running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


25. Chapter 25.

Zayn's POV

    I open my eyes to only have my head feel like it's being hit by a hammer repeatedly. What the fuck happened? All I remember is hearing some girl...wait that Rebekkah girl crying. And then she said she had to do something...something terrible. Then she started acting all weird and shit by avoiding eye contact with me, sort of rocking back in forth in place. And then BAM! Kol practically stabbed me with a needle and I blacked out. And now I'm this place.

    "Bout time you woke up."

    I look over to the right of me to see a man dangling beside me. Damn he looks terrible. He looks sickly almost. His brown hair is sticking to his forehead in matted clumps and his skin looks awfully pale. I instantly spot the several open wounds on his body. Damn. The guy slowly lifts his head up and his blue eyes peer into mine. His eyes look familiar to me...I've seen those eyes before. Wait a minute....

    "Will?" I ask while raising my eyebrow. That can't be him. That person looks...well abnormal and just...not like Will.

    "Zayn?" he asks in a gruff voice and lets out a small cough before sighing. "Well damn," he says before letting out a small chuckle. "Looks like the bastard got his hands on you too." Who? Damon?

    "But wait...Damon did-"

    "I know," Will says cutting me off, still continuing to look over at me. "It was the Mikaelson's right?"

    "How did you know that?" 

    "Well let's just say that Damon discusses all of his business propositions right in front of me. He's not very good at being...well secretive."

    Shit, shit, shit. The Mikaelson's. They have been working with Damon all along. That party was a fucking set up! Damon has been keeping watch over us for a while then. And Brian has now agreed created an alliance with the Mikaelson's...the enemies. Brian has basically let Damon invade his home practically. Damon will know their exact location soon and one will be able to stop him.

   I look up at my wrists to find them inside a pair of metal cuffs connected to the wall. I look down to realize that my feet are in identical metal cuffs as well. I try to move around in the cuffs to make them budge just a little, but my plan doesn't work as I try with all my might to break free.

    "Don't try too hard on those Zayn," Will says while looking over at me. "Trust me, I've tried." He switches his glance up towards his wrists and the sight of dried blood on them makes me cringe a little.  I just quickly look away from the repulsive sight and begin to look around the empty room that I'm currently in.

    "How long was I out?" I ask him as my head begins to throb even more. I just want to chop my head off right now if that's even possible.

    "Uhhh probably a couple days or so," he says before coughing a little. "Whatever drug they gave you did it's job because I was nervous that you were never going to wake up." He lets out a small laugh and I give him a small grin. "How's Mari?" he asks me, his blue eyes set on me.

    How the fuck do you think she's doing stupid? Why would he even ask me something like that. "Uhh, she's good," I reply, completely ignoring my previous thoughts before licking my lips. I mean she was doing better...better than she was. But now you could basically shove all that progress down the fucking toilet...because...well I'm no longer with her anymore.

    "Really?" he asks obviously surprised before raising his eyebrow and smirking. "I'm pretty sure she would have been you know-"

    "What? Devastated?" I ask snapping at him, slightly irritated about how he thinks his sister is so head over heels for him. I obviously said what he was about to say because his eyes widen a little bit.

    "Uhhh-yeah...I guess you could say that," Will says before coughing once more. The air has become thicker now and I try to calm myself down so that I don't try to get into an argument with Will right now. He's not the enemy right now. Damon is.

    "Well...she was," I mumble, switching my glance down to the ground. "She may even still be. Your sister is very good at hiding her emotions."

    "Yeah that's her for sure," he says before laughing a little. "She's stubborn in that sense."

    A moment of silence passes between us before Will looks over at me again, looking as if he's nervous to speak to me or something. He's acting as if I'm about to blow up or some shit.

    "Zayn," he says before sighing. "I know that we aren't really...well the best of friends. And I know that we both don't necessarily care for each other, but we need to get out of here." He clears his throat a little before he begins to speak. "And I'm kinda glad you're here now because now Mari will be even more motivated to come and save us."

    If only he knew she might not be coming at all. "She's not coming Will...I mean at least not by herself."

    "W-What do you mean?" he asks while raising his eyebrow.

    "Well...I told my uncle to keep her from coming. I don't want her to put her own life in danger by just coming to save us ya know? I value her life more than my own."

    Will swallows slowly before he shifts his glance over to me. " really do care about my sister don't you?"

    It's taken him this long to realize that? "Yes," I reply. "Yes I do. I love her so much...that sometimes it takes me by shock because of how much I love her." The thought of Mari itself makes me smile a little...everything about her makes me smile.

