running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


31. Chapter 31.


Mari's POV

        ​"Well what do we have here?"

        Damon's blue eyes are now piercing into mine now as he takes in the sight of my presence. His face is as solid as a rock, showing no emotion whatsoever, telling me that he is absolutely pissed right now. He takes one more step forward with his eyes still set on mine. He narrows his eyes intimidatingly as I see him clench his fist beside him. I think he expects me to back away from him, but I don't, which I believe catches him off guard based off of the look he gives me next.

        ​"What?" he asks while raising his eyebrow, his tone very harsh. "Are you not scared of me Mari?" He takes one more foot forward and I hear Zayn let out a small growl beside me. I take one step forward, which is a bold move...also catching him off guard, and I make sure that I still hold eye contact with him. 

        ​"No," I reply confidently. "I'm not fucking scared of you."

        He lets out a laugh, mocking my confidence. His laughter kind of makes me flinch in shock a little, slightly hurting my new confidence. But then I quickly shake off that feeling and clear my throat. "Well," he mumbles, "you should be."

        As those words left his mouth, his tone was dramatically colder than before that's for sure. Is it even possible for him to even get more 'darker' per say? I don't think so. Before I can even react he swings his fist back preparing to land a punch to my face, but before his fist can even contact the side of my face, Harry catches his fist in mid air.

        "I wouldn't fucking do that if I were you," Harry growls, surprising me by his demanding tone. Wow. Harry had that in him? Go figure.

        Damon smirks a little before he lands a swift kick into Harry's stomach causing him to stumble backwards a little. Harry cannot even recover from the first blow before a clean punch connects with the side of his jaw, the sound of the contact echoing throughout the room. I place my hand over my mouth to muffle the loud gasp that decides to leave my lips.  

        ​"C'mon Mari," Will says, grabbing quickly onto my wrist. His eyes dart over to Zayn who is still standing beside me. I look over at him, awaiting a response to leave his lips. But instead he just nods his head, grabbing my other hand tightly.

        "He's got this Mari," Zayn says reassuringly. But I can tell that he is unsure about the outcome of this situation as well. His eyes are saying something completely different.

        ​"You don't really believe that do you?!" I shout in disbelief as Harry gets kicked once more, another painful groan coming out of him. "You cannot possibly believe that." Zayn sounds completely insane...idiotic...and so many other words right now.

        I snatch my hands out of both my brother's and Zayn's grasps and send them both warning glares. Before they can even process what I'm about to do next, I run over to Harry who is now lying on the ground, his gun laying on the ground right beside his head. I watch as Damon lands another swift kick into Harry's stomach, causing him to moan out in pain once more, a sickening crack filling my ears.

        ​"GET THE FUCK OFF OF HIM!" I shout at Damon before he can even cause any more damage to Harry. As I run...well charge towards him, a few options of what I could do next run through my mind.

        Option #1: I could try to fight him my own damned self.


        ​Option #2: I could just hop on his back.

        Welp...considering option one isn't very...well...sensible (which none of them are), it looks like today's a good day for option #2. I hop onto his back, hoping that will slow him down just enough for Harry to get up. But sadly, Harry just lays there, moving just a little bit. "HARRY GET UP!" I shout as I hang onto Damon's back for dear life. But disappointingly, he still doesn't move. 

        Suddenly, I get thrown to the ground, my head hitting the solid concrete floor beneath me. A sharp pain rushes through my head, causing me to become paralyzed for half a second. My vision is slightly distorted as I try to slowly sit up, the pain rushing through my head making this ultimately harder to do. I feel a pair of strong arms pull me up swiftly so that I am standing back on my feet. I look behind me to find my brother, his brown hair sprawled across his face, sweat on his forehead.

         A group of men at the door catch my eyes and they all walk into the room, with guns pointed directly at all of us. The fact that all these men are armed, pointing their guns at all of us causes us to just stop and freeze in place. Holy shit.

