running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


22. Chapter 22.

Mari's POV

        So that is the famous Kol Mikaelson huh?

        His eyes continue to burn into mine as he looks at me from the balcony. It seems like he has been staring at me for forever, but soon he breaks our eye contact and a smile spreads across his lips.

        "Good evening everyone!" he says into the microphone in front of him. "Thank you all for coming to my event this year. The several of you that attend each and every year is what makes my parties such a big success. So give yourself a round of applause." Several claps echo throughout the room and eventually die down a few seconds later. Kol sweeps his hand through his dark brown hair before continuing to speak. "And I've heard that we have a couple newbies this year too,"he says, his eyes lighting up with excitement. His dark brown eyes make contact with mine again and I become locked in place by his stare. "So thank you for coming! And enjoy yourself okay and have fun. This may be that last ounce of fun you will have for a while." A smirk forms over his thin lips again before he reaches behind him to turn back around with a wine glass in hand. "Now if you could all join me in a little toast, I would really appreciate it." Lots of people pick up nearby wine glasses while the waiters and waitresses walk throughout the crowd, handing glasses to everyone. A waiter hands me one and I thank him by giving him a kind smile. I swirl the blood red wine in the glass it's in. I really don't care for wine. "To new beginnings," Kol says while raising his glass in the air, a triumphant smile across his face. "And to new opportunities." Kol places the glass on his lips before tilting his head back slightly, quickly downing the drink. His eyes suddenly meet mine again and I believe he's waiting on me to drink my wine. I break my gaze with him by turning around and take a quick sip of the drink before setting it down on the nearby table. "Now enjoy the rest of your night! Thank you for coming!" That is when Kol flashes the crowd one last smile and leaves the area. The lights quickly flash back on, blinding me temporarily.

        "Well looks like we found our guy," Louis says before taking the last sip of his drink and setting the empty wine glass down.

         I find myself still looking up where Kol was just standing seconds ago. Why the hell was he staring at me like that? And also I am shocked at how young he looks. I mean...I thought he would know a little bit closer to Brian's age. I mean not that Brian is old or anything...I'm just surprised. I'm not even going to lie and say he wasn't attractive because he was.

        "Mari?" I hear Zayn say, snapping me out of my thoughts. His fingers interlace with mine before he kisses the face of my hand. "You okay?"

         "Uhh yeah," I say before smiling at him nervously. I wonder if he saw Kol staring at me as well? Or was Kol just good at making it look like he wasn't.  "I'm fine.". I flash him another small smile before nodding my head and letting out a small sigh. Zayn continues to stare at me with a smirk on his lips like he doesn't believe me "What?" I ask raising my voice a little bit.  "I said I'm fine." 

        Zayn lets out a small laugh before kissing me on the cheek. "I was just asking," he says before laughing once again. "No need to get all hostile Mari." He flashes me a cheeky smile and I roll my eyes before playfully punching him in the arm.

        "He knows we're here," Danielle says before shifting her glance up towards the balcony. "He's probably known ever since we arrived."

        "I think this is the time for us to make our move Brian," Harry says before folding his arms over his chest. "Especially since we know where he is now."

         Brian nods his head in agreement and proceeds to speak. "Well are you two ready?" he asks while shifting his glance towards me and Zayn. "I need you guys to help me out remember?"

         Zayn quickly nods his head and he looks over at me. I nod my head slowly which causes him to give my hand a tight squeeze. "Yeah we are both ready."

        "Well let's go then," Brian says and presses his lips to Reyna's for a quick second. Reyna reaches up and cups Brian's face with her hand and kisses him again. Aww! Brian pulls away from Reyna, but not before he flashes her one last smile and he begins to walk off in the other direction. Zayn and I follow closely behind him as Brian starts to weave in and out of the sea of people.

        "Are you sure you're ready?" Zayn whispers close to my ear as we continue to follow behind Brian.

         Am I ready? Ha I don't even know.

        "Yeah," I find myself saying. "We have to get this over with eventually right?" Zayn shakes his head in agreement and presses a quick kiss to the side of my cheek. He flashes me a soft smile and squeezes my hand again.

        "If you feel uncomfortable at all in there lemme know and we will leave immediately okay?"

        "Alright," I mumble.

        "I'm serious Mari," he says, his lips in the perfect straight line. "Just let me know." I just shake my head one more time so that he gets that I understand him. How many more times is he going to ask me if I'm okay tonight?

        My feet hit the wooden steps of the spiral staircase leading up to the balcony where Kol was only moments ago. As I go up each step, this feeling in my stomach become more and more intense.

