running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


27. Chapter 27.

so i decided to do a chapter in elijah's pov :) i hope you like it! :D

Elijah's POV

        My brother walks into the room, throwing his briefcase on the table and automatically walking over to the refrigerator and opening it. He pulls himself out an ice cold beer before popping the top and taking a quick sip of it. He throws the lid into the nearby trashcan before sighing in relief.

        "How did everything go?" I ask before walking towards him. His eyes shoot up, meeting mine and then he smirks.

        "Not too bad brother," he responds. "Not too bad at all. Mari has just talked to Damon and she is handing herself over. Looks like the plan is working."

        "Oh," I reply before folding my arms across my chest. Mari was a nice girl. She was different...and I haven't met anyone like her before. Maybe it's because I don't really go out that much. But she seemed like a genuinely nice girl. When I first saw her, I instantly wondered why this Damon man would want to kill someone like her. She just looks so innocent. She looks as if she would never hurt a fly or do any thing to hurt someone intentionally. That question has been running through my mind since I first set eyes on her.

        When I visited her the next day after I met her...she wasn't the same person I met the night before. She was broken and I could tell. The kind of spark of joy that she had in her eyes was now gone just because that Zayn fella was gone. I still have not discovered why Damon wants to kill either of them. I really kinda of wish I hadn't participated in the kidnapping of the Zayn guy. But I'm doing this because this Damon man apparently knows something that is well...very important to me.

        "You said this Damon man was going to help us find mother correct?" I ask my brother as he takes another swig of his beer. He sets the bottle down before looking up at me once more.

        "That's correct."

        "Well when is he going to?"

        None of my siblings nor I have had the privilege to really meet our mother before. I mean I have...I just can barely remember the encounter. The only reason I did meet her was because I was the oldest. Kol and Rebekkah have never had the opportunity to...ever. My father explained to me before he died that she left because he was having an affair with another woman.

        Well karma caught up with my father sooner than later. He met this one lady Katherine and honestly he was head over heels for her. Me nor my siblings could see the connection between the two and we did not like the woman. But my father did not care. He just knew that he was happy and gave the Katherine lady anything she ever wished for. Well...let's just say this Katherine woman was not good news after all. She was only using my father for his money and my siblings and myself had seen that for a long time. She walked out on him after she sucked up every single drop of money he had and went to live an extravagant life, just like she had always dreamed of. My father stopped talking to everyone and never came out anymore. Luckily I was old enough to take care of my older siblings at the time because we would not have done anything with our lives. One day I walked into his room to try to persuade him to come out and interact with us and I walked in on something that I did not want to see. Right in front of me was my father, lying limp on his bed with a bullet in his head. He killed himself...because of his depressive state. To this day, I see that image every once in a while and I want to cringe. No one deserves to see their own father lying dead before them...

        "I don't know Elijah," Kol says annoyed before huffing. "I guess whenever the job gets done I suppose." 

         That's not an answer. "So after all three of them are dead, we can go out and search for mother?" I ask, trying to pry a different and better response out of him.

        His eyes meet mine and he quickly looks away nervously. What? "Uhh yeah...sure."

        I wait for his eyes to meet mine again, but they don't. Instead, he takes a sip of his beer again, avoiding eye contact with me. He's hiding something from me. I can tell. He begins to pick at his fingers nervously and taps them on the wooden counter beside him. My brother has never been able to lie to me, even as a child. I would always find out the truth.

        "What are you hiding from me brother?" I ask while raising my eyebrow at him. I guess I'll have to interrogate him I suppose.

        "Nothing Elijah," he says slightly irritated, "Nothing at all."  That's still not what I want to hear. Guess I'll have to do something else I guess. I walk over to him and snatch his beer out of his hands. I throw it in the trashcan beside him and this causes him to growl at me and clench his fist. "What the fuck Elijah?" he growls, his voice a little deeper now. He's looking at me as if I'm some psychotic man or something just because I threw his precious little beer away. Ha. He makes me want to laugh...

        "Enough with the games brother," I say in all seriousness, losing my patience more and more by the second. "Tell me what I want to know." I have a very short temper and I think I got it from my father. He was a man who was constantly angry. He was never satisfied whatsoever.

        "I don't have to tell you shit Elijah," he growls low in his throat, his eyes piercing into mine. "It's none of your business nor concern."

        "It obviously is," I retort, snapping at him. "If it didn't concern me, you would not have looked at me like you just did."

