running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


19. Chapter 19.

Mari's POV

     Both me and Zayn walk into the house to find everyone sitting around the table in the kitchen. Everyone's eyes watch Zayn and I as we pull out chairs and join the small group. "Well now that everyone's here," Brian says, glancing at everyone in the room. "Let's get started shall we?" Brian reaches to the side of him before pulling out a manila folder stuffed with papers. He drops the folder on the table, revealing it's contents. Reyna is the first one to reach out for one of the papers, her eyes curiously scanning it up and down. "So," Brian says before pulling a chair out for himself and sitting down. The wooden chair makes a slight creaking noise as his weight lands on it. "You are all probably wondering what all this stuff his right?" All of us nod our heads in synchronization and Brian lets out a small chuckle. "Well this is phase one of my plan."

     Out of curiosity, I reach forward and pick up a couple of the papers. As I begin to read the papers, I realize that the sheets have information on all of the gangs all across London in great detail. The paper is broken up into categories such as ability, what the gang specializes in, location, etc. Zayn leans to the side so that he can look at the paper that I'm holding.

     "Is that what all of those papers are for?" Zayn speaks up. "They all have info on all the gangs in London?"

     "Yes," Brian replies. "You never know when something like this could come into handy. So I've kept it and have continued to update it for years now. Looks like we can use it to our advantage now."

     "How can we use this?" Harry says before rubbing his face with his large hands, his green eyes staring at Brian.

     "This is how we will form allies everyone," Brian responds. Allies? Since when do we need allies. I mean I don't even think we are capable of even being able to form an alliance with other. Especially if it means several other people's lives are on the line.

     Zayn laughs before clasping his hands together. "That's real funny Brian," Zayn says before chuckling. Brian looks slightly offended and looks as if he is about to speak again, but Zayn beats him to it. " you think an alliance is even a possibility? I mean...several people want to be in your position. And I bet some people want to kill you right now. And besides you can never fully trust alliances, especially ones associated with other gangs."

     "You didn't even give me the chance to explain myself kiddo," Brian responds. "I know that this may be kind of risky. But we have to take risks in order to get Will back. No one ever said there would be a safe way to solve this problem. Besides the more hands we can get the better right? Remember when you told me that?"

     Zayn rolls his eyes at Brian at his use of his past words against him. "But do you realize that whoever we choose to create an alliance with could completely fuck us over and get us all killed?" Zayn slightly raises his voice and he clenches his fist underneath the table. I place my hand on his forearm in an attempt to get him to actually calm down and listen to what Brian has to say. We don't need them to get into an argument right now.

     "I agree with Zayn on this one Brian," Niall says before cracking his knuckles and folding his arms across his chest. "I mean you can never fully trust anyone," he says. "And all of us have experienced betrayal before." Brian nods his head at Niall's words before Niall begins to speak again. "And if we are going to die...I don't want it to be because we were caught in Damon's trap. I want to go out with a bang. And I do not want him to have the upper hand over us. Ever."

     "And that's completely understandable Niall," Brian says, focusing his eyes on Niall. He takes his hand through his dark hair before sighing and picking up a small stack of papers on the table in front of us. "That is why I want all of us as a group to make a decision on who we should try to work together with." Brian walks over towards me and Zayn, and he places the small stack in front of us. Zayn slowly picks them up and begins to look through them. "Those are a few candidates that I think would be more than willing to help us. And I know a couple of the leaders of those gangs personally as I think they would be willing to help out a good friends of theirs." I lean on Zayn's shoulder so that I can get a better look at the candidates. A few names flash before my eyes. A lot of the names appear to be Russian maybe?

     As soon as Zayn makes it to the last paper, he hands the pile over to me. "What do you think you guys?" he says while looking at the boys' near the end of the table. I hand the papers over to Harry who is sitting beside me and he instantly begins to look thorough them. "Are you sure that these people can help us Brian?" Zayn asks while raising his eyebrow.

     "Yes. I'm pretty sure they can. Each gang specializes in a different thing such as weapons and stuff. Some gangs even have a lot of ties to people...making it easier for us to track down Damon and his whereabouts. And some of them can help us financially of course because we don't know how much money we may need to chase down Damon ya know?"

     "Are you sure that they will be able to find him soon Brian?" I ask. I need to be sure. "I mean...he can't stay with Damon forever ya know?" Part of me wishes that we would have been preparing for this moment a little bit sooner. But the fact that we are actually sitting down and planning out how we are going to rescue my brother makes me feel slightly relieved.

    "I'm pretty sure Mari," Brian says while looking at me. "I mean I believe these gentlemen will be able to get the job done. If I didn't think that they would, I would have never considered them as candidates whatsoever." He does have a good point there. I mean...I trust Brian. He seems to know what he's doing.

    The folder has now made it's way over to Liam and Danielle and they are both studying each paper carefully. "What about the Mikaelson's?" Danielle says while looking at Brian. "Have you made a decision about that yet?"

    The Mikaelson's? I didn't see that name on any of the papers. "Who are they?" I ask curiously. Brian shoots Danielle a warning glare which makes it seem like he doesn't want to speak about the Mikaelson's or whatever.