        "Why the hell are you acting like this Mari?" I scold myself mentally. "Man up! Wait-no woman up!"

         I let out a small cough and Zayn looks over at me with a worried look on his face. "I'm fine," I mumble trying to get him to stop worrying about me.

        "I know," he replies and that stupid smirk spreads reappears across his lips again. Just when he's about to say something else I cut him off.

        "Shut up," I say slightly irritated and he just let's out a small chuckle. He thinks this is funny doesn't he?

        Am I nervous? Afraid? I have no clue. I just have millions of emotions coursing through my veins right now. But I need to calm down. All we have to do is get this over with and everything should be alright...hopefully.

         We finally make it up the long ass staircase and I immediately see a big, muscular man with a black shirt and matching black dress pants on. He has a stern look on his face and as we approach him he smirks at us.

        "Ahhh Brian," the man standing in front of the entrance to the room says. "Mr. Mikaelson has been expecting you."

        "Great," Brian says sarcastically and flashes the man a fake smile. The man grinds his teeth together at Brian's tone and I hear Zayn chuckle beside me. Brian proceeds to walk forward and I expect the man to move over, but the man doesn't budge.

        "Don't be a smartass," he growls at Brian through his teeth. "Try to pull any shit in there and I will kill you, in the blink of an eye. Kapeesh?"

        "And don't you think we know that? We aren't stupid," Zayn growls through his teeth in response to the large man in front of us.

        The man's eyes instantly snap to Zayn's standing behind Brian and he scans him up and down. The man scoffs before laughing. "I guess you brought 'Asshole Jr.' with you too Brian. Maybe I should just te-"

        The door behind the man suddenly swings open revealing the man that I saw earlier with the black suit on and a serious look on his face. I knew I saw him! I knew I wasn't going insane! 

        "Now Kurt," the guy says while looking at the bodyguard directly in the eyes. "You know Kol was getting impatient in there. And you know what happens when he gets impatient right?"

        "Sorry Elijah," the man says and nervously gulps. "S-sorry for the delay." The so-called "big and bad" man is no longer standing in front of us and is now replaced with someone completely different. The Elijah guy's eyes stare at the large man in front of him coldly and his friendly persona has somewhat altered. His pale skin and the way he is clenching his jaw just adds to his more serious and mature persona. His presence is very intimidating now and I would probably be nervous if I were in the guard's place right now.

        "Now back away from the door. You have wasted enough of our guests time don't you believe?" The guard quickly obliges, stepping away from the doorway. Elijah turns and faces us with a small smile on his face. "Follow me please," he says before stepping into the dark doorway but not before he speaks to the guard again. "And I will notify Kol of this. Don't believe this incident will just be looked over." I watch as the big man gulps nervously before flashing us small smiles. Zayn laughs obnoxiously loud and I elbow him in the stomach to stop. He groans in pain and I smile at him triumphantly.  Brian looks back at us and rolls his eyes before walking through the dark doorway first. I wait for Zayn to follow him, but instead Zayn pulls me so that I am standing directly in front of him, forcing me to go first.

        "I'm doing this just in case something happens," he whispers into my ear as we enter the dark hallway.

        The door behind us shuts and I hear the sound of the locks clicking. It's practically pitch black in here, leaving us with only a small glimmer of light shining in the room from the lantern hanging on the wall so we can see. The hallway is lined with stone and looks very rustic and ancient. It's very eerie. The temperature is colder in here as well and a shiver goes down my spine. As we continue to walk down the hallway, I hear my heels clicking on the solid ground beneath me. You would have never thought that something like this could ever be in a house as extravagant as this. This area is so out of place. The Elijah man makes zero attempts to talk to us but I feel Zayn's warm presence around me which feels very comforting. Suddenly we come to abrupt stop and I almost run into Brian's back. He turns his head halfway around and I pat him on the back. "Sorry," I whisper and he nods his head before chuckling. I hear the sound of a door knob turning in front of us and the door opens a large amount of light shining directly at us.

        My eyes somewhat adjust to the lighting and I see Kol sitting behind a desk, his feet resting on the top of it. A huge fire is roaring behind him in a fireplace and his dark brown eyes are now lighter now. "Brother, our guests are here...finally. Kurt was interrogating our guests," Elijah says before stepping aside. Brother? He's Kol's brother?

        "Ahhh. It's about time," Kol says before smiling. I've just realized that he has an's not British. Australian maybe? "And I'll deal with that idiot later. Thank you for notifying me brother."

         Elijah nods his head and signals for all of us to come into the room which we do. The atmosphere of this room is incredibly different from the rest of the house. Everything in here is made out of wood and it's more modern looking. As soon as all of us make it into the room, Elijah closes the door and stands beside the doorway.

