running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


20. Chapter 20.

Mari's POV

    *a week later*

    Today's the day. This is it. This past week has been pretty busy and eventful I must say. But it's all been leading up to this moment. To this day. The next morning after the huge argument between Brian and Zayn, things were well...pretty awkward. Whenever they were in a room together, all of us would get nervous. We didn't know when or if someone was going to speak up and say something. And that moment never did least not that day. Brian and Zayn never had any more confrontations after that. But surprisingly, Zayn went to apologize to Brian and I had no idea about it. Even though he apologized to him, I've realized that they have hardly even talked to each other unless it was necessary. But as long as they could try and attempt to get along again, I was happy. We need Brian to help us and I think Zayn has finally realized how important his uncle truly is.

    In the past week all of us have been driving all across the city together in search of allies. We have visited a few of the potential allies that we chose and a lot of them have agreed to help us. Some of them agreed to help because they were either friends with Brian, wanted something in return, or were just scared shitless of what Brian would do if they did say 'no.' Honestly the entire process was a breeze, especially with Brian around. He's completely different when he is on the job. He's very confident and looks fearless almost. His presence would scare me honestly if I didn't know him. He just has a naturally strong physique and he looks like he has a 'don't fuck with me' attitude. I like it. He makes an everlasting impression on most obviously. But Brian wanted to make sure that both me and Zayn were in there while we were talking. I believe he only did that for Zayn so he wouldn't feel like he was keeping anything pertinent away from him. And I think Zayn enjoyed the fact that he actually got to listen in on that. I believe that Brian has always trusted's just that there are some things he doesn't want to share openly. While we would talk to the leaders of the gangs a lot of their eyes lit up once they knew who I was, especially Caesar-the leader of the Denali gang.

    "You're Mari DeSanta? You're a DeSanta?" he said, his eyes lit up with excitement. "I've heard so much about your family. Michael was a great business partner of mine." The mention of my father's name made me flinch a little. But the fact that someone actually knew of my father and was happy about it made me happy. I mean a lot of people hated my father's guts and they still do even though he is buried deep underground. And the fact that my father sold drugs internationally surprised me. But again I have never really been involved with all that crap. Will was.

    Caesar was not the only one who got excited about the fact that I was a DeSanta. A lot of people seemed as if it was an honor to meet me which took me a while to get used to. I'm the furthest thing from being royalty. Besides I'm not the one who makes all the little business deals with people. My father was once in charge of that and now it was passed down to Will. I technically have nothing to do with the family business, despite Will's several attempts to draw me into it. But having both me and Zayn along with Brian influenced people to help us as well. In return people would want some of the things that we possessed such as drugs, weapons, money. And we gave it to reasonable amounts.

    It is currently 5 o'clock and the party starts at 8 and it takes about an hour and a half to get into the city according to Brian. I am sitting in the kitchen, the sound of the clock ticking filling my ears. No one is around, making the room eerily quiet. Everyone is probably upstairs getting ready. Yet I am still here, sitting and doing nothing. I decide to get up from the kitchen table and walk over to the counter where the perfect red apple is at. I pick up the apple and quickly take a bite before leaning over the counter. Several scenarios are running through my head about how tonight could go. Everything could go as planned or do the exact opposite of that. These thoughts are running through my head as I continue to bite down on the apple and stare blankly at the view in front of me. Tonight is a very important night considering how the Mikaelson's could be of great use to us. Brian has been teaching both me and Zayn persuasive techniques as far as ways to influence Kol to help us. I believe I am prepared for his asshole-ish personality. I mean Will can be an asshole sometimes and I can deal with him. But my idea of dealing with assholes may not be consider...well-uh formal.

    "Shouldn't you be getting ready?" Harry asks, scaring me half to death as he walks towards me.

    "Are you trying to freakin' give me a heart attack?" I shout before punching him in the arm.

    "No need to be hostile Marie," he says before laughing and I flick him off for calling me 'Marie.'

    "You know what my name is Harold. And it's not fucking Marie."

    "But I like Marie better," he says before pouting at me and batting his eyelashes.

    "Well too fucking bad," I respond before continuing to eat what is left of my apple.

    "Uhhh Mari," he says before chuckling. "I think your apple is gone hun."

    "No it isn-" I look down at the apple...well apple core in my hand. And sure as hell, he was right. I quickly discard the apple core in the trashcan beside me before standing straight up again.

    "I just saved you from chewing your fingers off," he laughs before rubbing his face with his hand.