         He nods his head in denial before standing up straight and stretching. "It's nothing brother," he mumbles before walking past me. But before he can leave the room I grab his shoulder and slam him into the wall. He's not going to ignore my question."Let fucking go of me you fucking idiot," he spits at me, his eyes filled with rage.

        "Not until you fucking tell me what I need to know," I growl, really wanting to punch him in the face right now. He tries to pry my hand off of his shoulder but I press my weight up against him, making him even angrier. He just stares at me daringly, grinding his teeth together not uttering a word. He's just like a fucking child. He likes to play games. Well I can play games too..

        I quickly wrap my hand around his throat and I feel him tense up in fear. His eyes are now wider as I continue to apply more pressure around his neck. He gasps for air and his face is quickly turning a violent red color. Now this should do the trick. "Well, now that I have your attention brother," I say while staring at him coldly, trying to intimidate him. "Tell me what the hell I want to know before I do not hesitate to snap your neck."

        I hear a small chuckle come from him and he coughs a little. "You know you could never kill me brother," he says before coughing once more. "We are family remember?"

        His use of the word "family" makes me want to cringe. "A family does not keep things from each other Kol," I growl, my grip on his neck still strong. "Now unless you want to die, I suggest you tell me what you are hiding from me right now."

        "Okay, fine," Kol agrees before coughing once more. That is when I remove my hand from around his neck and he leans over before coughing multiple times and gasping for air. After a few seconds he stands up, regaining his composure and tries to walk away fro me again but I growl at him. He stops in place and smirks. "Do you really want me to tell you Elijah? Are you sure? You might not be prepared for what I am about to tell you." he says teasingly while cocking his head to the side. I do not even bother answering his stupid question but instead, I wait for him to speak. "Mother's dead."

         Those words leave his mouth and I find myself frozen in place. What? She's dead. I feel a sudden remorse for my mother, and then suddenly that remorse is replace with anger and rage. "WHAT?!" I watch as a smirk spreads across my brother's face. "YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" I slam my fist into the side of Kol's face and he falls to the ground with a loud thud. He tries to get back up on his feet but I land another punch to his face, hearing the sickening sound of his jaw cracking. "YOU SAID THIS DAMON MAN WAS GOING TO HELP US FIND MOTHER! BUT SHE'S DEAD AND YOU ALREADY KNEW IT!" I deliver another punch to his face, but it does not help me get rid of any of the anger I am feeling right now. Blood is now running down his busted lip and his jaw is swelling.

        "Well I lied brother," he says while still managing to smirk and that's when he throws a punch at me, successfully causing me to take a few steps back away from him. As I regain my balance, he quickly gets up and reaches into one of the kitchen drawers, pulling out a hand gun. He points the gun directly at my head, and I freeze in place.

        "I want nothing to do with this brother," I growl while staring coldly at him. My brother wipes the blood dripping down his mouth with the back of his hand and sniffles a little. "I am not going to help you kill those 3 innocent people. I refuse."

        Kol's thumb begins to play with the trigger on the gun and he laughs. "You will do what I ask of you Elijah," he demands, his tone altering dramatically. "This man is willing to invest in us, offering us money that will help us widen our territory. I just knew that using mother in this would influence you to help me. You are fucking pathetic," he spits at me in disgust, venom laced on each word. "Just absolutely sickening. Why do I have such a weak older brother?"

        I ignore all of his insults towards me because he's just trying to piss me off even more than I already am. Teasing is for fucking children, not grown men. "How could you keep something this pertinent away from Rebekkah and I Kol?" I ask. "We have done nothing but support you since father's death. Remember when you would not even speak to anyone for years?" I shout, raising my hands in the air. "Rebekkah and I stuck around because we cared about your well being. We cared for you. You are our brother Kol. Our blood. Our family."

        "I'm sorry brother," he replies while continuing to point the gun at me. "But you must help me. We can widen our empire Elijah, become the richest, most powerful gang in London. Isn't that what you want?"

        "I don't want that brother! Rebekkah doesn't want that! That is what YOU want. Not us." It was time for him to know the truth. All of his hallucinations and dreams are not realistic whatsoever. He is delusional.

        "But you will help me brother!" he snaps, the gun now shaking his shaky hand. "We are family remember? We stick together."

        "Well not this time Kol." His eyes fill with pain as those words leave my mouth and I just continue to glare at him. His eyes seem to water slightly as well...maybe this is because of the beer he just drank minutes ago? "I'm not going to help kill innocent people nor do another man's dirty work. You might as well kill me because I refuse to do such a thing."