    "Well then who's coming to get us?" he asks, snapping me out of my thoughts.

    "Probably my uncle Brian and the other boys'...hopefully."

    "How long do you think it's gonna take them to find us?"

    "I honestly have no idea," I reply truthfuly. And I don't. Everything is working out in Damon's favor now. "Damon has control over everything now. So who knows what could happen right?"

    Will quickly nods his head before he scrunches up his face in pain. I take another glance at his body and take a look at all the bruises and open wounds scattered across his skin again. He has dark circles underneath his eyes and I don't know if it's because he got punched in the face or because of his lack of sleep. Probably both. It's...quite disturbing actually.

    "What the hell did he do to you?" I ask him as he moves his body in discomfort.

    "A lot of shit," he replies painfully before hissing in pain. "It's been hell staying here with him for this long. I would never wish this on anyone. But obviously I've persevered because I'm still here. I'm a man. I can handle his little torture techniques," he says before cracking a smile. "Thank God."

   Before I can even respond to Will the front door swings open and a man who I'm guessing is Damon walks through. I've never met the man before, but I immediately know it's him because of Mari's description of him. He's wearing a pair of tan slacks with a light blue button up shirt. "My, my, my," he says with a sinister smile spread across his lips. "The man of the hour has finally decided to wake up." I watch his every move very closely as he begins to walk about the room. If I could, I would kill the bastard with my own hands this very moment. I would absolutely love to watch him die a slow and miserable death. Then he would rot in hell where he belongs.

    "And the bitch of the hour has decided to make his presence known," I retort back at him while growling. He claps his hands together in amusement before throwing his head back in laughter.

    "It's gonna take me a while to get used to not only seeing Will everyday," he says while staring at me. "Instead of having the honor of being in the presence of one asshole, now I have the opportunity to see two. How great is that right?" Damon walks over to a nearby counter where a bottle of scotch is located. He grabs a glass and pours him some before taking a sip. "I would offer you two some," he says. "But it seems like you both are a little "tied up" right now." Damon laughs, obviously amused with the joke he just said. Just fucking kill me now. I would rather have Harry tell his jokes than here this asshole try to even come up with one.

    "Just get to the point," I say through my teeth. "Say what you want to say and get it over with." Damon's laughter immediately ceases and his eyes change to a darker color? I think I'm seeing things. Mari did tell me how his eyes do that. I hate how his eyes do that. It's fucking disturbing...but I guess that is his point huh?

    "Oh Zayn," he says, while walking closer to me. I tense up a little as he nears me because I wish I could wrap my hands around his neck and strangle him right here and right now. These constraints on my limbs are obviously going to be a problem. "You're always so ready to get to the point aren't you? You are very impatient, just like dear old Will over here." Will let's out a growl before Damon pats him on the cheek before laughing. "But I'll get to the point just for you Zayn." He flashes me a smile and I have the urge to slap it right off of his face. "Well I kinda expected for Mari to be walking through my front door right now. But...I guess she hasn't decided what to do yet."

    Mari isn't stupid. She knows not to walk right into Damon's little trap. I am confident in her right now. I know that she is probably trying really hard to resist the urge to act off of impulse ad come and find me herself. And I knew she would probably be thinking that way. That's why I told Brian what I did so that he would be able to obey my wishes. My first priority is her...and always will be her. I don't care if I'm not there, she will always be well protected.

    "So I thought that she may need some persuasion," he continues. "KOL!" he shouts, his voice echoing off the stone walls in here. And in comes the asshole himself...Kol Mikaelson. Fucking bastard.

    "I guess he's woken up now. Looks like the paralyzing agent has worn off," Kol says while looking at me and smirking.

    "Stop fucking smirking at me before I fucking knock it right off your face," I growl. This guy was someone who I was supposed to trust. And most importantly, Brian was supposed to trust him. But no. He decided to help Damon fucking out. Kol helped lure us to Damon.

    "I'm afraid you won't even get the chance to put your hands on me bud," Kol replies. "Unless you can get out of those chains, keep on dreaming pretty boy." Suddenly, his eyes flicker with amusement and he laughs. "You know what this means?" he asks while holding  eye contact with me. "I could make a little visit over to see little Mari couldn't I? You know that she is an incredibly sexy woman right? I would kill to have a woman like her by my side all the time." The way his eyes have lit up with excitement at the mention of Mari makes me grind my teeth together. "Maybe since you're out of the picture for now, I could have my way with her? I wonder what it would be like to kiss those big and voluptuous lips of hers." Images of Kol running his hands over Mari's body make my blood boil and I'm about two seconds from exploding. "I could make her forget all about you by just spending one single night with her. She would forget all about your existence. The only name she would remember is Kol because she was screaming it all ni-"

    "Dude!" Will shouts in disgust. "This is my sister you fucking talking are talking about. Just please...please shut the fuck up," he mumbles in annoyance.  "Damon just do whatever you are going to do already dammit." Kol eyes immediately look over at Will and they are filled with anger.