    I roll my eyes before looking him up and down and realizing that he is wearing a black t-shirt and skinny jeans. His hair is in a ponytail at the top of his head and I bust out laughing at him. "What?" he says before raising his eyebrow in confusion. "What's so funny Marie?" I'm laughing so hard that I don't even realize that he called me Marie again.

    "What did you do with your hair?" I ask while trying to hold my laughter back, but ultimately failing to.

    "What this?" he says before grabbing a hold of the small ponytail on the top of his head. "It's my hair duh," he says before playfully rolling his eyes.

    "Why do you have it up in a ponytail?" I ask before laughing again. Harry narrows his eyes at me as if warning me to stop but I can't.

    "Because it's fashionable. Do you like it?" he asks before doing a silly face.

    "Yeah," I say, trying to control my laughter again.

    "I think you're lying to me Marie," he says before folding his arms across his chest.

    "No I'm not I swear. It's cu-" I cannot even get the words out before I burst out laughing again. Tears are streaming down my face as I continue to look at Harry, causing me to laugh anymore. Harry flicks me off before rolling his eyes walking away towards the staircase.

    "Go and get ready Marie," he says as he walks up the stairs. "It's almost show time."

    As soon as Harry leaves, I find myself being able to not laugh anymore. But seconds later I get the hiccups. Well isn't that fucking great. I decide to make my way upstairs since I am already in a time crunch as it is. I quickly run into the bathroom and begin to run the hot water. I peel my clothes off, throwing them on the floor and quickly hop into the shower. The water begins to run down my skin and I quickly begin to bathe myself while letting my thoughts run free throughout my mind. I honestly love taking showers because it gives me time to think everything through. I have all the time in the world in here. I turn off the shower before pulling back the shower curtain, the steam from the hot water fogging up the mirror instantly. I grab a nearby towel and wrap it securely around my body before flipping a switch on the wall which turns on the bathroom fan. I open up the door leaving it all the way open, hoping that will cool the bathroom down a whole lot faster. I pull out the dress that I got at the mall earlier this week. Yeah, all of us did get to go to the mall in the city this week. I finally got to do something that was unrelated to business or anything like that. I had fun actually. Me and Danielle walked around together and Rita was left on kid watch along with Niall. She didn't seem to mind especially since she was actually laughing along with Niall. Ever since that one day, I haven't really seen Rita try to hit on Zayn anymore. But I think she has her eyes set on someone else now anyways. And that person is Niall.

   Me and Danielle have gotten a lot closer in the past week as well. We have been actually learning more about each other. Danielle has told me all kinds of stuff about her family and how she wanted to become a dancer. But Brian offered her a job as his assistant basically. She makes sure that everything like his finances and everything are under control. She also watches over the city to make sure if anything is happening under the radar in which he should know about. She says that it broke her heart to give up her passion in dance, but she says it was worth it. She actually likes working with Brian considering that he is a genuinely nice person. I asked her about her thoughts on Liam one day and a blush crept amongst her cheeks. From that moment on I knew that Danielle liked Liam. She asked me if it was obvious and I told her it was. But Liam likes her too and I noticed that from  the day I first saw them together. Those two are just a relationship waiting to happen.

    I place the dress on the bed and remove it from the dress cover it is in. I hold the floral dress over my body admiring how pretty it is. When I was picking out dresses Danielle saw this one and she picked it out. She claimed that it looked beautiful on me and that when Zayn saw me wearing it, he would absolutely drool over me. "He will be like putty in your hands babe," she said before laughing. So yeah, I got the dress. Not only because I thought Zayn would like it, but because I felt pretty in it.

    I quickly put a bra and underwear on before running back into the bathroom. The temperature has gotten a lot cooler in here. Thank God. I plug up a blow dryer before turning it on and drying my hair as fast as I can. Then I plug in the curling iron and do my makeup while waiting for it to heat up. I put on red lipstick and a little foundation. It's not too much, but it's enough I guess. As soon as the curling iron heats up, I quickly curl my hair finishing in at least 10 minutes. I walk out of the bathroom to go and get my dress. I put it on before zipping it up in the back and putting the last couple of touches on my look. I put on a necklace and earrings along with spraying some perfume on my skin. After I'm finished I take a minute to look at myself in the mirror. The last time I dressed this way was the night I met Damon and the night that I saw Zayn for the first time in months. I can't believe that was almost a year ago. Snapping myself back into reality, I quickly walk over to the closet and pull out my strappy gold heels before slipping them on my feet. I quickly grab my clutch before walking out of the room and shutting the door behind me.

