running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


28. Chapter 28.

Harry's POV

        The sound of someone banging on the front door is what causes me to wake up from the best sleep I've had in the past couple days. I immediately cover my face with my pillow and let out a loud groan. I don't feel like getting up...and I haven't felt like doing anything these past couple of days because of...well you know why. I've decided not to say her name anymore because it will just make everything worse for me. Even though I feel like I'm in hell right now...thinking about "her" even more than I already do would make everything a whole lot more hellish. The banging on the door gets even louder and I hope that someone else hears it and will get up to see whoever the hell it is. But I refuse to get least not right now. I don't want to see anyone...hear anyone's voice. I just wanna lay here. In my room. In complete silence.

        I remove the pillow away from my face and look up at the pure white ceiling above me. I try to close my eyes and fall asleep once more, but the knocking continues. I groan in annoyance before rolling my eyes. Who the fuck is doing that? I abruptly stand up before grabbing a pair of jeans beside my bed and throwing a shirt over my head. Looks like I'll have to go open the door myself. I look at myself in the nearby mirror and notice my hair scattered all across my head. It looks like shit...well I look like shit in general. Red circles are around both of my eyes, my eyes bloodshot. I grab a pair of sunglasses on the dresser beside me and slide them over my eyes. I don't want anyone to see my eyes...because well they look horrific. I storm out of my room, slightly pissed off that someone would be knocking on the door this late at night. As I walk down the stairs I catch a glimpse of the digital clock in the kitchen which reads 1:45.  Once I reach the main floor I walk quickly towards the door where the banging is still occurring and it's giving me a headache. I unlock the door and open it, trying to see who I am about to yell at for waking me up.

        "Oh, it's you two," I mumble, slightly disappointed with who is at the door before I step to the side and let them both walk in. Elijah and some other random girl walk into the house and I shut the door behind them after they enter. "What are you doing here Elijah?" I ask annoyed since they disturbed my precious sleep.

        ​"It's an emergency," Elijah says before heading towards the kitchen. "I need you to get Brian down here right now. Right this second." A worried look is on Elijah's face while the girl with the brown hair beside him stares at me emotionless. I don't even bother asking him why he needs to speak to Brian, but instead I shout his name at the bottom of the staircase and then wait to hear the sound of a door opening. That sound does eventually come and I hear footsteps hitting the floor upstairs. Brian appears at the top of the steps, his black hair messed up. His eyes land on both Elijah and his guest and he comes down the steps a little bit faster.

        "What's going on Elijah?" he asks. "Why is Rebekkah he-"

        "Mari's gone Brian," Elijah says, cutting him off. What? No way.

        "Are you serious?" I ask Elijah, turning my attention towards him.

        "Yes. I'm afraid she has gone off to find Zayn. And if we do not stop her from meeting Damon, then I am afraid she will be dead pretty soon." The sound of Damon's name causes me to immediately tense up.

        ​"What about Damon?" Brian asks with a confused look on his face. "What did he do to he-"

        ​"Look," the random chick...or Rebekkah I guess says. "Mari handed herself over to Damon earlier this morning. She should be in the car with one of Damon's bodyguards right now heading over to his house."

        ​"How do you know all of this?" I ask them curiously.

        Rebekkah looks over at Elijah who shifts uncomfortably before clearing his throat. Welp, it looks like they are hiding something from us. "I have been untruthful to you all," Elijah says, avoiding eye contact with all of us. "Well both of us have. We are both very sorry, and we hope you accept our apology."

        "Apology for what?" Brian asks before folding his arms across his chest.

        "Well...we have both been working with Damon...and so has our brother all along. He came to us a couple weeks ago, trying to ask us for his help. Of course we agreed...because he said that he would give us something that we all valued in return."

        Of course. Damon is very snake like. And he is willing to tell anybody what they want to hear in order to get what he wants. I've figured that out a while ago...

        ​"But sadly, he manipulated us," Elijah says before quickly glancing over at Rebekkah and sighing. "And now he has my brother blinded by his wants and desires...unfortunately making both Rebekkah and I lose all of our trust for our brother Kol." A wave of sadness washes over Elijah's face as he speaks of his brother. I mean...I guess Damon tore his family apart now, which is quite sad.

        ​"Well do you both know where Damon's little hideout is?" Brian asks before rubbing his eyes with his hands. He groans a little and I know that he is wishing that he was asleep right now. Well me too...

