running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


30. Chapter 30.

Mari's POV

        As we step foot on Damon's front porch, everything seems to be in slow motion. I'm not scared..I'm the furthest thing from being scared right now. I just want to get this over with so that we can take both Will and Zayn back with us.

        Zayn. The fact that I will be setting eyes on him for the first time in weeks in the next few minutes is well...overwhelming. I don't know what to expect. I don't know how I'm going to react. But I need to make sure that this plan is executed safely so that no one ends up dying tonight. Well except for Damon of course...and his little slaves.

        Brian looks behind him to meet the eyes of all of us...waiting anxiously to see what he is going to do next. I thought he would want us to like do something under the radar maybe. Like trying to look for any back entrances or something. I have no clue. But when his foot connects with the front door of Damon's mansion causing the door to abruptly break off of its hinges and land on the floor with a loud slam, I know that I can just flush those ideas down the toilet. A loud alarm begins to sound around the property, the gates in which we just entered closing. I hear the sound of the gates locking which sounds more like our fate being sealed.

        ​"MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!" Brian shouts as he runs through the front door of Damon's house. None of us hesitate the least bit to follow him. As we run down the main hallway, I look around, expecting someone to pop out any second with a gun pointing directly at us.

        We make it to the intersection of two hallways where Brian stops and turns around, looking at me seriously. "This is where our journey together ends!" he shouts so that he can be heard over the annoying sound of Damon's alarm ringing through my ears. He places a hand on my shoulder and gives it a tight squeeze. "Good luck kiddo."

        I nod my head before looking over my shoulder and signaling for Harry, Reyna and Danielle to follow me. We begin to run down a hallway to the left of us, which turns out to be completely dark practically. Well fuck.

        "Well this is fucked up," Harry says, saying exactly what I was thinking. Suddenly, I hear the sound of multiple footsteps coming from behind us, causing me to look back. Shit. I see three very large men, right on our tails as we continue to make our way down the hallway.

        "You guys," I say as a warning. "Looks like we have company!"

        Harry looks behind us and mutters a "shit" underneath his breath once he turns his head back around. Our legs begin to move even faster, making us move deeper and deeper down the hallway.

        "There's got to be a room of some sort around here somewhere!" Harry says.

        As soon as those words leave his mouth, I see a pair of big wooden doors, creating a dead end in the hallway.

        "We have to go in there!" I shout, so that I can be heard over the alarms which are sadly still going. When we reach the doors, I kind of expect them to be locked or some shit. But coincidentally, they aren't. Thank God.

        The big doors swing open with ease, leading to a huge room that appears to be an office or some shit. Harry slams the doors shut and reaches for a lock, and turns it successfully.

        ​"Oh c'mon!" he shouts in anger, "That lock is not going to fucking hold!"

        ​"Well let's look for something," I say, causing his eyes to shoot over towards me. "We have to keep those doors closed. We have to." I begin to search the room for anything that will keep the doors shut long enough for us to think of what we need to do next. But all I can see is a couple tables, some chairs, and a desk. "We have to move those things over here," I say directing my attention towards the tables and desk to the right side of me. Harry jogs over to the desk and I follow him.

        Suddenly, the sound of several fists banging on the wooden doors fill my ears and everyone freezes, except for Harry."Are you guys going to help me or not?" he asks while raising his eyebrow. Danielle and I walk over to one side of the desk while Harry and Reyna are at the other.

        "Ready?" Harry asks. We all nod our heads and that when we all lift it up with as much strength as we can. Damn this desk is heavy. We make our way back over to the doors where the banging is still continuing, the doors shaking because of how much hard the men behind it are banging on it. We set the desk down, pushing it so that it is directly in front of the doors.

        ​"Now we need the tables and chairs," I say while wiping away the small amount of sweat that has now formed on my forehead. Harry licks his lips before running a hand through his curly head of hair. His green eyes meet mine for a split second before he walks over to a nearby table and picks it up with no struggle whatsoever.

        ​"Men," Reyna huffs underneath her breath, causing me and Danielle to smile at her. All three of us go and grab chair as Harry grabs another table.

        Suddenly, out of nowhere a bullet flies through the wooden doors, creating a small hole. The banging has seemed to have gotten a lot louder now, and sadly the door are still continuing to shake a lot.

        ​"Shit," I mutter underneath my breath.

        ​"Are those guys on steroids or some shit?" Harry questions as we all watch as the doors continue to rattle.