        Kol takes big strides towards me  and he slams me up against the wall, twisting my arm so much that I feel my muscles tear. I feel the metal barrel of the gun pressed up against my temple and he lets out a devilish chuckle. I try to suppress a painful groan by biting my lip. "You may be my brother Elijah," he says and I feel his eyes on me.  "But I am not afraid to kill you." He presses the gun harder into my temple and I begin to debate on whether or not I should try to push him even more so that his anger will get the best of him. But I decide not to.  I need to get out of this house and help Mari. I need to do what's best for once in my life.

        "Fine Kol," I mumble, telling my brother what he wants to hear. "I'll help you." I feel his grip on my arm slowly loosen and he removes the gun away from my head. He steps away from me, allowing myself to brush my clothes off and clear my throat. I rub my arm, trying to make sure Kol did not do any major damage to it.

        "I knew you would agree brother," he says before patting me on the shoulder. I should grab his hand and break it right now. "Maybe you aren't as stupid as I thought you were?"

        Me? Stupid? Obviously, he doesn't know what's coming to him. I growl at him one last time before walking out of the room, leaving him and his demented mind to himself. I need to find Rebekkah. I need to let her know about what's going on.  I start to walk up the long staircase leading to the upper floor, and I see Rebekkah coming down them, meeting me halfway.

        Her green eyes scan me up and down and she runs a hand through her brown hair. "Elijah? What the hell happened to yo-" I cut her off by placing my hand over her mouth and then I throw her over my shoulder, picking her up. I start to walk down the stairs and she starts to hit me repeatedly in the in the back. "Put me the fuck down!" I hear her scream into my hand.

        "Shut up!" I whisper harshly at her. "Stop moving."

        Rebekkah surprisingly complies and she stops squirming in my arms. Rebekkah actually listened to me for once. Go figure?

        I walk out to the garage, trying to avoid Kol at all costs. As soon as we get out to the garage, I set Rebekkah down and she punches me in the arm with as much force as she can.

        "What the hell is wrong with you Elijah?" she hisses, while staring at me angrily. "You cannot just do that to m-"

        "Get in the car," I demand while pointing to the driver's side of one of our black Audi's.

        Her eyes scan over the car and she shakes her head in disagreement. "No."

        "Get in the car Rebekkah," I demand once more, growling at her. "I don't have time to play fucking games and I'm not in the mood to either."

        "Do you think you can just command me to do anything Elijah?!" she asks while raising her voice. Her voice can be very annoying as it is and when she starts to raise her voice I just want to point a gun at my head and pull the trigger my damned self. "The least you could do is ask nicely."

        This girl is giving me a headache with her incessant nagging and whining already. "Just please," I say in defeat. "Please just get in the car Rebekkah."

        Rebekkah flashes me a triumphant smile before walking over to the driver's side of the Audi and smiling. "See? Was it that hard?" Instead of replying to her, I hop into the passenger side and she plops down into the seat beside me. "Where are we going?" she asks me curiously.

        "Brian's,"  I quickly reply while fastening my seat belt. "We need to get there fast."


        "Could you stop asking so many questions Rebekkah?" I snap. "Just start the car."

        Rebekkah scoffs and mumbles something underneath her breath. She turns the keys in the ignition and the car roars to life. She puts the car in reverse before opening the garage door. I see the door leading to the garage open and Kol steps out, his eyes glowing with rage. He now has the gun back in his hands. And a few shots fire, barely missing the windshield of the car.

        "Go! Go! Go Rebekkah!" I shout and Rebekkah quickly backs out of the driveway and then puts the gear into drive and stomps on the gas. I watch as Kol runs after the car in the rear view mirror and Rebekkah turns to look over at me in confusion.

        "What the hell is going on Elijah?"  she asks once we get a reasonable distance away from the house.

        What should I tell her? That our brother has been keeping a secret away from us that is about something that will effect us all?

        "It appears that we can't trust our own brother anymore Rebekkah," I respond before placing my hands over my face. My brother has let his desires get the best of him. I always knew this would happen. But my brother has decided to go down the wrong which he won't be able to get out of anytime soon...

so i hope you liked this chapter! sorry it's kinda short! :/ please don't forget to leave a comment! I WILL GIVE YOU A COOKIE! haha :P i'll see you on monday with the next chapter! there are only 4 or 5 chapters left! :)

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