        ​"Yes," Rebekkah says before running a hand through her brown hair, "and we need to get there before Mari does...quickly. So that means that you need to get your little crew down here," she says while smirking, "and we need to get moving."

        Brian quickly nods his head before looking over at me and clearing his throat. "Would you mind waking up everyone please?" he asks while raising his eyebrow.

        Yes I would mind. 


        ​"Never mind Harry," Brian mumbles in disappointment. "I've got it." Brian quickly jogs up the stairs not even bothering to look at Elijah or Rebekkah again. 

        "Rebekkah," Elijah says while looking over at his sister, "you stay here with them and make sure that you guys get to Damon's as soon as possible." 

        "Where are you going Elijah?" 

        ​"To create a diversion," he simply replies before quickly turning his attention towards me.

        ​"Harry right?" I nod my head and he clears his throat. "Do you have a vehicle that I could use?"

        ​"Uhh yeah," I say and then I walk into the kitchen where a set of car keys should still be. I find the keys and pick them up before throwing them towards Elijah. He picks up the keys before putting his finger in one of the key rings and spinning it.

        "Thanks," he says and the corners of his mouth slightly pull up into somewhat of a smile. "Now, I should be going. Please tell Brian that I am leaving."

        I nod my head before cracking my knuckles. "Will do."

        Elijah begins to head towards the door but not before he pulls his sister into a hug and kissing her on the cheek. Rebekkah flashes Elijah a soft smile before messing up his hair and laughing. Elijah growls in annoyance, but soon he smiles back at her and as I watch them I find myself smiling too. I think if Gemma was still around...I think our relationship would have somewhat been like that. I wish I could have been able to be like that with my sister...but sadly I don't have that chance anymore.

        "Don't get yourself killed," Rebekkah says to her brother. "I need you around so don't do anything fucking stupid."

        ​"Don't worry sister. I'll be fine like always."

        ​"You better be," Rebekkah says and punches Elijah slightly in the arm. Elijah takes one last look at his sister before walking out of the door leaving both me and Rebekkah alone in the same room.

        ​"What's up with the sunglasses?" I look over towards her to find her arms folded across her chest and leaning on her hip. Her head is slightly tilted to the side as she waits for me to answer her question.

        ​"Uhh, well I like them. So I wear them all the time." Way to come up with a good lie Harry...

        ​"Mhmm okay," she says and rolls her eyes. She lets out a small laugh before taking one step closer to me. She's now close enough that I can smell her intoxicating floral perfume radiating off of her skin. Fuck she smells amazing. Her hands move up to my glasses and before she can successfully pull them off, I turn my face away from her. But she cups my cheek with her other hand, turning my head back towards her. She quickly takes the sunglasses off of my face before I can move away from her again. I instantly cover up my eyes with my hands and turn away from her. Yes, I know that I am acting like a child. But I look terrible...and I really wasn't expecting any company right now.

        ​"Why are you covering your eyes?" she asks before laughing. "C'mon. You cannot look that terrible."

        ​"Yes I do."

        ​"You'd be surprised at what horrific things I have seen in my lifetime so far. I'm pretty sure I can handle what you look like. Just please turn around? Or I can just keep on messing with you instead." Her laughter fills my ears and I scoff a little. I make the decision to turn around and face her, my hands behind my back and her smile drops a little. See, I told her. Then the corners of her mouth pull upward again and she goes into a fit of laughter. "Are you kidding me?" she says while laughing, "I look like you almost every morning," she continues. "That's why I use make up duh!" She lightly punches me in the arm and laughs again. "Now what happened?" she asks on a serious note, her laughter ending. "Girl problems?"

        Why is this girl that I just met asking me about my problems? Obviously there are more important things to talk about right now. But since Brian and everyone else are not down here yet ready to go...but talking to Rebekkah could take up some time, I guess. 

        ​"Yeah, I guess you could say that," I say before rubbing my eyes. I really wish I was wearing my sunglasses right now. The small light in the room is hurting my eyes. I guess I've been wearing them for too long eh?

        ​"Well what did she do...if you don't mind me asking?"

        I promised myself that I would rid my mind of all thoughts of Doniya...because I think it will hurt me less. And besides...if she does won't hurt as much. That's what I keep telling myself even though I know good and damned well that it will hurt like hell. I just need to create an illusion in my mind. That's all I really need...I think.

