running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


4. Chapter 4.

Mari's POV

         "We're here," Damon says as I open my eyes. I guess I feel asleep for the short drive to Damon's house. I stretch in the sort of small confined space that I'm in and I  look out the window. Holy shit. My eyes instantly widen at his house. Wow. It's absolutely perfect and extravagant. It looks very old, but very stylish as well.

         "Wow," I say as I look out the window.

         Damon laughs at my remark. "You like it?" he asks. "I've had it renovated for quite some time," he says. I open up the car door and my legs kinda give out once my feet hit the pavement. I guess my legs fell asleep too. Awesome. Will grabs our bags from the trunk and Damon leads us into his house. As soon as the door opens, I instantly see a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling made of crystal. Wow. How many times am I going to say wow? I don't even know. All 3 of us are met by 2 men, who I believe to be Damon's men. "Will...Mari," he says while looking at both of us. "This is Brad and Chris," he says.

         "Hello," I say before giving them both a small smile.

         "We'll take your stuff," the man who I think is Brian says. Will hands the men over our things and gives them a small smile before they walk off.

         "Would you guys like something to eat?" Damon asks with a smile on his face. "I've got plenty of food here." I catch a glimpse of the kitchen with the marble countertops and several wooden cabinets. I must say that Damon is a fancy man, even though he doesn't necessarily come off as being wealthy. Honestly I wasn't in the mood for food. I'm very tired and I feel like I could pass out any moment now.

         "No that's okay Damon," I say before giving him a soft smile. "I'm actually pretty tired."

         "Bummer," Damon says. "You are a party pooper." Damon heads into the kitchen and I follow him. He grabs a bottle of wine and I remember Natalia drinking that same wine months ago. The way she looked at me viciously as she took sip after sip of the dark red substance.  Damon makes eye contact with me and I guess he realizes me eyeing the drink in his hand.

         "Would you like some?" he asks while holding the bottle up. "It might help you stay up longer."

         "No, no. That's okay," I say before letting out a small yawn. "I was actually wondering if you could show me where my room is?"

         Damon's smile slightly fades before he clears his throat. "Yeah-uh sure," he says before putting the wine back on the rack filled with other various brands of wine.

         What's up with rich people and wine?

         "You coming Will?" Damon asks.

         Will takes a hand through his hair and rakes it around. "I guess so," he says before letting out a small chuckle. Both Will and I follow Damon up his wooden spiral staircase. As I get further and further up the stairs, the décor of his house continues to impress me even more. Several beautiful paintings hangs up on the wall, and look like they were delicately created. The walls are covered in light colors that make the house kind of glow. Just stunning...

         Damon stops in a mini hallway and points to the rooms to the left side of him. "These two are yours," he says before smiling. "You can pick whichever one you would like. They are both basically the same. My room is straight down this hallway," he says before pointing the opposite direction. "So if you need anything, I'm right there."

         "Thank you Damon," I say before giving him a warm smile. This night is ending perfectly. Instead of sleeping in that shitty ass rental car or a dusty motel, I get to sleep in a nice and cozy house.

         "No problem," he says. "It's my pleasure. You both should go get some well deserved sleep. I'll see you both in the morning okay for breakfast of course." I nod my head at Damon and he gives me and Will a kind smile before walking off towards the other direction. The sound of his footsteps get softer and softer and then Will turns his attention towards me.

         "See," I say to Will. "Since you listened to me, we get to sleep in a nice bed tonight for a change."

          Will rolls his eyes at my comment before clenching his jaw. "Shut up." Will walks straight in front of me to the room on the right. He slams the door and I hear him mumble something underneath his breath.

         "Well goodnight to you too Mr. Grumpy Pants," I mumble before rolling my eyes as well. I slowly open up the door and am hit with a wave of perfume. It smells incredible. I continue to walk in the entryway until I turn the corner and see the bed, perfectly made with a set of fleece blankets on top. The bed is seriously calling my name right now, so I quickly change into one of my white t-shirts and flannel pants. I look at myself in the mirror and the white t-shirt reminds me of Zayn. He always wore a white t-shirt...all the time...

         After I snap myself out of my imagination filled with thoughts about Zayn, I practically run to the bed and hop on it, hearing the bed make a creaking noise beneath me. Damn this bed is so comfortable and I feel like I am in fucking heaven. I peel the covers back and pull them over me. I feel like I have become a part of the bed. This is the best bed I've ever laid in before. While pulling the covers closer to me, my eyes move towards the closet where I see a set of clothes inside. Maybe Damon has a daughter? I've never thought about that. He's never mentioned her either. I guess I could ask him about it tomorrow, but it may seems as if I'm invading his privacy...

         Oh well, I'm still gonna ask anyway.

         My eyes trail towards the window where the full moon is illuminating the night sky and a streak of it is shinning in the room. This is the first time that I've actually gotten to relax in a while. And I feel safe being here in Damon's house. I get to actually chill out again and probably even get a couple more hours of sleep than I usually do. I feel my eyes getting heavier, and I let out another small yawn. I close my eyes and move my pillow so that I can get even more comfortable.

         Finally, I can be in some kind of peaceful state.

(heyyy! thank you so much for reading this chapter! sorry it's kinda boring and short, lol. I'm sorry! But things are going to start to pick up next chapter and I'm excited and I hope you are too :) but i'll be posting the next chapter on monday! so see ya thennn! :D don't forget to leave a comment pleaseeee! :D xx btw thank you for all the reads and faves on this story so far! ily all :) thank you so muchhh! you are amazing!)

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