        ​"See," Damon says before bending over and picking Harry up by the arm. He quickly pulls his arm behind his back so that Harry makes and incomprehensible and painful noise. "You guys will never win," he says as-a-matter-of-fact. "It's just a fact." He forces Harry down to the ground so that he is now on his knees. He pulls his head up by his curly brown hair and his eyes stare coldly into Harry's. "If you guys wanted to actually try to 'kill me', you would have tried a bit harder don't you think?" Zayn and Will are both standing on either side of me, all of our eyes trained on Damon to see what his next move will be. "But I guess I'll just have to kill all of you," he says before smirking devilishly, "including this one," he says referring to Harry, "even though I have no interest in him personally, I still won't mind killing him. That's just one less problem for me right?"

        I watch as Harry's eyes meet mine and he just stares blankly at me. His lip is now busted open, blood running down the corner of his mouth. Damon points his gun at the side of Harry's head, pressing the metal barrel into his temple. I watch as Harry winces at the feeling and my stomach drops a little. Damon's index finger begins to play with the trigger as his eyes are locked with mine. The iciness and seriousness in his eyes makes me shiver a little in nervousness, anticipation.

        ​"Please," I find myself whimpering to Damon. "Please don't kill him."

        My eyes switch back over to Harry's whose green eyes are peering innocently into mine. This makes me even more afraid of what may happen next.

        Damon's eyes fill with amusement and he lets out an obnoxious laugh. "Pathetic," he spits at me before switching his glance back down to Harry. "Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic," he continues. "Absolutely fucking pathetic!" he shouts, venom laced on each word. "Oh little Mari," he mumbles. "Looks like you care for this boy right here don't ya?"

        What does he mean by that?

        I hear Zayn growl a little beside me before he decides to speak. "Just get it fucking over with already!" he shouts impulsively. "Either you are gonna kill him," his eyes move over to Harry's now weak body,  "or you're not. It's just that fucking simple."

        Damon's eyes lock with Zayn's and he lets out an irritated sigh. "Looks like someone is a little impatient huh? I don't deal well with people rushing me Zayn. I thought you would know that by now."

        I can feel Zayn's body tense up beside me and I can already tell that he is about to explode, even though I'm not really looking over at him. "Just hurry the fu-"

        ​"I'm not gonna kill him," Damon says, cutting Zayn off from saying anything else. As soon as those words leave his mouth, I relax a little bit. "at least not right now."

        That is when I watch as Damon points his gun at Zayn and before he can even shoot him, I hop in front of him. Everything is in slow motion now, as I watch the several men in the room shuffle around. Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain in my abdomen and I look down in complete awe. A red blotch is now on my t-shirt, the size of the blotch getting larger and lager as time goes on. The stinging pain is so immense that it causes me to cry out in pain. The pain hits me again as I feel another bullet pierce through my skin.

        ​"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I hear Zayn yell and I feel the ground underneath me collapse. My legs have given up on me now and I am now on the ground. Somehow, my eyes become locked with Damon's. That infamous smirk is now on his face, except it now has a glint of triumph in it.

        My vision is becoming blurry now and I can hear the sound of multiple gunshots going off as well as my blood pumping through my ears.

        ​"MARI?!" I hear a voice shout. "MARI?!" Hovering over me I see my brother, his blue eyes filled with concern, tears brimming them. "STAY WITH ME MARI!" he shouts directly in my face. I notice that a tear runs down his cheek and the tear falls on my face. "STAY WITH M-"

        I cannot hear the rest because everything goes on mute almost. The sight of someone with long, dark brown hair catches my eye. It's a girl? But that's the last thing I see before my eyes completely shut, my mind fading into a sea of darkness...


Zayn's POV 

        ​"I'm not gonna kill him," Damon says, cutting me off from saying anything else, "at least not right now."

        ​Not right now?

        Before I can even ask what he means by that, Damon points his gun at me. That is when everything begins to happen so fast that I can barely even think...or even blink. Mari jumps in front of me and I hear the sound of a gun firing. I watch as Mari clutches her stomach in pain, a painful groan leaving her lips. I'm too shocked to even move. I hear another gun shot and she falls to the ground in what seems like slow motion.

        ​"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I yell at Damon, my eyes stinging with tears. I begin to kneel down to an injured Mari. Before I can fully kneel down beside her, I see another group of people enter the room. But this time, I'm actually happy to see these people. And guess who's in the very front of that group?

        ​My sister Doniya.

        Several gun shot noises begin to echo throughout the room, and I watch as Damon's men fall by one. Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder and I look over my shoulder to see Will.