        ​"Well Don-" I stop myself from saying her name and think of a substitute. "Well, I mean my "girlfriend"...she was Zayn's sister. And she went off looking for him." Rebekkah's face falls a little bit and she rakes her fingers through her hair. "I don't know if she's coming back. I don't know if she's still alive. All I know is that she obviously didn't love me enough to stay...and she was stupid enough to actually think she could save Zayn by herself." Images from the night that D-Doniya left and I remember how angry I was at her and how stupid I thought she was that night. I find that anger somewhat coming back to me right now and I think Rebekkah even realizes that because I find her hand wrapped around my hand causing me to look up at her. 

        ​"Listen," she says softly, her brown eyes staring directly into my green ones, "Us girls sometimes try to grow a pair of balls. And when we do...we do crazy shit. We can't control that stuff, it just happens off of impulse. And your girlfriend, just had one of those moments." I find myself being caught in Rebekkah's gaze and I suddenly feel calmer. "I think after her balls went away she was back to being normal again. And I think she may have even realized how stupid her actions were. I'm sure that your girlfriend wouldn't have left if she was thinking straight. And why the hell would you say that she left you because she didn't love you?" she scolds me, her eyes narrowing a little. "I mean just look at you. You are sexy. W-wait no I mean attractive!" she stammers.  "That girl would be freakin' insane to just leave you and not come back." Rebekkah's eyes trail up and down my body and a blush slowly creeps up on her cheeks as a smile pulls at the corners of her mouth. "So shut up and stop beating yourself up about it okay? Just keep on hoping that she will return safely alright?"

        There goes that word again. Hope. Hope can be ultimately deceiving. Sometimes hoping does make things work out in your favor...and sometimes it does the complete opposite. But I guess there is always a bad side of whatever you do in life. I find myself nodding my head at Rebekkah's words and she slowly removes my hand from mine and flashes me a soft smile. 

        ​"Okay," I hear Brian's voice as he walks down the stairs. I hear footsteps coming from behind him and soon I see Reyna, Rita, Liam, Niall, Louis and Danielle standing beside each other right in front of me. Brian throws a t-shirt and jeans in my direction and they hit me right in the chest. "Put those on Harry," he mumbles before walking towards the kitchen and opening one of the cabinets. I quickly pull off the white t-shirt that I am currently wearing and slide on the fresh black one. I feel Rebekkah's eyes on me as I slide off my shirt and it makes me smirk. I already have on a pair of jeans on so I throw them on the nearby couch. I hear the loud noise of something solid hitting the kitchen counter and I look over to Brian who now has a huge ass container on the counter and he pops it open. "All of you grab one and head out to the car," he demands. "I have more ammo in the van if you need some. But we need to work quickly."

        Everyone suddenly rushes past me and grab a few guns before walking through the back door leading to the garage. I'm the last one to grab a gun, but before I can walk off Brian places his hand on my shoulder.

        ​"Do you think Doniya will be at Damon's?" he asks me before closing the black container in front of him.

        ​"Yeah. I hope so."

        ​"Well...just be prepared for anything," he says hesitantly. And by "anything" I know he means seeing Doniya laying on the ground dead somewhere.

        ​"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I say slightly annoyed. "I know. I know what to expect."

        ​Well...honestly I don't. But Brian pats me on the back again anyways and that's when I walk off, walking into the garage where everyone is inside of the black SUV already. Rebekkah signals for me to sit beside her and that's what I do, sliding into the very back row of seats and plopping down beside her.

        "Are you ready?" she asks while looking over at me observantly, scanning all of my facial features.

        ​"Yeah, I guess," I reply truthfully. "What about you?"

        She laughs at my question and throws her head back so that she is now leaning back in the seat. "Well if you grew up in a crazy family like mine, little rescue missions like these don't phase you anymore. They kinda become a ritual." Her use of the word "ritual" makes me laugh and she begins to laugh with me too. Danielle and Liam look back at the two of us and Liam smirks.

        ​"Ooooh I'm telling Doniya!" he says and lets out a small chuckle. Danielle hits him in the arm hard and he pouts a little and I laugh. But not before I flick Liam off while flashing him a smile. 

        ​"We're just getting to know each other," Rebekkah says in her defense. "I already know Harry is taken."

        I think both Liam and Danielle know I wouldn't leave Doniya for any other girl...especially not Rebekkah. I mean she's cool and all...and it was quite refreshing talking to a girl as chill as her. But Zayn would cut my balls off right away if he even knew I was considering the thought of leaving Doniya. I don't know about you but I would like to keep my balls attached to my body thank you. Also I know all hell would break loose...and I don't need that. I really don't. And I repeat, Zayn would cut my balls off!

