running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


21. Chapter 21.

Mari's POV

        The car pulls up to the entrance of the very extravagant and large house. Several people are walking past the car, as they try to enter to the house. I mean people are everywhere and the valet line is filled with people. "You two can get out here," Brian says while looking at both me and Zayn through the rear view mirror. "This may take longer than I expected it would." Both Zayn and I unbuckle our seat belts before opening the car doors. "And oh yeah. I will come and get both of you when it's time to speak with Kol. So stay together okay?" I nod my head before setting foot on the concrete below me and shutting the door behind me. Danielle, Liam, Harry, Niall and Rita hop out from the larger van behind us. Brian and Reyna drive off and Louis, who is driving the other car follows behind them. As soon as they drive off Zayn stands beside me, his fingers interlaced with mine.

        "You okay babe?" he asks before kissing my knuckles.

        "Yeah...I'm fine." I guess I somewhat lied about that. I guess I'm just nervous...

        "I promise everything will be fine babe," he says soothingly. "I'll be here with you the entire time alright?" I nod my head before gulping and we begin to walk towards the door. "Are you ready?" he asks me as we get closer and closer to the door.

        "It's now or never right?" I ask, before laughing nervously. He rubs his thumb across my fingers in an attempt to calm me down and it somewhat works...somewhat.

        A man in a suit and tie is standing at the door with an obvious fake smile glued on his face. I wonder if he's getting paid for this shit?

        "Welcome to the Mikaelson estate," he says enthusiastically as we walk through the doorway. As I enter the house, several people stare at me and Zayn for a second and continue on with their business. The sound of multiple conversations and wine glasses clinking together is all I can hear right now. Zayn keeps his hand securely wrapped around mine as we walk through the large crowd of people. We finally make our way to a vacant table where Zayn pulls out a chair for me and I sit down. Soon the rest of the boys', Danielle and Rita make themselves over to us before dragging up more chairs and placing them around the table.

        "Soooo," Harry says while looking around the large room. "What are we supposed to do now?"

        "I don't know about you guys, but I need a drink," Niall says before laughing. "Are you coming with me Rita?" he says while smiling at her. Rita nods her heads before Niall snakes his arm around her waist and the two walk off.

        "Well for now just go and have fun," Zayn says. "Be ready to be on the look out for Kol everyone okay?" The other boys' nod their heads before Zayn pulls me closer to him. "But for now you will find us out on the dance floor." Zayn takes me away from everyone else and we weave in and out through the people. Several eyes meet mine as we walk and the people look middle-aged. There is no one else around that's close to our age. Yeah I know I'm out of place. And it seems like everyone in the room can see that as well.

         As we near the center of the floor, the music from the live orchestra seems to be getting louder. Right now I feel like I am in one of those old-timey movies with all the classical music and stuff. Yeah...I'm not really feeling it.

         "Are you feeling a little bit better now?" Zayn asks before he spins me around and pulls me back to him.

        "Yeah. I guess you could say that," I reply before wrapping my arms around his neck. The slowness of the music is driving me insane. Who in their right mind would ever want to dance to something like this? Definitely not me. I could fall asleep right now if I really wanted to. But I need to go along with this so I don't blow our cover. "I'm just ready to get this thing over with so that we can leave."

        "Why?" Zayn says close to my ear. "This is f-"

        "Don't you dare say it," I say, pressing my finger to his lips and laughing. "You know this party-slash-ball thing is not fun at all."

        Zayn licks my finger and I quickly remove my finger from his lips in disgust."I can make it fun if you want me to," he says with a mischievous smirk on his face.

         "Go ahead and give it your best shot," I say before laughing. Zayn begins to look around the room as we continue swaying back and forth. He turns me around so that I can see what is in front of him.

        "You see that lady with the blue dress on over there?" he says before moving his hands down to my hips. I nod my head and he lets out a small laugh. "She looks like she has a shard of glass up her asshole."

         I bust out laughing and several eyes look towards me. I quickly turn back around so that I can hide myself from all the stares I am receiving. I cover up my mouth with my hand to muffle my laughter and Zayn just smiles at me. But it is true. The lady is walking so stiff like it's embarrassing. Either she can't walk in the tall stilettos she is wearing or she has something stuck up her ass. The lady looks at both me and Zayn before scoffing and walking off, which makes me laugh even more.

        "You know that lady probably hates us even more now right?" I say before wrapping my arms around his neck once more.

        "Let them hate," he snickers and he begins looking around the room again. "Mhmmm let's see who else I can spot." I continue to take in the sight in front of me and all these people look very snobbish. Their noses are basically pointed up in the air and I am still continuing to get all kinds of dirty stares. Ha fuck you all. Everything is too perfect in's almost creepy. Everyone looks the exact same and no one is out of place...well except us of course.