        Kol stands up from his chair and walks over to me his eyes staring deeply into mine. He looks at me curiously as he gets closer. I can tell that he's trying to read me and I figure that is what he was doing earlier. He's trying to weigh everything out so that he can get a better understanding of things. He's observant.

        "Why hello there Mari DeSanta," he says while taking my hand into his. His hand is freezing cold and I shiver at the touch of his skin on mine. "Kol Mikaelson." He presses his lips on the top of my hand and his lips linger there longer than they should. His eyes meet mine and I give him a small smile. Zayn lets out a small growl beside me and Kol's eyes meet with his, a devilish smile on his lips. "And you must be the boyfriend," Kol says before letting out a small laugh. "Nice to meet you as well." Kol  raises his hand out in front of him for Zayn to shake and ends up holding it there for a a few seconds. Zayn doesn't even shake Kol's hand, but instead he glares at him and gives a smug look. "Well then," Kol says before  laughing. "Looks like someone's a tad rude."

        "Looks like someone's an asshole," Zayn replies through his teeth. Kol's eyes stare into Zayn's coldly and Zayn smirks at him triumphantly. Kol continues to glare at Zayn and they both practically have a stare down until Brian decides to step in and breaks up the tension in the room.

        "Excuse my nephew Kol," Brian says before glancing over at Zayn and looking at him warningly. Then he brings his attention back to Kol offering him a kind, but also fake smile. "He can be a little...well-"

        "It's fine Brian," Kol interrupts. "We are all grown men here aren't we? We don't have fights like children." Zayn growls again and I interlace my fingers with his to try to get him to calm down and surprisingly he does. "Now why don't you all have a seat yeah?" Kol walks back to his desk and we all follow him, only to sit down in the chairs directly in front of it. "Would you like any drinks of any sort?" Kol says while raising his eyebrow and placing his feet on the top of his desk. "I have soft drinks, wine, beer."

        "No thank you," Brian says as if he is answering for all of us. "We are just fine," Brian says. "Let's get down to business shall we?"

        Just as Kol is about to speak, Zayn does. "Actually, I would like a drink," Zayn mumbles while looking at Kol. Brian gives Zayn a scolding glare and Zayn just simply shrugs his shoulders. Kol's eyes glance over at his brother Elijah who is still standing beside the doorway.

         "Brother, can you go fetch a drink for our mate here?"

        I watch Zayn tense up very quickly and his hands squeeze the armrests of the chair. "I'm not your 'mate'. So don't say that," Zayn replies harshly before clenching his jaw.

        Kol raises his eyebrow before clasping his hands together. "Oh really?" he asks, challenging Zayn's remark. "We will be soon if you want to have the privilege of using my services," Kol wittily replies before flashing Zayn a triumphant smile. Brian sends another warning glare in Zayn's direction and he clenches his jaw. But Zayn keeps is eyes set on Kol who now has a smirk over his lips. "But anyways...I've heard about your little problem with this Damon man. It's been the talk of the town as well as the arrival of your dear nephew and his girlfriend Brian." Well I guess things do spread around quickly in the city. Either that or Brian has some stalkers. "It looks like you need to be a little bit more secretive if you wish for people to not know of your whereabouts."

        "Just get to the point," Zayn says impatiently while tapping his fingers on the wooden surface in front of us. Kol looks as if he is going to say something, but before he can even get a word out, Elijah walks back into the room with a drink in hand. Thank God. Kol's eyes dart towards him and Elijah continues to make his way over to us quietly. He quickly hands the drink to Zayn and then he returns back to his original position back in front of the doorway where he can listen to every word of our conversation.

        "Alright. Fine," Kol growls before pulling out a folder and dropping it on the desk. He pulls out a couple papers and slides them across the table to Brian. He soon takes out an ink pen from his desk drawer and slides it across the table too. "Those are just a few couple contracts that I will need for you to sign before I help you do anything. It's just basically stating that you won't try to screw me over while we work together...blah, blah, blah. It's just preliminary crap. My lawyer's making me do this." Kol throws his head back in annoyance and brings it back up, his eyes meeting mine again with a charming smile across his lips. "Also, by signing those contracts you agree to pay me in some sort of way. All I wish is for at least 5% of your monthly profits Brian and some of your weaponry. I know that you get loads of money each month so that itty bitty 5% shouldn't be too much to ask for am I correct?" Brian nods his head slowly before proceeding to pick up the pen. Brian quickly scans the paper and I watch as Kol's eyes fall on him. "What Brian?" Kol asks while raising his eyebrow. "You don't trust me?"