        Suddenly I see Louis stepping into the back door of the van and he makes his way back to me and Rebekkah. His eyes move to her and stay on her for a bit and then move back to me. Rebekkah has her eyes closed so she doesn't even notice Louis checking her out. 

        "Who's the chick?" he whispers with a flirtatious smirk on his lips.

        ​"Ask her yourself," I say loudly on purpose, which was enough for Rebekkah to abruptly open her eyes. She immediately looks over at me angrily and narrows her eyes.

        ​"Why the hell are you s-" She stops mid sentence as her eyes land on Louis who now has a nervous look on his face. I know he wants to kill me right now, but hey I think I just found him his perfect match.

        ​"Rebekkah," I say while looking at Louis, "this is Louis."

        "Hi. Nice to meet you," she says and flashes him a flirtatious smile. Louis plops down in the seat next to Rebekkah and he smiles back at her and then they start to talk to each other. Just call me a matchmaker.

        The driver's door opens and in comes Brian with a set of keys in his hands. "Is everyone in here?" he asks before buckling his seat belt. All of us nod our heads and he starts up the car, the engine roaring to life. "Well since it's only 2 o'clock now...I don't know if Damon is expecting us or not. But whatever happens next should be surprising. So be ready for anything. But I know for sure that we are killing Damon matter what it takes."

        And that's when Brian presses on the gas pedal, making the car move out of the driveway. Time to go get Zayn and Mari back...and hopefully Doniya will be there too...alive and breathing. I hope.

Damon's POV 

        I pull up into Kol's driveway and immediately stop the car and hop out, slamming the car door behind me. I barge into his house and find him nervously pacing back and forth, his hands raking through his hair.

        ​"What the hell do you mean Elijah left?!" I shout at him, my booming voice echoing off the walls of the room. His head snaps up in fear and his eyes meet mine.

        ​"H-He w-went to Brian's I'm afraid," the idiot responds, quickly removing his attention away from me.

        "And why is that?" I ask before taking one more step towards him. He dramatically tenses up and I know that he would probably pass out. I watch as he tries to speak but he can't. He's trembling with fear right now and I can see it. I'm glad he knows that he's pissed me off. "Can you not fucking talk anymore you idiot!?"

        ​"I told him the truth Damon!" he confesses. "He was going to kill me!"

        I start to laugh at the man's excuse for betraying me. "Well you should have just let him kill you!" I shout before scoffing. "It would have saved me the trouble of doing it myself."

        Kol's eyes widen in fear and he falls on his knees and clasps his hands in front of his chest. "Please don't kill me! Please don't!" he cries. "What about our deal? What about our partnership?"

        "Ha! you honestly thought I would make a deal..with you?!" I start to laugh again because of the illusions that have filled his mind. "You are an idiot! I would have never done any business propositions with you. I just told you what you wanted to hear so that I could get what I wanted. But now that I have what I wanted, I no longer have any use for you." I reach into the inner pocket of my blazer and pull out my gun and wipe it off with the sleeve of my jacket.

        ​"PLEASE!" Kol pleads even louder. "You need me a-and you know it. They are coming for you. I swear they are...and without me y-you will die!"

        ​"Obviously you are highly mistaken," I say before laughing at the man in front of me on his knees. "You still don't know what I am capable of do you?"

        ​"Please don't do this. Y-you are not thinking clearly. Please do-" 

        The weak man cannot even finish his words before a bullet soars through his head. He falls over on the ground and blood pours out of his now lifeless corpse. He was getting annoying. So I do not regret my decision whatsoever. He chose to betray me. He didn't have to...but he did. He could not handle the pressure of working with me. Only few can. But I guess he is one of the others that could not.

        ​"What a shame," I say before shrugging my shoulders. I slide my gun back into my jacket pocket and pop the collar of it. I wipe my face and discover that a spot of his blood was on my face. I quickly wipe it away and clear my throat and take one last look at Kol's body on the ground. Well let's just say that the Mikaelson's will have a little surprise when they arrive home...if they ever do return that is. I turn around and walk through the doorway, not even shutting the front door behind me.  I head over to my black Porsche, leaving Kol's body in his home so that he can rot in peace.

        He said they are coming ha. Well let them come. I'm waiting. How does it feel to know that people are coming to your home and are prepared to kill you? Well I must say that it feels awfully damn good. That means I'm doing something right at least. But at least now all of them will be able to see that they will never be able to win. I have the people that they admire and love the most. And love is what makes people do crazy things. Absolutely crazy shit...


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