        ​"I've got her Zayn," he says while looking down at his sister worriedly. "Just g-go and help them out."

        I quickly nod my head and take another looks at Mari who's breathing has gotten harsher, her chest rising an falling. Will shoos me off and that is when I decide to leave Mari with her brother before running towards the chaos. I trust him.

        I see Damon in the corner of my eye beginning to run towards the entrance of the room, unguarded. That son of a bitch.

        ​"Here Zayn!" Brian yells as he tosses a gun at me. The gun lands perfectly in my hand and as soon as I wrap my hand around it, I feel more powerful than I did instantly. "Great to have you back kiddo."

        I take his words as encouragement and I flash him a kind smile before beginning to jog towards the door. As soon as I exit the room, I can spot Damon a far distance away from me. He's not gonna get away this time. Not on my watch.

        I ignore the pain coursing through my body as adrenaline pumps through my veins while I run after Damon. I watch as he looks behind him, a worried look spread across his face. Aww look. The little fucker is scared. Well...good.

        As he continues to run down the hallway, I stay close behind him, determined to not lose track of him. A door in front of both of us catches my eye and Damon runs out the door, a beam of light shining directly in my face. As I approach the door, my eyes adjust to the new setting that I am about to enter-the outdoors. My feet hit the freshly cut grass outside of the door and I hear Damon's heavy breathing in front of me. Somehow, I'm so close to him now that I could jump on him if I wanted to....

        ​And well, that's exactly what I do. I jump on him.

        Damon falls to the ground with my weight pressed on top of him. He tries to squeeze his way out from underneath him, but I land a punch to his face, the sound of his jaw cracking instantly filling my ears. His eyes widen in shock as the side of his mouth begins to bleed, but before he can even retaliate, I land another punch to the side of the mouth.

        ​"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I shout at him while punching him. His lips are now both bleeding and busted open after the several punches I have delivered to his face. He is still trying to get my weight off of him, but he's not trying as hard anymore. He is getting weaker. "LOOK AT ME!" I shout at him as his blue eyes begin to flutter. "I WANT YOU TO FEEL EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF PAIN YOU HAVE CAUSED ME," punch, "MARI, WILL," punch, "HER PARENTS. MY FUCKING PARENTS!" I am so fucking pissed right now that I can feel my blood boiling. "YOU FUCKING RUINED MY LIFE YOU BASTARD!"

        His eyes are barely open as I release all of my years of bottled up anger at him. 

        "Zayn," I hear a voice behind me say. I quickly turn around to see who just called my name, my eyes ablaze with anger. Fuck! I turn around to meet the eyes of my older sister, who's eyes are looking at the amount of Damon's blood that are now on my knuckles. She gulps nervously before walking towards me. "T-That's enough Zayn."

        ​"NO IT'S NOT!" I shout before removing my attention from my sister to the pathetic man lying weak in front of me. "HE'S FUCKING RUINED MY LIFE DONIYA!" My sister flinches at my harsh tone and she clenches her jaw. "HE'S RUINED OUR LIVES DONIYA! DON'T YOU SEE!"

        She walks closer to me, close enough for her to place her hand on my shoulder. "And he will pay Zayn," she says in a soft voice. "He will pay in hell, where he belongs." 

        Suddenly I hear a faint laugh coming from somewhere, and I look down to see Damon laughing, blood oozing from his mouth. I clench my fist, prepared to punch the bastard once again. However, before I can even try to hit him, Doniya grabs my arm.

        "Even though I might die tonight," Damon mumbles before coughing up his own blood. "I will still make your life a living hell, even when I'm dead. I'll make sure of it."

        Yeah, sure....whatever.

        ​"I'M GOING TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU DIES. NONE OF YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE SO POWERFUL. NEITHER WERE YOUR PARENTS. I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE IT ALL. EVERYTHING YOU GUYS EVER HAD," he continues, in a very creepy voice. "But I must say that I did enjoy watching your parents die. That's a fucking pl-"

        That's the last words Damon says before a bullet pierces through his chest, immediately silencing him. I look in my hands, only to discover that a gun is not in my hands? 

        Well then who was i-? 

        I look up at my sister who has her fingers wrapped tightly around her gun, her hands slightly trembling.