        ​"We've got to get out of here you guys," I say while running a hand through my hair.

        ​"Well how are we going to get out?" Danielle asks while looking around the room. "There's not any doors or any-" She stops mid-sentence causing me to look over at where she is currently staring. "Bingo," she says as the corners of her mouth pull up into a mischievous smile.

        A small doorway in the far side of the room catches both of ours eyes and I feel hopeful once again that we will all be able to get out of here. Suddenly the doors shake again, but this time the shaking causes one of the tables to fall off of the table. A little slit in between the door is visible, and I can see the black shirt of one of the men trying to break through our man-made barrier.

        ​"We've got to go," I say, my eyes watching as the doors begin to shake even more viciously. My eyes cannot seem to move away from the doors which are remarkably hanging by a few hinges now. Fuck. "Like right now," I continue.  I begin to run towards the door on the other side of the room, hoping that everyone is following my suit as well. 

        ​"I've got em," I hear a voice say.

        I look over to the left of me to find out who said that and that's when I see Danielle stop directly in the middle of the room.

        ​"What the hell are you doing Danielle?" I ask as I stop beside her. I watch as the men's faces are now very visible now and I can make out several of their features. Danielle just continues to stare at the doors and just calmly nods her head.

        ​"I'm doing you a favor," she says before flashing me a soft smile. I feel a large hand wrap around my forearm, pulling me away from Danielle.

        ​"C'mon Mari," Harry says as he begins to tug on my arm.

        ​"Wait no," I say in refusal.  "We have to help Dan-"

        "I'll stay," I hear Reyna say as she moves so that she is standing directly next to Danielle.

        ​"WHAT?!" I shout, completely in shock.

        ​"Just go Mari," Danielle mumbles. "We've got this."

        ​"C'MON MARI!" Harry shouts, obviously getting irritated with me just standing here. I look over at both Danielle and Reyna who both flash me small smiles.

        ​"Go," she says desperately, her brown eyes meeting mine. "Just go...a-and find Zayn..and Will," she says before swallowing slowly. "I promise that we will be okay. Just keep on moving. A-and don't look back okay?"

        And that's when I feel Harry begin to run with my arm still in his grasps. But this time I don't stop myself from moving. I just let Harry practically drag me. I don't want to leave them...but I trust them. I trust that they can defend themselves. Harry swings the small door open and he pulls me down a set of steps leading down into a slightly dimmed area. As he shuts the door behind us and locks it from this side of it, that's when I hear the sound of the large wooden doors, in which I thought were indestructible, burst open. The very sound makes my breath hitch in my throat and I feel this unexplainable feeling in my stomach. When we distance ourselves a little more away from the girls', I hear the sounds of multiple gunshot from behind us.

        "It's okay," Harry says through his heavy breathing as we continue to descend down the stairs. "Everything is going to be okay." 

        ​I sure fucking hope it is.

Zayn's POV 

        My eyes snap open to the sound of a loud ass alarm ringing through my ears. What the fuck is that? I let out a small moan as my eyes begin to adjust to the lighting in the room that I am currently in and I hear the sound of footsteps coming towards me.

        "What the fuck is going on?" I hear Damon growl through his teeth in complete irritation. His features are all solid now, feeding off of anger...and something is off about him. But I can't seem to put my finger on it. "What do you mean they are here?" I hear him say into the mouthpiece of his cellphone. He is pacing around the room and his pulling at the roots of his hair with his other hand. Something is wrong. Something is definitely wrong. His cold, blue eyes meet mine quickly which is enough time for me to realize what is actually wrong with him right now. H-He's scared. Wow. He's actually fucking scared?Are you kidding me?

        ​"Who's here?" I find myself asking. His eyes dart up to meet mine and he sends me a cold warning glare before focusing his attention back to the person who is speaking to him on the phone right now. I look over to the left of me to see Will awake now as well, his eyes staring into mine curiously.

        ​"What do you think is going on?" he whispers to me and I just shake my head at him.

        ​"I have no idea."

        ​"WELL FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!" Damon shouts into his phone before throwing it into the nearby wall, causing the phone to shatter into a million pieces. His eyes shoot over to me and then over to Will, his eyes blazing with anger now. His jaw is tightly clenched, his knuckles turning white because of how tight he is clenching his fists. He walks over to a nearby table and opens up a drawer, revealing a nice sized hand gun and wraps his fingers around it. He mutters something underneath his breath before he jogs out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

        The sound of the alarm is still pounding in my ears sadly. Fuck! That sound is so annoying! I look over at Will who now has his eyes closed , his chest rising and falling slowly. "What if it's them?" I find myself asking, before shifting my gaze over towards the door where Damon just exited a few seconds ago.

