running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


7. Chapter 7.

Mari's POV

        *couple days later*

        Damon told both Will and I to meet him in his office right next to the basement. I don't know why at all but we still go down there anyway. I've really just tried to forget the incident that happened between Damon and I a couple days ago. I mean it was just odd seeing him that way...and it still is. But I cannot seem to rid my mind of the though of his dark and cold eyes staring at matter how much I try.  Since that day he has been acting very differently. He's not as sociable towards both me and Will as he normally is and he doesn't come out of his room often. I would catch glimpses of him here and there and he looked sleep deprived-with purple bags underneath his eyes, his blue eyes slightly bloodshot. He would smirk at me whenever I saw him and something would change inside of him, causing me to scurry off. No words have been exchanged between the two of us since that day...just a few glances here an there. So Will and I just hang out around his house, trying to do some shit in order to keep us both occupied.

        Will and I start walking down the dark hallway that leads to Damon's office. As my feet carry me down the hallway, I find my heart beating faster and I start to sweat a little. Once I reach his door I hesitantly knock on it and hear the sound of stuff moving and shuffling on the other side of the door. "Uhhh one second you two," I hear Damon say. "Just taking care of some business." Will and I both look at each other before sitting at the table near the outside of his office. I pull out one of the wooden chairs before sitting on it and Will does the exact same. I find myself tapping my fingers along the wooden surface of the table, the tapping sound echoing throughout the small hallway. I feel Will's eyes scan me up and down before he places his hand on mine, causing the tapping to stop.

        "Chill out Mar," he whispers. "Why are you so nervous?"

          I don't even know why I am nervous. I just still feel very uneasy about everything around here. It's just weird. Like I said I cannot explain it. I have explained everything to Will, and he told me that I was "crazy" and that "everything is going to be okay." But what if everything isn't alright? What if something is about to actually happen? Part of me is being optimistic while the other part is being pessimistic. My curiosity has been eating me alive these past couple of days...

        Suddenly the door to the office slowly opens up revealing Damon who is in a black t-shirt, jeans, and combat boots. For the first time in a while he has a smile spread across his face. "Ahh there you both are," he says. "C'mon in." Both me and Will get up out of our seats and walk into Damon's office. I find my eyes searching around the room, looking for anything out of the ordinary. All the walls are made out of wood with a few pictures hug up on the wall...nothing special compared to the rest of the house.

         "You said you wanted to talk to us?" Will says before raising his eyebrow and folding both of his arms across his chest.

         "Uhh yeah," Damon says before walking away and sitting down in his leather chair. "I wanted to learn more about you know, the little special predicament that you are in."

         Damon's eyes shift over to me and so do Will's. "What predicament?" Will asks.

         Damon reaches spins his chair around and spins back around with a glass and a bottle of rum. "Well Mari said when I saw both of you at the gas station that you were both in some sort of trouble."

         Will looks at me again and clenches his jaw. "Oh no, we aren't in any sort of trouble," Will lies. "We are just here traveling in Cali that's all. We've just been having bad luck with the traveling thing ya know?" Damon looks at me and I just stare at him. He can tell that Will is lying, probably by the expression on my face. But for some reason Will doesn't seem to trust Damon? I mean I don't know why. He hasn't given us any reason not to...except maybe his weird behavior the past couple of days. Part of me doesn't trust him either. But on the other hand...Will doesn't trust fucking anybody.

         "There's no need to lie to me William," he says. "I assure both of you that you can confide in me. Maybe I could help you both with your little problem or situation?" A moment of silence passes by, and Will continues to stare at Damon. It's like a fucking staring contest in here. Damon now has a smirk spread across his face, and I can tell that he is waiting for one of us to tell him. Damon seems like one of those people who aren't intimidated by Will...and I believe that Will is used to his intimidation techniques working on most people. But they obviously don't work on Damon.
         "Let me just tell him Will," I tell him, trying to make the awkwardness die a little. Will looks at me with a solid face before clenching his jaw purposely and I can tell that he is upset with me right now. He probably wants to cuss me out, but he is biting his tongue to keep himself from doing so. Obviously he never wanted Damon to find out about anything. "We can trust Damon." I don't even let Will reply before I start speaking. "You know how our parents got murdered?" I say to Damon. Damon places his hands on his desk and nods his head while continuing to look at me with eyes full of curiosity. I feel Will's hand wrap around my forearm and he gives it a tight and powerful squeeze, trying to get me to stop talking. I snatch my arm out of his grasp and I can feel Will's eyes staring at me coldly. I even believe that I hear him growl a little. It's too late for me to stop now anyways. "Well, it seems as if the person who killed them is out to get us as well."

         "Really?" Damon says. I nod my head and Damon moves his hand through his black hair which is peppered with streaks of grey.

         "Yeah," I say. "That is the reason why we left Jersey." Well that's part of the reason why. The other part is because the person basically left a note saying that they were going to kill us and how much they pretty much wanted us to rot in hell. Oh yeah? And don't let me forget about the fact that Zayn's house was fucking burned down! But Damon doesn't need to know all that...

         "And you have no clue who this person is?" he asks.

         "No. No clue at all." I mean if I had a clue of who the person was I would have probably been dead by now or I would have killed them myself with my bare hands.

         "Well you both can stay here as long as you'd like," Damon says before giving both of us a smile. "My house is your house. Besides, I wanna help you both with your little problem." I guess I could tell him about Natalia. Damon pours himself another glass of liquor and takes a sip.