    "It's okay Will," I say before laughing. "Let the little prick fantasize because he knows he will never...and I mean never get to touch Mari in his fucking miserable life. So let him dream. Everyone deserves to dream right?"

    Kol's face turns a ghostly white and he clenches his jaw. "Damon, I think we should start now," he growls through his teeth. Start fucking what? "And may I have the privilege of doing it myself?"

    Damon's cold eyes meet mine and he smirks. "Sure. Knock yourself out kiddo."

    "Gladly," Kol responds. Kol walks out of the door and I'm so glad that he's gone. But seconds later, my happiness is destroyed because he returns, with something in his hand. A bat.

    I laugh as he walks near me and he is practically shaking with anger now. "Oh? So you're going to beat me?" I laugh. "You really think that's going to affect me? I've had enough beatings to last me a lifetime and several of them have been worse than just being hit with a bat a couple times." Kol lets out a growl as his grip on the bat tightens.

    "Oh I know Zayn," Damon replies. "This is just how we are going to get Mari here too." Damon pulls his cell phone out of his back pocket and messes with it for a bit. Then he angles his phone so that it's pointing directly at me.

    "What the hell are you doing?" I ask him while raising my eyebrow.

    "Pictures of course. I am sure Mari would love to see how you've been these past couple of days don't you?" he says. "Now put on your biggest smile for me. And let the magic start."  I am just about to respond to Damon until I feel a quick blow to the stomach with the bat and I squint my eyes in pain.

    "Is that the best you can do?" I say while directing my attention towards Kol. "You need to hit me a little bit harder than that if you want to do any serious da-" 

    The bat his violently slammed into my body again, but now it's directed towards my rib cage. It was a harder blow and I have to take a deep breath to keep myself from showing any pain. 

    "Harder," I growl through my teeth. Kol swings at me once again and the aftermath is even more intense. The amount of pain coursing through my body makes me want to vomit. But I want to make him angrier so that he will reach his breaking point. "You know you can do better than that you little bi-" The bat contacts my body once more and I see the flash on Damon's phone go off as he takes a picture. I let out a small cough and look down to realize that small splatters of blood are on my white dress top. "Well that was a bit better Kol," I say. "But I'm sure you could do a lot better. Give me your best shot eh?"

    Kol drops the bat to the ground and steps closer to me. "How about I just use my fists instead. Would you like that better?"

    "I mean if you can hit harder sure. And I mean hit like a man not like a little fucking bi-" I cannot even get the rest of my sentence off before Kol's fist connects with the side of my jaw. The sound of his fist making contact with my jaw echoes throughout the room and I swear I hear my jaw snap. I try moving my jaw but it's useless. The little fucker just dislocated my jaw.

    "Damon just stop," Will says. "You've got your little pictures. Now just leave."

    "What did you just say you little shit?" Damon growls at Will. "Just because Zayn's here, you think you have some power over me huh? Well no you fucking don't. Remember who runs things around here William," he warns. "Me. Not you." And that's when Will spits on Damon and he clenches his jaw. Damon slowly wipes the spit off of his face and begins to laugh. "You motherfucker," he growls. Damon punches Will hard in the jaw and then shoves his phone into his pocket. He then leans down to pick up a pole off of the ground. "I wasn't down here to hurt you William. But now you have fucking pissed me off. So I guess both of you will get your asses beat I guess." Damon swings the pole into Will's abdomen and Will groans in pain. 

    "I'm not done with you yet Zayn," Kol growls before punching me once more in the face. He punches me dead in the mouth and I know that my lip is probably busted open now. I hate the fact that I can't do anything to defend myself right now. But I'll let the little fucker get his little punches in. I think he already knows that this may be his only chance to hit me because he knows what will happen once I get out of these chains. I cannot wait until I'm out of these chains so that I can pummel the little asshole to a pulp...

hello my beautiful readers! i hope you liked this chapter even thought it's kinda short! but oh well! leave a comment if you want to! i want some feedback from all of you! and fave my story if you haven't already! ummm I have to go to school now! i have a huge ap test today! :/ but ill see you on monday with the next chapter! thanks for reading again :) xx

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