        ​"Them?" Will asks curiously, causing me to look over at him. His eyes are now open once again, his eyes staring curiously at me. "What do you mean by 'them'?"

        ​Mari. The boys'. Brian maybe? I don't know. Maybe am stupid for thinking of something like this right now. I'm being irrational right now. But I feel something in my gut...and I can't explain it.

        ​"Uhh," I mutter. "I don't know," I respond truthfully, causing Will to raise one of his eyebrows at me. "I just kinda thought that maybe Mari or somebody is here trying to get us out of here."

        I watch as my thought that I just presented to him processes throughout his mind and he nods his head. "Well," he says before sighing. "All I know is, is that something big is going on right now. Something really, really big." His eyes have widened a little bit now as he clears his throat. "I guess we will just have to wait and see eh?"

        I nod my head in agreement before closing my own eyes and taking a deep breath. I try as hard as I can to block out the sound of the alarm ringing through my ears so that I can actually think in somewhat of a silence. I'm hoping that Mari is here...or that someone is here to save us. You don't know how long I've been wanting to get out of this hell hole. And maybe...just maybe...I'll be able to leave tonight.


Mari's POV

        Harry and I are now both walking down some sort of underground tunnel or something. The temperature is a lot cooler down here, causing me to pull my black leather jacket closer to me if that's even possible. All I can hear is the sound of our feet hitting the concrete beneath us, as well as our breathing.

        ​"Where would a psychotic man like Damon keep his hostages?" I ask Harry, finally breaking the awkward silence between us. Harry doesn't even bother to look over at me as he cracks his knuckles and swipes his tongue over his lips.

        ​"I don't know," he says before sniffling a little. "The basement maybe?"

        I shrug my shoulders at his response before beginning to rub my hands together. Damn, it's freakin' cold down here."Well," I mumble, "it looks like we are heading in the right direction then." Harry nods his head and then looks down at the ground. It seems as if he is intentionally trying to avert my eyes. I I making him feel uncomfortable? I don't know.If anyone should be uncomfortable right now, it should be me. I don't know if and when he is going to go off on me again. He still doesn't appear to be happy whatsoever. And it seems as if he is nervous about being around me right now. I don't know how we are going to fix this...well...small problem between us. But, I'll focus on that a little later.

        A door near the end of the hallway catches my eye, causing my body to tense up a little bit. "Harry?" I ask, my heart beating a little bit faster in my chest. I point towards the door and Harry looks up. We both stop in place just a few mere inches away from the door. His bright green eyes meet mine and he sighs.

        ​"Do you think they could be in there?" he asks while raising his eyebrow.


        I know that they are in there for some reason. Like I can't feel it. I cannot explain it...but I just know it. This has to be the place.

        "Well," Harry continues, "it wouldn't hurt to check now would it?"

        I slowly nod my head, and as my hand is about to wrap around the handle of the door, I feel Harry's hands clasp over mine, causing me to freeze. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" His green eyes are peering through the small amount of hair hanging over his face now. His eyes are scanning me curiously for any sort of reaction, but I just stand there emotionless, anxiety running through my veins.

        ​"I'm sure," I reply shakily and take a deep breath. I feel Harry remove his hand from mine and I take this as the opportunity to open the door myself.

        When I open the door, a wave of cool air hits me in the face, causing me to clench my teeth and shiver a little. The lighting in the room makes my vision become blurry until my eyes eventually adjust to the new room. I look in front of me to see chains on the ground, leading towards a wall. I follow the chains up the wall, and that's when a loud gasp escapes my lips.

        Oh my god.

        ​"What's going o-" Harry slides between me in the doorway so that he is standing directly in front of me. His eyes have finally made it to the sight I have just seen with my own eyes. "Holy shit."

        My eyes are now staring at the sight of both Will's and Zayn's bodies chained up to the brick wall in the room. My eyes are watering more and more by the second and a tear escapes my eye. I don't even bother to wipe away the single tear before I begin to walk forward, still not knowing what to say.

        ​"Mari?" I hear a voice say faintly. I turn my attention towards Will, who just said those words to me. Oh my god. His skin looks a sickly pale color, his eyes dull and filled with pain. Bruises and open cuts are all over his body, his skin stained with dried blood. 