         "We also found out some other rather well-interesting news," I say. Will is staring at me like he is annoyed by me telling all of this to Damon. But someone needs to know...and the only person I can think of to tell is Damon. He's all we have except for each other. This is also an opportunity for me to vent, and let out all of the stuff I have been hiding for months now.

         "What happened?" he says before taking another sip of his drink.

         "We found out that we both have a sister. Her name is Natalia." I watch as Damon's hand tightens around his glass and abruptly sets his glass down on the table, creating a clinking noise. Damon looks at me and his eyes look kind of greyish-black if that's even a color. Maybe it's just the lighting in here? Or am I just seeing things?       

         "Oh really?" he says, giving me his full attention now.

         "Yeah, she had some well...problems. She tried to kill me and Will." I quickly glance over at Will who's entire physique is solid and he is staring coldly at Damon. "So dear William here killed the girls. So I guess that is another reason why this person is after us. She was basically his daughter."

         Damon nods his head and smirks. "You did kill his daughter you know. I mean I know how that feels, to have someone you care about being stripped away from you." I forgot all about his daughter and I regret even mentioning the subject.

         "I'm sorry Damon. I completely forgot about your da-"

         "I've never told you both about myself have I?" he says cutting me off. "I don't believe I have," he says. Damon starts to mess with his fingers and continues to talk. "I'm a man of my word. If I say I'm going to do something, I do it. I always get what I fucking want no matter what. I think I got that from my father, the amount of ambition I have."

          Will rolls his eyes in annoyance before speaking. "Okay? Why are you deciding to tell us this now?" Will rudely remarks and I stare at him warningly.

         "Shut up Will," I hiss at his rude remark. Obviously Damon needs to rant. This might be what he needs. We all need this right now. "Continue Damon."

         "Thank you Mari," he says. Damon looks over at Will and smirks at him. "You have that temper just like your father," he says before laughing. "You can get very irritable very fast can't you? I bet you can because your father was just like that too. But, that means it's easier for someone to push your buttons, making it easier for someone who so called "wants you dead" to get what he wants." Will rolls his eyes and Damon continues to smirk at him. Damon reads Will just like a book. Will is very predictable at times. "Do you both know what my biggest dream is?" Damon asks with the biggest smile on his face. "I want to be one of the most powerful people in the world. I want people to respect me. And if the only way I can gain respect is by being terrifying-so be it. When people see me, I want them to tremble in fear. I want them to make sure that they  never ever in the miserable and pointless life step across me in the wrong way."

         "Now isn't that a little harsh Damon?" Will says before letting out a small chuckle.

         Damon's smile fades and he looks at Will with his head slightly tilted to the side. "You wanna know what's a little harsh Will?" he says before raising his eyebrow leaning a little more forward on his desk. "The fact that you abused your dear sister."

        At that very moment the air is knocked out of my lungs.

         I can't breathe.


         Will gulps nervously and continues to stare at Damon. He's speechless and I can tell that he's very uncomfortable right now. "H-how did you find that out?" I ask Damon.

         "Oh c'mon Mari," Damon says while looking at me. "You think I am fucking stupid don't you? Am I some sort of dumbass to you?!" Damon slams his hand on the desk, causing me to jump in my seat.

         Damon's language slightly catches me off guard as well. "No, I do-"

         "The night that I fixed your cheek, I knew something was wrong," he says, cutting me off from saying anything else. "Will was looking at you as if he owned you...possessed you. It was quite saddening actually. And when you lied to me about what happened, you proved that my assumption was correct." Suddenly I feel a presence behind me and my body tenses up. When I turn around, I see Brad and Chris standing beside us. "Also I did have someone watching over both of you for a long time. Maybe you know her? You've met her before I assume... my dear Natalia?"


         "What the fuck is going on here Damon?" Will shouts. "What kind of fucking shit is this?" Will is now standing dangerously close to Damon's desk with his fist clenched near his side.

         Damon lets out a laugh and smiles at both me and Will devilishly. "God you have no idea how long I've been waiting to do this." Suddenly, I feel someone grab both of my arms and forcefully pull them behind me.

         "What the fuck is this?!" I shout while trying to get out of what I realize is Chris's grasp. "LET FUCKING GO OF ME!" The more I squirm in his grasp, the harder he pulls my arms. I look over at Will and realize that he's in the same position as I am, but he has a gun pointed at the temple of his head. I look back over at Damon whose eyes are filled with rage and are a completely different color now. His eyes look dark, evil...almost demonic I guess you could say.

         "Oh you both thought you could fucking run away from me huh?" he says before leaning down and reaching in a drawer underneath his desk. "DO YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK I AM?!" he shouts before banging on his desk again. He raises his fist up and I discover a trail of blood slowly running down his hand.  A clinking sound is made when Damon sets his hand gun on the table. He looks at both me and Will with a psychotic look in his eyes. "I told you I would fucking find you. And now you aren't going anywhere."

(hiyaaa! so I hope ya liked this chapter! it's kinda long lol and a lot happened! so please leave a comment :) that would be amazinggg! so now Mari and Will know about Damon ;) there's going to be even more drama next chapter so get ready!  but thanks for reading this chapter and ill see ya on Friday for the next chapterrr! :D btw thanks for the 100 reads on this story :) you are all awesomeee! xx)

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