         Brian takes his eyes off of the paper temporarily, his eyes meeting Kol's. "No. No I don't," he simply replies with a smug look on his face before looking down at the papers in his hands once again.

         Kol shrugs his shoulders before watching Brian read the papers. "Well at least we have a mutual agreement on some things Brian. That's a start," he laughs. Zayn sets his now empty drink glass on the wooden desk and folds his arms across his chest. After a few more minutes, Brian finally signs the contract, sliding the papers across the table back to Kol. "I look forward to working with you Brian," he says with a smile on his face. He picks up the papers and returns them to the folder he pulled out moments ago.

        "What are you going to do to hold up your end of the deal?" I ask while raising my eyebrow.

        "Well I offer some of my guards up to your use and you will also have the advantage of having the help of my brother Elijah,"he says while pointing at Elijah, "and my lovely sister Rebekkah who is not currently here. But I'm sure you will see her somewhere downstairs. Also I will help you find this guy by having my most talented pairs of eyes out there ," he says while pointing behind him, "help you look for him."

        "That's it?" I ask rather harshly, slightly raising my voice.

        "No that's not it sweetheart," Kol says laughing. "Woah, it looks like you've got a short temper too. I like my women feisty."Zayn's eyes instantly meet Kol's and he lets out a inhumane growl. He begins to stand up but Brian and I both put our hands on his shoulders, trying to keep him seated. Luckily it works and Zayn sits down, his eyes blazing with anger though."It looks like I've found a weakness of yours bud," Kol says while staring intensely at Zayn. Kol swiftly gets us and makes his way over to me, scanning my body up and down as he nears. "I would be as protective as you are over a woman as beautiful as Mari as well." His eyes light up with pleasure as he stands in front of me. He is practically undressing me with his eyes and I scoff because I find it highly rude. He lifts his hand out as if he's about to cup my cheek but I grab it in midair and he smirks.

        "How about you go back over there and sit in your little chair Kol?" I say while glaring at him. "You are obviously trying to rowel Zayn up and it's clearly working. Now stop acting so fucking immature and sit your ass down." 

        "Awww," Kol says before rolling his eyes and glancing at Zayn. "Looks like you have your women fight your battles for you Zayn. Real men don't do that Zayn tsk, tsk."

        Zayn quickly stands up before Kol can get another word in. "Real men don't hide behind all their luxuries and let others do it themselves. People like you are what piss me off. You think you just run fucking everything and can have your way with anybody. But guess what you little fucking prick? That shit doesn't roll with me. You are not going to fucking say another word to my girlfriend you got that?" Zayn growls through his teeth. I'm frozen in place as Zayn continues to speak to Kol in such a harsh tone. "And second of all if you want this agreement to work out between us you need to stop acting like such a little bitch because you have already begun to piss me fucking off and I'm just two seconds away from punching that smirk right off of your fucking face."

        I look over at Kol who sure as hell does have a smirk on his face. He's very sure of himself and cocky. A little bit too cocky. I want to smack him because of the way he looks at me as if I am some sort food or some shit ready for him to eat.Fucking bastard. Zayn waits for Kol to respond but instead he just glares at him, his eyes practically taunting him. I watch as Zayn clenches his fist and as he prepares to hit Kol in the face, Brian grabs his arm before he can even get the opportunity to do so. Brian gets a steel grip on Zayn, his eyes filled with anger. Zayn tears his eyes away from Kol who is locked in place and faces Brian.

        "Come with me. Now," Brian growls angrily through his teeth and he pulls Zayn towards the doorway and they both exit. The door shuts leaving me in the room with the attractive cocky man also known as Kol...and his brother of course.

        His eyes pierce through mine again and he smiles a little. I just stare at him, trying to ignore the urge I have right now to stand up and slap him. I try to move my gaze to somewhere else in the room, but I can still feel his eyes practically devouring me. "Could you fucking stop staring at me," I spit at him, trying to keep the little last sliver of patience I have right now.

        "Well you are in my eyesight sweetheart," he says cockily and he smiles. "And both you and I know you are beautiful. You are so beautiful that I can't stop looking at you." I scoff at his remark and roll my eyes at him. "It's true. It's very rare that I get to see a beauty such as yourself darling."

        "Can we please just talk about something else please?" I groan before rubbing my temples. Fuck I'm getting a headache. "I'm trying very hard not to slap you right now."

        Kol throws his head back in laughter and I narrow my eyes at him. "If it takes such small actions to get a reaction out of you, I'm surprised you haven't killed yourself over the loss of your brother."