    "Sorry Brian," Danielle says while continuing to look at the papers. "I didn't know that you did not want me to tell them about-"

    "It's fine Danielle," Brian says sharply, cutting her off from saying anything else. "They are nobody. Just forget about it," he says before clearing his throat. "Now-"

    "No," Zayn says sharply, preventing Brian from saying anything else. "You cannot just do that Brian!" Zayn shouts. "Why are you so nervous about telling us about them huh?" Zayn says. "I think that we should not be keeping shit from each other Brian. Are you nervous about us screwing shit up for you? I mean I get that you are secretive about shit but this concerns all of us. Not fucking just you."

    Reyna's eyes widen as those words leave Zayn's mouth and I'm kinda shocked as well about his sudden outburst. Brian turns his attention towards Zayn-his jaw locked, a stern look amongst his face. He looks pissed as his fist is clenched beside him. "You know what Zayn?" Brian says through his teeth. "I think it's time for you to get a little wake up call bud." Everyone's eyes in the room are now locked on Zayn and Brian. I honestly don't know what's going to happen next, but I tighten my grip on Zayn's forearm to prevent him from doing anything stupid. "First of all, all I'm trying to do is fucking help you. You came to me asking for help and I quickly said yes because you are my nephew. But I didn't have to decide to help you. I chose to help you." I watch as Reyna places her hand on Brian's shoulder but he simply shrugs her hand off of him. "Second of all, there's someone fucking after you right now. Both of you," he says before turning his attention towards me. "Excuse me if I didn't want to fucking tell you something that could risk us getting killed. What if Damon could hear every word of this conversation right now?" he says before raising his hands in the air and chuckling. "Well we would all be fucked right now right Zayn?!" he shouts. "COMPLETELY FUCKED! I only tell you things that I think you should know. And I will tell you stuff that concerns the safety of everyone. The Mikaelson's don't concern you so therefore it's none of your fucking business. Hate to break it to you kiddo, but I run things here. Not you. I don't think you have realized that yet."

    "But if it wasn't any of my business, why would Danielle even bring it up?" Zayn growls through his teeth. "And second of all if you didn't want to help me out you could have said 'no'. It's as simple as that. A simple 'no' would have prevented all this shit to happen to you right now. You're acting like we are such a burden to you. If you want us to leave just say the words and we will leave right fucking now. I would be happy to make your life a whole lot fucking easier. And no. You do not have control over me Brian. You are not my fucking dad. Hate to break it to you but he's dead-my father, your brother. So I don't take orders from anyone especially not you. " Venom was laced off of each of those words as they left Zayn's mouth. Zayn is now slightly leaning over the table, looking as if he wants to punch Brian right now. I'm praying in my head right now that Zayn will be able to keep his composure and not do something incredibly stupid. "So say the words Brian," Zayn says daringly. "Go ahead. Go ahead and fucking say the words. I'm waiting."

    Brian's entire body is radiating off anger as his entire physique is solid. His eyes are full of anger and his knuckles are now white from clenching them together so hard. Just as Brian looks as if he is about to say something Danielle stands up from the table and begins to speak.

    "Both of you just stop it!" she shouts, her voice echoing throughout the room. She directs her attention over to Zayn who is now staring blankly at the wall in front of us. "The Mikaelson's are the second most powerful gang in the city below Brian. Kol Mikaelson would be a powerful asset to have in order to help us get your brother back Mari. So we want to try to get him to help." Brian and Zayn have now shifted their eyes over to Danielle who is demanding everyone's attention now. Thank God for Danielle. "But Kol could be considered...well a fucking asshole. And he is selfish and never wants to help anyone. Ever. He especially doesn't like Brian that much because he has more power over him. But both me and Brian were discussing whether or not we should try to pursue Kol's gang. I mean...we could always give it a try. If we offer him something in return, he will probably try to help us out as much as he can. But again he's an asshole."

    "When were you planning on speaking to him?" I ask Danielle.

    "Well every year, Kol holds this huge party at his house in the city around this time. As a matter a fact, I  think it's coming up in about a week or so." No wonder they started to weigh their options considering it would be easier to speak to this man. "It's a black tie event and several people are going to be there. Maybe even other potential never know."

    "I think it's a good idea," Louis says while looking around the table. "Even though the guy may be an asshole and a total prick Brian, you still have more power over him. And I think you could use that to your advantage."

    "Yeah besides," Harry says, "So what if he says no? There are still several other people out there that could assist us," he says while pointing at the folder. "I mean, it wouldn't hurt to give this a shot. So all in favor of this idea raise your hand." Every single one of us raises our hand except for Brian. He hasn't moved one bit and he is just sitting completely still.

    "C'mon Brian," I say before getting up and walking over to him. "All of us want to do this. And we don't care if it's risky. You always have to be willing to take a risk. So please just agree to do this so we don't have to go at this alone because we will if we have to. We will be meeting Kol with or without you."