        ​"I-I," she stutters. "I-I couldn't take it anymore Zayn."
        "Neither could I," I reply honestly while standing up. "That bastard talked way too much."

        My sister cracks a small smile at my words, and that is when I decide to pull her into a hug. I place a kiss on her forehead, and I hear her sniffling against my bare chest. "I thought I lost you Zayn," she says in between her tears. I rub her back as she continues to cry into my chest. Wow. Doniya and I have never hugged like this since...well..since we were little. But certain events can change people right?

        "You aren't gonna get rid of me just yet," I say before laughing. I hear her laugh along with me, and she pulls away a smile surprisingly on her lips. Woah.

        "Is everything alright out here?"

        I turn around to find Brian looking at both me and Doniya worriedly. Reyna is trailing behind him. But as soon as they both stop in front of us, their eyes instantly land on Damon's dead and lifeless corpse behind us. 

        ​"Mhm," Brian says before shrugging his shoulder. "It's about time." He flashes a smile in front of me and surprisingly pulls me into a quick hug before pulling away. This is getting weirder and weirder. 

        "How's Mari?" I find myself asking, looking Brian curiously in the eyes.

        ​"She's fine. Luckily she's still breathing...but she's unconscious sadly," he says before raking his fingers through his hair. "We called an ambulance a couple minutes ago. It should be here soon." A wave of relief washes through me and I think Brian notices that because he places his hand on my shoulder. "Will is taking good care of her inside. He's making sure she doesn't hemorrhage at all."


        ​"And Harry," Reyna speaks up. "Well...uh."


        No...It can't be.

        I don't wanna hear it.

        Tears have begun to brim my eyes and my throat is burning now as I await for them to say what I know is coming next... 

        No, no, no. 

        "No he can't be d-"

        ​"Don't worry Zayn!" Reyna says before cracking me a small smile. My body instantly relaxes and I let out a huge sigh in relief. "He's alright. He's not in the best shape right now, he's just kinda busted up a little bi-"

        ​"HARRY?!" Doniya shouts beside me. "WHERE IS HE?" Her eyes widen dramatically as she waits for someone to respond to her question.

        "He's ins-"

        Before Reyna can even tell Doniya where Harry is, she scurries off, leaving me, Reyna and Brian outside alone.

        "How are you feeling?" Brian asks me while raising his eyebrow.

        ​"Never better."

        ​"Bullshit," Reyna says and I am surprised by the words that leave her mouth. "We need to get you to the hospital too."

        I instantly shake my head in refusal. "No," I say. "I'll be fi-"

        "STOP BEING SO STUBBORN LIKE YOUR UNCLE!" she says before chuckling. "You Malik men and your sense of dignity eh?" she says sarcastically while rolling her eyes. "Go figure."

        Both Brian and I laugh at Reyna's words and Brian presses a kiss on Reyna's temple. "Go and follow Reyna Zayn," Brian says while cracking a smile, "before she has a heart attack."

        Reyna narrows her eyes at Brian and he just throws his hands up defensively. "I'm going to get you later for that," she mumbles before playfully punching his arm.

        "Oh, how I cannot wait for that."

        Reyna moves closer to me so that she can wrap her arm around my waist, providing me with support. I wrap my right arm around her shoulders and we begin to walk, me painfully limping beside her.

        As we walk through the hallway, I don't even feel the amount of pain I am in because I am distracted. I am distracted by Mari. I'm worried about how she is doing right now. And I am almost getting sick to the stomach just by thinking about it. If she die-...if something happens to her, I don't know what I would do. But that's all I can think about. Her. I don't even care about myself right now. I just care about her. 

        Her, her, her. 


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and finally...the liam oneLia Matthews, a senior in high school, girlfriend of the quarterback of the football team and head cheerleader is living the perfect life in most people's eyes. She has all the friends in the world and is one of the most popular girl's in school. Well that is until her past catches up with her. Liam Payne, her best friend and first love reappears after disappearing for 3 years without an explanation. Liam returns to his hometown, but he's not the same guy Lia fell in love with years ago. And to Liam's surprise, she isn't the same girl he left years ago either. Now Lia wants answers to why he left and wants to know why he came back. But what if receiving answers means putting her in danger? Read along as Lia learns to adapt to this new Liam and as everything from her past rises to the surface once again.

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