running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


8. Chapter 8.

Mari's POV

         Damon walks over to me and grabs my face with his hand, forcing me to look deep into his ice cold blue eyes.  "Oh Mari," he says. "Why do you look so much like your mother?"

         I continue to squirm as I try to get out of Chris's grasp. "What the fuck are you doing Damon?" I growl. A smirk spreads across Damon's lips before he removes his hand from my face. He pats me on the head like I'm a fucking dog and the last time I checked I'm not some fucking animal.

         "Isn't it obvious?" he says before laughing and clapping his hands together. "I'm about to kill you...and Will. Just like I killed your parents years ago. Except this time it will be even easier."

         I cannot fucking believe it. It-it was him. Damon killed our parents...

         "IT WAS YOU!" Will shouts. "YOU SON OF A FUCKING BITCH!" Will is furious as he tries to get out of Brad restrictive hold but Brad doesn't budge at all. Suddenly Will spits on Damon and it hits him right in the eye. I watch as he wipes the spit away from his face in disgust before clenching his jaw. Damon gives a swift and hard punch into Will's stomach and I hear him moan in pain. A loud slapping noise echoes through the room as the palm of Damon's hand connects with the side of Will's cheek.

         "How fucking dare you?" Damon growls through his teeth, his eyes filled with furiousness. "First of all don't ever do that again unless you want me to do something more extreme than punching you. Second of all, you won't fucking talk to me that way. You need to learn some fucking respect."

         "WE FUCKING TRUSTED YOU!" I shout at Damon. His dark eyes meet mine, making a shiver go down my spine. We fucking trusted him and he betrayed us. We've met the person who killed our parents countless times and we are in his house right now. "My father was your fucking best friend."

         Damon walks over to me so that he is standing directly in front of me. I can smell is strong cologne radiating off of his body. "The key word is "was" sweetheart," Damon says coldly. "Your poor excuse of a father was my friend before he has something that I wanted. That was the plan sweetheart...for me to gain your trust," he says with a smile spread across his face. "You both are so gullible you know. It was so easy to get both of you to trust me. But now I have both of you. That's all I wanted." Damon leans over his desk and picks the handgun up and wraps his fingers around the handle. "Hmm," he says while pacing back and forth. "Which one of you should I kill first?" I watch as his finger slowly grazes the trigger, making my heart beat even faster. "Should I kill you first Mari?" he says while pointing the gun at me. "Or should I kill you Will?" he says after spinning around on his heels and facing Will. "I cannot wait to kill both of you," he says with a satisfied look on his face. "It's a real shame actually. But hey you gotta do what you gotta do right?"

         Think Mari think. You have to think of something. What's the plan? Chris readjusts his grip on my arms and he presses hard enough for me to feel my gun in my jacket. Bingo. I do remember putting a gun in my jacket this morning. All I need to do is get my arms free and get it. This plan could work out for both me and Will...or it could go terribly wrong. Please God just be on my side this time. Please?

         "At least you both get to see your dear parents again," Damon says. "And you can both say hello to your dead sister Natalia." I bite my lip at the sound of Natalia's name. I mean she was my sister after all...and I kinda wish that she wasn't a psychotic bitch so that we could have actually bonded maybe? Ha. "You know it wasn't supposed to work out this way right? You both were supposed to be dead and Natalia was supposed to be here, standing right beside me. But no. You both had to fucking kill her."

         "She was a crazy ass bitch," Will spits at Damon. "Crazy as hell."

         "Do you realize that you are talking about your own sister? Your own blood right now?" Damon says before raising his eyebrows.

         "She was never my fucking sister," he growls. "And she never would have been because she helped kill her own family."

         Okay, I've only got one shot at I can't fuck it up. If I fuck it up, well we are both dead. Please work out...

         I take a deep breath before flipping Chris over my back with all my strength, setting my arms free. He shouldn't have pissed me off, because when I get pissed I don't stop. Anger fuels all of my actions and it just changes me. I pull out my gun and shoot Brad in the leg before he can even react to what just happened. Brad tumbles over in pain before grasping his leg. Before I can even point my gun at Damon, Damon shoots Will and he falls to the ground.