        "How about we just talk about them all?" I ask Zayn while raising my eyebrow. "Can we talk about how all of them look like robots and how they all look the exact same-stuck up and snobby."

         Zayn laughs at me before dipping me backwards and pulling me back up quickly. "Well whoever this Kol guy is...he seems to like things his way obviously. No wonder they all resemble one another."

        I look over the left of me to find a girl who looks fairly young. She is wearing a loose fitting black mini dress with a diamond necklace on. Her green eyes look almost daunting and match perfectly with the smug look on her face. Her green eyes are basically burning into my own, her face emotionless. She has high cheekbones with shoulder length brown hair framing her face.

        "Who is that?" I ask while looking at Zayn.

        "Who?" he asks and I turn my head in the direction where I just saw the girl. But she is gone now. She probably scurried off as soon as I directed my attention elsewhere.

        "Never mind," I mumble. "I guess I'm just seeing things I guess."

        Zayn chuckles at me before pressing a soft kiss on my lips. "I think you might need to calm down babe," he says before twirling my hair with his finger. "You are thinking too much." Zayn presses his lips on the base of my neck and makes his way up to my jawline.

     Out of the corner of my eye I see a man in a tuxedo, his eyes scanning me up and down. He looks very mature and his facial expression is solid. But there is a glint of softness in his brown eyes and it makes him look very welcoming...inviting. His lips are in the perfect straight line, his dark brown hair sleeked back.

         I look away from the man because Zayn's lips on my neck capture my attention."Not here Zayn," I say before stepping backwards a little, distancing him from me.

        A smirk spreads across his lips before he pulls me closer to him again. "Well it did help get your mind off of everything that's going on right now didn't it?" I have to admit that it did...but I ignore his question before glancing back to where I just saw that man. He is gone now too. Freakin' creeps.

        "I think we're being watched Zayn," I say nervously.

        "I think you might just be paranoid Mari," he says soothingly in my ear. "Relax."

        "Excuse me?" I hear a voice from behind me. I unwrap my arms from around Zayn's waist to find a lady with a camera around her neck smiling at me. "Would you two like to take a picture together? You guys are awfully cute together! Besides the picture is free. It's a present from Kol."

        "A present huh?" I say while raising my eyebrow.

         "A picture is free for all guests. It was requested on his behalf." Zayn clenches his jaw and I just continue to stare at the woman. "C'mon you two! It's just a picture!" she says with a bright smile on her face. I feel like if I say 'no' she will cry.

        "Okay," I say before smiling a little. "Just one though."

         She claps her hands together in excitement before squealing. "Okay! Follow me," she says before scurrying off into the crowd. Zayn and I immediately start following the women, losing her amongst the crowd a couple of times. We make it to the back of the house where a black backdrop is set up and she signals for me and Zayn to stand in front of it. Zayn wraps his arm around his waist before pulling me close to him. "Okay you two! Put on your best smiles for me!"

        I smile the best that I can and realize that Zayn is not smiling at all. I nudge him in the stomach a little and laugh at him. "Don't be stubborn Zayn. Remember 'relax'." Zayn rolls his eyes at my use of his own words on him and he manages to smile.

        "Okay 1, 2, 3." The flash goes off partially blinding me in the process. The picture soon comes out of a nearby printer and the lady hands it to me. "It's perfect!" she squeals. "You two are the perfect couple I must say."

        "Thank you," I reply and flash the lady a kind smile.

        "Now go and enjoy the rest of this fabulous party! Have a nice night."

        "Thanks," Zayn mumbles, "uhhh you too."

         Zayn and I escort ourselves out of the room eventually making it back to the main room. I see Niall sitting at the bar with several empty glasses in front of him and I walk over to him.

        "Having fun?" I ask as I pull out a bar stool and sit down beside him. The alcohol smells very strong over here and I wrinkle my nose up in disgust.

        "Drinking makes everything fun doesn't it Mari?" he says before laughing and raking his fingers through his hair.

        "Don't drink too much," I say while looking at him. "We still have a job to do ya know?"

    "Okay mother," he scoffs and he rolls his eyes. Obviously he's already a little bit drunk. "Don't be such a party pooper Mari."

    "I'm not a party pooper," I say defending myself. "It's just that right now we are focused on something very important and there is no time for us to be playing around right now Niall."

    "Whatever," he scoffs before setting his glass down on the wooden table. His bright blue eyes meet mine before he looks the other direction. "BARTENDER!" he shouts, slightly slurring his words. "I want another one of," he says while pointing at the now empty glass, "whatever you call these things."