        His words cause my breathe to hitch in my throat and I am compelled to get up right now and punch him in the face. But instead I do nothing and just sit there in shock. I sit there and let his words repeat themselves in my mind and I feel a pain in my chest. My eyes begin to sting with tears and I take a deep breath to prevent myself from strangling him. He has no fucking idea what these last months have done to me and he finds it fucking humorous?! "I don't find that humorous at all," I raise my voice, my eyes burning as I try to hold back my tears. "How about you shut the fuck up? And mind your own fucking business huh?!"

        "I believe that's enough brother," Elijah says warningly before making his presence known beside me.

        That fucking smirk is now not on his stupid face anymore. "Well your business is now my business darling. I need to get to know you better since we will be working together for a while," he says seriously.

        You know what? Fuck this. I immediately rise out of my chair and walk towards the door and a worried look spreads on Elijah's face.

        "Where are you going darling?" Kol asks me, throwing his hands up in the air.

        "Far away from you," I shout in response, tears threatening to spill out of my eyes. "Go fuck yourself!"  Suddenly I feel a cold hand take hold of my forearm and I turn around to find Elijah's eyes filled with sympathy.

        "I'm sorry," he whispers loud enough so that I can only hear him. "Let me walk you out yeah?"

        I quickly nod my head so that I can get out of this room. A tear has now escaped my eye and I quickly wipe it away.

        "See you later sweetheart," I hear Kol say behind me as I walk out the door. I flip him off and slam the door shut behind me.  Fucking prick.

Zayn's POV

        Brian practically drags me out of the room and shuts the door behind us. We are back in the dark hallway again where I can only see Brian standing in front of me, nothing else. He signals for me to follow him down the hallway where we exit, only to return to the party atmosphere. 

        "What the hell was that?!" he whispers harshly before quickly letting go of my arm. "Are you trying to fucking ruin everything?!"

        A couple looked shocked at Brian's words and he flashes them a sympathetic smile. The fact that he cares so much about what the hell these people think about him makes me laugh. "No I'm not," I respond. "The cocky bastard asked for it. He thinks he can just run over me and get away with it. Well he's got another thing coming to him then if that's the case."

        "You might have just ruined everything Zayn! Do you realize how much we need Kol on our side right now?"

        "Yeah, yeah, yeah," I say annoyed before rubbing my face with my hands. Ah fuck I need another drink. Brian just wants to kiss that Kol guy's ass so that he can get what he wants. Well I'm no ass kisser. I don't kiss the ground anybody fucking walks on. I don't care how fucking important or how useful they could be to me.

        "No," Brian continues and I want to bang my head into the wall. "You don't fucking get it Zayn! Do you ever want Mari to be happy again?" he raises his voice. "I know you do and ruining our chances of getting Will back will do the complete opposite. We have enough problems right now Zayn and creating more enemies, especially someone like Kol is not cool at all. He could have killed us in there if he wanted to."

        "He wouldn't have killed any of us. I would have made sure of that."

        "And how are you so sure of that huh?" he asks before raking his hand through his hair angrily. "Do you think just because you have Mari with you that you are some sort of superhero now or some shit? Are you fucking invincible or some shit?"

        I groan at his constant nagging right now and my head begins to throb. "No one ever said that Brian. I'm not invincible...even I know that. Mari is just some one that I have to protect no matter what."

        "And what if something happens to you and Mari begins to panic? What do you do then?"

        "I would have you help her forget about me...just like I told you earlier." My conversation with Brian earlier before Mari walked over to us flashes through my mind. Just thinking of Mari moving on without me hurts...but if something ever does happen to me, I want her to be able to live her life...without me.

        "So you want me to keep her from coming after you? Are you insane?!"

        No. I'm not insane. This is real life we're talking about. There are no happy endings like in fairy tales and shit. Reality is a whole other world. "Yes. That's exactly what I want you to do Brian. I need to keep her safe. If anything happens...keep her far away from everything."

        "You know that Mari would practically kill herself to save your life right? That girl loves you."

        "I know that. But I'm hoping that it doesn't come down to that," I respond. Brian sighs in frustration and defeat before glancing back towards the door we just walked out of moments ago. 

        "You ready to go back in?" he asks, quickly changing subjects.

        "No. I'm not going back."

        "Well then where are you going to go Zayn?"

        "Somewhere. But I'm definitely not staying here."

        "Fine," Brian sighs, obviously not wanting to fight with me anymore. "I'll call you when we are about to leave." 

        I nod my head and I turn away from Brian before walking the other direction. I find my anger slowly simmering down as I get further and further away from Kol and his little lair. But at least I can get another drink now. I need a drink stat.

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