    The sound of my heels hitting the wood floors fills the hallway as I make my way downstairs. I hear everyone talking and as soon as my feet hit the last step everyone's attention turns towards me. "Who is that?" Louis says before smiling. "Is that Mari?"

    I stick my tongue out at him before making my way towards everyone in the living room. "Aww look at Marie!" Harry says before laughing and I roll my eyes at him.

    "Always nice to see you again Harold," I say before smiling at him.

    "Right back at ya babe!" he says before winking.

    I look at Liam and Danielle who are having a conversation with each other right now. As soon as I walk past them Danielle's eyes light up as she looks me up and down. "You look absolutely perfect Mari!" she squeals. "I told you that the dress would look perfect on you didn't I?"

    "You did," I respond before smiling at her.

    "You look great as always Liam," he says while flashing me his charming smile.

    "Why thank you Liam. You clean up pretty well too I must say."

    I hear someone clear their throat and I look up to see Zayn standing in front of me. "Do I get a chance to look at my pretty girlfriend?" he says, a smile spread across his lips. I walk over to him and I take the time to look at what he's wearing. The black suit that he is wearing looks amazing and it emphasizes all of his perfect features. The color of the suit matches his hair, making his brown eyes stand out even more. His black hair is in a quiff kinda like and his beautiful smile is brighter than ever. He looks...fucking perfect.

   "You look nice Zayn," I say before pressing a kiss on his lips.

    "And so do you babe," he says against my lips. "That dress looks beautiful on you even though everything looks beautiful on you. You are beautiful enough already as it is."

    "Oh Zayn," I say sarcastically. "Such the charmer aren't you?"

    "I try," he says before flashing me a cheesy smile and pressing his lips on mine again.

    "Okay," Brian says, everyone's attention turning towards his. Reyna has her arm linked with his and I look at both of their outfits. Brian has on a classic suit with some dress shoes on and Reyna has on a long red dress that barely hits the ground. Her hair is pinned to the side with curls at the ends of her somewhat up-do. She looks very pretty. "So are we all ready to go?" I look around the room and I quickly realize that the blonde-haired Irish boy with the blue eyes is missing, also known as Niall. And I also realized that Rita is missing as well-the other blonde.

    "The two blondes are missing," Louis says before laughing. "Do you want me to go and fin-" We all turn our attention towards the stairs where Niall and Rita are both standing, laughing at something. "Never mind," Louis says. "Looks like the two lovebirds decided to show up."

    "Sorry we are kinda late," Niall says before laughing. "We had a little problem." Both him and Rita begin to crack up again and Brian rolls his eyes.

    "Well anyways we need to get going if we wanna make it there on time." Brian quickly glances at his watch before clearing his throat. "It's 6:30 right now. So yeah, we need to go." Everyone who was sitting down stands up before stretching a little bit and heading towards the door. Waliyah and Safaa both look at me and smile.

    "You look beautiful Mari," Safaa says before giving me a hug. I hug her back before unwrapping my arms from around her.

    "Thank you sweetie," I reply. "You two be good," I say before looking over at Waliyah. "Make sure you two don't burn down the house. And if you need anything, call us okay? We will be back as soon as we can okay?" Both girls nod their heads before looking over at Zayn.

    "Hey Zayn," Waliyah says while smiling. "I have something to tell you." Zayn raises his eyebrow as Waliyah makes her way over to him. She stands on her tippy toes before whispering something in his ear. A smile forms on his lips before he lets out a small laugh, like the laugh I love to hear from him.

    "Yeah. I know," he says before kissing her on the forehead. "You two be good okay? I love you both." I begin to walk towards the door so that Zayn can say goodbye to both of his sisters. He soon catches up with me as I set foot outside and he takes my hand in his.

    "What did she tell you?" I ask out of curiosity and he laughs.

    "She said that you're a keeper. And I said I know that." He gives my hand a tight squeeze as we make our way to the vans parked in the driveway. Zayn opens the door for me and I hop in. He closes the door for me before walking to the other side and hopping into the back seat with me. Brian and Reyna soon hop in and Brian starts the car. As we pull out the driveway I look out the window. I have a feeling tonight is going to be a good night despite the second-thoughts I am having right now. But hey, there's no turning back now right?


(heyyy! so i hope ya liked this chappy! it's pretty long! so it would mean the world to me if you left a comment! next chapter is gonna be all about the party! and it's gonna be pretty cool. in a few chapters, new characters are going to be introduced! so be ready for that :) and these characters are going to be very important in the finale of this storyyyy :) umm thanks for reading! and i will see you on friday for the next chapter! xx)

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