        I walk away and leave Niall and his drinks so that I can go find wherever Zayn went off to. I begin to walk around and I see Zayn and Brian standing next to each other, deep in conversation.

        "Is everything alright?" I ask as I approach them. Both of their eyes meet mine and they slowly nod their heads after abruptly ending their conversation.

        "Yeah," Brian says before coughing a little. "We were just having a little conversation with each other."

        "Oh," I simply say before laughing nervously. I feel as if I was interrupting something relatively important. Reyna makes her way over to us before grabbing Brian's hand.

        "I've been looking around for a while now and there has been no sight of Kol yet Brian," she says in a hushed tone. "And I mean I've looked everywhere. Everywhere."

        "What if he isn't here?" I ask. "Then that means we have practically been wasting our entire week on preparing to meet him." No. He has to be here. He has to fucking be here.

        "He better be here," Zayn growls through his teeth. "Or I will be fucking pissed."

        "Calm down you two," Brian says calmly. "And I'm sure he is you guys." Brian says this before beginning to look around the room. "Obviously he doesn't want to be seen by all of his guests right now. He will decide when he wants to come out." Several people pass by us and Brian gives them all small smiles. And they actually smile back. What's so different between me and Brian? Well maybe since he has credentials here in London and everyone knows about him...I guess they would be more likely to respect him unlike me, a girl from the States who has no reputation whatsoever.

        "How about we get everyone together so that we can start looking around for him together. Does that sound alright?" Reyna asks.

         "Yeah. I'll go and look for Louis and Liam. And Zayn go look for Harry." Zayn nods his head before walking off. "Wait!" I say before grabbing the sleeve of his suit jacket. I look back over to the bar to discover that Niall has run off somewhere. "And it looks like you will have to find Niall too. He is probably with Rita god knows where. But yeah, find them please." I remove my hand from Zayn's jacket and he flashes me a quick smile before running off.

        I guess I'll start off by looking for Louis first. He's probably in the crowd somewhere talking to someone. Louis is just a very talkative person so that's how I know he's out there somewhere. I push through the crowd of people which seems to be glued in one place. Everyone is standing on one place so I have no choice but to push past them. Some people scoff at me and say 'How rude' to me as I walk past them. They don't know 'how rude' it is of them to stand in the middle of the fucking room doing fucking nothing. I make it back towards the entrance of the house to find Louis sitting on the couch near the door with a girl leaning on his shoulder. His blue eyes meet mine as I approach him and he smiles.

        "MARI!" he shouts. "Having fun?" I completely ignore his question and I grab his hand, pulling him up off the couch. The girl sitting beside him looks up at me, a scowl on her face. "What's wrong?" he asks before brushing his clothes off with his hands.

        "You need to go to Brian. We are about to go and try to find where 'you-know-who' is."

        "You-know-who?" he says before raising his eyebrow. "Who is-" A wave of realization washes over his face and he chuckles. "Oh okay," he says. He turns his attention back towards the girl, who is now smiling up at him. She has long brown hair with a white mini-dress on. "It was nice to meet you Eleanor," he says. "We will have to hang out sometime babe."

        "Definitely," the girl says before smiling. Louis takes off towards the opposite direction which means I only have to find Liam now. And I'm pretty sure that he is still with Danielle, killing two birds with one stone. I walk through the large crowd again and make it to the center of the floor where Danielle's arms wrapped around Liam's neck, her head laying on his shoulder. Aww they are so adorable.

        "Hey I'm sorry to interrupt. But we have to go and look for Kol now," I say, honestly wishing that I wouldn't have to break up their cute moment.

         "It's fine Mari," Danielle says before flashing me a soft smile. "Duty calls." Liam and Danielle interlace their fingers together and they both have the brightest smiles on their faces. Yup, it's clearly meant to be. I lead Danielle and Liam back to where Brian should be and once we near them I realize that Zayn successfully found Rita, Harry and Niall.

        "Okay," Brian says. "Let's split up. And whoever finds him first needs to alert everyone okay?" We all nod our heads before the lights in the room completely shut off and a single spotlight shows on the balcony that extends over the dance floor.

        "Ladies and gentlemen," a man says over a speaker. "Put your hands together for your host of tonight, Kol Mikaelson." The curtains closing off the balcony from the rest of the room open up and a man with a tux walks through, a smirk on his lips. Everyone begins to clap as loud as they can and the man just walks towards the railing of the balcony, not even acknowledging anyone's presence.

    "Found him," Harry says from behind me. And that's when Kol's brown, almost black eyes meet mine, making me feel like I am the only person in the room.

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