    He looks up at Reyna who nods her head in approval before sighing. "Fine," he mumbles. "I guess we will do it. But be ready for the next week or so to be all about training and looking for allies. We will start tomorrow." We all nods our heads before Brian stands up out of his chair and walks out of the room without saying a word. Zayn quickly gets up too without saying a word and storms off. I hear the sound of two doors slamming closed and I put my face in my hands.

    Seems like we have another problem now.

Zayn's POV

    I slam the door behind me and kick my shoes of my feet. I'm so fucking glad I got the chance to leave that room. If I would have sat in there just a little bit longer, I would have probably exploded. Fucking Brian. He can be so irritating sometimes. Even as a child he was always like this...always so fucking secretive and shit. He would never tell me fucking anything. All I know is that he's my father's brother and that he's a gang leader...nothing else except that he's a dick. I know that Mari is going to be in here any moment to tell me to go and apologize to the man. But I don't feel like I have to. Brian treats me as if I am a kid. He thinks I am not responsible enough to know fucking anything, which is why he always tries to switch subjects whenever I ask him about something. Well you know what? I'm tired of that shit. He's always doing that to me...always trying to avoid the big questions. He needed to realize how furious it makes me when he's hiding stuff from me especially when it involves me. It would have been different if the situation didn't involve me, but it does. This entire situation that we have been in for more than half a year involves me. So sue me for being pissed off right now.

    Mari doesn't even bother knocking on the door as she twists the door handle and swings the wooden door open. She quickly walks into the room, shutting the door behind her and it makes a somewhat loud noise. "What the hell was that Zayn?" she harshly whispers while folding her arms across her chest. She's looking at me, her eyes slightly narrowed and her cheeks slightly flushed. She's mad. I can tell. "Well?" she says, obviously getting impatient.

    "What did it look like to you Mari?" I question her and her eyes widen. "Oh me and Brian were just having a fun little conversation on how he doesn't trust me with anything," I say sarcasm dripping off of each word. "Excuse me for defending myself on the matter."

    "Well don't take your fucking anger out on me Zayn," she raises her voice. "I'm just trying to help. You know that you basically just pissed Brian off right? And I've realized that it takes a lot for Brian to get pissed...and well it looks like you pushed his buttons."

    "Pushed his buttons?" I laugh, making fun of her words. She scoffs at me as I continue to laugh at her words. "Well if he wasn't such a sneaky person all the time, maybe I wouldn't have snapped. But Mari, you didn't have to grow up around him. I did. And he's always acted as if I'm irresponsible and that I am not very trustworthy. I don't know how the hell he came to that conclusion considering he's never fucking taken the time to get to know me before in my life. But he just did."

    "Well just because you both don't see eye to eye on some things doesn't mean that you have to be so disrespectful. The guy let you and your four best friends move in his home for Christ's sake!" she shouts. "And he let me stay here too. So remember that next time you want to be an asshole to him. All he was trying to do is help. That's all. And you have almost put our chance of finding Will in jeopardy. What if he told us to get out of his house that very second? Where the fuck would we have gone Zayn huh? We would have been on our own, not knowing what to do next. We might as well hand ourselves over to Damon then right?" Mari's face is slightly red as she is ranting at me and I've realized that she has never been this mad least not in front of me. "But Brian didn't say shit because he loves you Zayn. He's doing all of this for you because you are his nephew-his only nephew."

    I wouldn't use the word 'love' to describe our relationship. I mean we both are on the same page when it comes to some things. But I think he respects me because I am his brother's son and because I have lost both of my parents. I feel like he almost pities me.

    "I don't like being controlled Mari," I say, while looking at her. "Especially not by Brian."

    "Well he does have a point Zayn. We are living in his house, which means we are under his rules. Can you just let Brian do whatever he can to help us without any complaints. Brian would never put any of us in harm's way. So just trust him. And let him come to you when he wants to tell you something. He may be secretive for a reason. Just try and get along with him please?"

    He's secretive because he knows a lot...too much. And he doesn't want anyone to know one bit of that knowledge, including me.

    "I'll try to put everything behind me," I say. "All of my past emotions and everything." Mari nods her head before sitting on the bed beside me and placing her hand on top of mine. "But I'm only doing this for you. I want you to get your brother back so that things can be back to normal for you. For both of us."

    "Okay," she says before pressing a soft kiss against my lips. "Thank you." Mari wraps her arms around my waist and buries her face into my chest.

    "Do you want me to apologize to him too?" I say before letting out a small chuckle.

    "It would be nice if you would," she says. "It might clear the air up on some things as well. Maybe you two can both sit down and have a little chat maybe?"

    "I wouldn't go that far Mari," I say before laughing. "But sure I can apologize. For you."

    "Why does everything have to be for me?" she laughs. "What about you? Do something that you want to do for once."

    "Because everything is about you right now babe. You are my first priority...and have been for a while now."

    "Well you come first on my list Zayn, just to let you know."

    "Aww well I'm flattered," I say before kissing her on the forehead and brushing her hair away from her face.

    I know that Mari does not like the fact that I say that she is my first priority. But she is. My job is to make sure that she is safe no matter what. I would do anything to make sure she is safe. I would do anything for her. Anything.


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