        ​"I-I'm...h-here...W-Will," I find myself stuttering uncontrollably. I find myself jogging a little now towards my brother. I feel Harry's eyes on me as I approach both him and Za-

        My eyes shoot up to meet Zayn's where a single tear is rolling down his cheek. "W-What d-did he do to you guys?" I find myself asking breathlessly as my eyes roam his bare chest. His once bright brown eyes are now completely different. His eyes show complete desperation, sadness. His once perfect, olive skin now has a pale tint to it, making his appearance drastically different. I-I can barely recognize this man in front of me. I-I don't know what to say...

        "Don't cry Mar," Will says weakly, showing a small amount of sympathy. I can't control my tears now as they have begun to rapidly roll down my cheeks. I hear footsteps coming from behind me, and Harry makes his presence known once again.

        "I found this," he says, referring to the large sized hammer in his hand. I watch as Will's eyes light up with hope while on the other hand, I feel Zayn's eyes set on me, watching my every move. My eyes meet his brown ones once again and I have to bite my lip from letting out a loud sob.

        "Get us out of here man," Will says before letting out a long sigh. Harry walks closer to the boys' and I watch as his face fills with sadness. He swallows slowly because of the unpleasant sight before him. I know seeing his best friend in such a state as this is not easy for him to deal with. Harry takes a deep breath before the hammer hits the chains wrapped around Will's leg. After a couple nice and hard swings, the chains fall onto the ground with a clink. Harry continues the same process until Will is standing right in front of us, leaning on a nearby wall. I watch as Harry moves over to Zayn and starts to bang on the chains, the sound echoing throughout the room.

        I take this as a chance to hug my brother who I haven't seen in months now. I find myself sobbing as my arms wrap securely around his shoulders and I hear him sniffle a little as well. "I-I'm...s-so...g-glad...y-you...a-are...o-okay," I say through each of my sobs.

        "I'm not going anywhere Mar," he says before pulling me closer to him. "Never in a million years." I feel him lean back on the wall again for support, and this is when I unwrap my arms from his somewhat small figure and wipe my tears away. I scan his body once more with his eyes, still shocked by the amount of damage that was done to it. 

        I look back over where Harry and Zayn were to discover that Zayn is now free from his chains, him leaning to the side just a little. "Zayn," I gasp as my feet start to run towards him. I hop into his arms and I instantly feel his arms wrap around my waist, pulling me securely up against his bare chest. Oh how I've missed this feeling. I find myself beginning to cry once more as he begins to rub soothing circles into the small of my back.

        ​"I'm here babe," he coos softly into my ear, causing me to shiver a little. "Everything is going to be fine now." I pull back a little from his hold so that the tips of our noses are barely touching. I realize that both of our chests are rising and falling as his eyes stare intimately into mine. Before I can even say anything else, his lips meet mine, sending a wave of fireworks across my skin. Holy shit. His lips move against mine in perfect sync and I feel his hand find it's way into my hair. I find myself being consumed by the kiss, trying to drink up as much of this feeling that I am experiencing right now as much as I can. I cannot even describe how unreal his lips feel against mine right now. I've been longing for his touch, his lips and his warmth for what seems like a lifetime right now. 

        I hear the sound of someone clearing their throat from behind us, causing both of us to quickly pull apart. "Get a room you two," I hear Harry mumble and then he lets out a small scoff. I turn around to face him, narrowing my eyes at him as he has that usual smirk planted across his lips. Typical Harry.

        ​"We need to get out of here," Will says, his eyes shifting towards the only door in the room. "Like right now, before Damon gets back."

        I look over at Zayn who nods his head in agreement and moans in pain as he tries to stand up straight. I wrap my arm around his waist to hold him up for support so that he doesn't fall over. He smiles at me because of my kind gesture and I give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Let's get to moving you guys," Harry says while reaching behind his back, only to retrieve a hand gun. He wraps his fingers around the handle of the gun as he begins to walk towards the door.

        Suddenly, the door swings open, slamming hard against the door behind it. In comes the man who started this whole fucking problem, his cold eyes set on all of us, filled with anger. His eyes fill with shock as he looks at Zayn and Will, both now free of their restraints. His eyes eventually meet mine and he clenches his teeth, letting out an inhumane growl as well.

        ​"Well," he says while taking a few steps forward. "What do we have here?"

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