello. hello, I said again. was then the effect on him began work and he responded. hi daisy how are you he said before he stood up and hugged me .fine just fine and you how are things going with your career, I replied back as if nothing happend.good I have so many fans who support me and all he replied. "Hey.. justin we can remain i do not think I can go somewhere else I said. certain he replied. HMM what should I talk about everything he does is stare down at his mobile phone really is not what bothers me the that bothers me is that I'm sitting with the famous Justin Bieber.the reason I know him is because he and I went to school when we went on high school.I was so in love with him and I'm yet but he've selena Gomez and all.After a while, I needed to go home and he said goodbye and everything I went home with a smile that's good but if it began this good, it would end up with a broken heart 

thanks for reding gonna update more and sory that it got so short i have school tomorrow and i need to go to bed bye readers love you all much love abie





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