        "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" I shout as I run over to Will while shooting at Damon. "Get up Will," I say while trying to help him up. Will gets up very slowly and leans on me for support. I watch as Damon gets up from ducking behind his desk and I finally shoot him, hitting him in the arm. I run out of the room, trying to keep both me and Will from falling. Will weighs a lot more than me, so it's hard for me to do this. "Help me out here Will," I say while continuing to walk as fast as I can. "You've gotta walk too."

         I hear Will grunt in pain and he walks a little bit faster. Suddenly, I hear several gunshots being fired from behind us, and I know Damon is close. We make it out to the front yard of the house and the cold air hits both me and Will. It makes me shiver a little, but I shake it off instantly. Will keeps getting heavier and heavier the longer I try to run with him relying on me for support. Suddenly Will completely stops and falls on the grass-covered ground.

         "WILL GET UP!" I shout at him while violently shaking him. "YOU ARE GOING TO GET US KILLED!" Will mumbles something that I cannot understand and I see Damon in the distance running towards us with a now larger gun in his hand.

         "Run Mari," Will whispers.

         "NO!" I shout. "That's not an option. I'm not leaving you Will."

         "I'll be fine," he says faintly. His eyes are fluttering and he is fading in and out. Shit he's losing too much blood. "Just run! Go and find Zayn!" I take one last look off in the distance and I can see the gun that he is carrying glisten from the moonlight. "Go Mari."

         I don't wanna leave Will, but I have to. I have to. I trust that he will be okay. Tears start to run down my cheeks as I look at Will one last time before running off as fast as I can, my heartbeat flooding in my ears. I hear several gun shots from behind me, and one misses me just barely.


         I am going to come back, but not alone. I'm going to kill that fucking bastard myself.


         I've been running, and I haven't stopped at all. I don't know how long it's been but I am getting tired. I need to find a gas station, anything at this point. As I keep on running, I see a ray of light shinning through the millions of trees I'm surrounded by. As I get closer, the light keeps on getting brighter. Eventually, my feet hit the pavement of the deserted road and right in front of me is a gas station. Thank God.

         I run into the gas station to find a man behind the counter. His eyes meet mine and he looks at my shirt. "Lord child," he says with large eyes. "What happened to you?"

         I ignore his question and proceed to ask my own. "Do you have a phone?" I say short of breath. The man quickly hands me his cell phone out of the pocket of his jeans and I thank him. I quickly punch in Zayn's phone number, trying to keep my hands from trembling. Please pick up, please pick up...

         The phone rings a couple times before it clicks and I hear Zayn's voice.


        Thank God.

         "Zayn it's me," I say.


         "Yes it's me," I say. "I'm coming there. I'll be there soon."

         "Wait wh-

         "Don't ask any questions. I'll tell you everything when I get there. I love you." I hang up the phone before Zayn can say anything else to me. "Do you have a car?" I ask the middle-aged man behind the counter.

         "Yeah," he says before raising his eyebrow. "Why?"

         "Take me to the airport."

         "I'm afraid I can't do that mi-"

         I shut the man up by placing two hundred dollars on the counter. His eyes light up and his mouth forms the perfect "o" shape. The man quickly grabs his keys and steps away from the counter. "Take me to the airport. Now."

         "I'm all yours," he says before hopping over the counter and beginning to walk. I follow the man outside to his old, broken down vehicle. But anything will do at this point. He puts the key in the ignition before turning it, and it takes a couple times before the car starts. I really don't need this car breaking down anytime soon.

         "Step on it," I tell the man and that's exactly what he does. The car roars as he slams his foot on the gas and we are off, flying through the deserted roads.

         I don't know how to feel right now. Terrified, angry, upset? I just feel numb. Damon has my brother. He has Will.

        What the fuck am I going to do? I have no fucking idea. But I do know that I need to get to Zayn before my brother becomes another one of the DeSanta's that Damon gets to kill...

(hellooooo :) thank you so much for reading this chapter! I hope ya liked it! please leave a comment! :D so Mari is going to London so that means Zayn is coming back into the story! YAY! also thanks for reading again and don't forget to leave a comment! btw im doing a double update today because I felt bad about leaving you on such a cliffie last chapter ha ;)  sorry! so the next chapter is up now!  xx)

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