running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


18. Chapter 18.

Mari's POV

 "We're here Mari." 

 I open my eyes and stretch my arms before unbuckling my seat belt. I guess I fell asleep on the way here. I mean I was awake at first until Brian began to ramble on and on about this financial crap. Zayn began to bang his head on the glass window beside him and I completely failed at holding back my laughter. I received a warning glare from Brian through the rear view mirror. And I mouthed  a simple "sorry" to him before muffling my laughter with my hand.  I was struggling to keep my eyes open throughout the whole thing and I guess I finally couldn't take it anymore.

I open the car door and the car makes a dinging noise. My legs hit the grass beneath us and I shut the door. The sunlight shines directly into my eyes and I cover my eyes with my hands. I hear Zayn laugh beside me and I flick him off.

 I hear the opening and closing of doors from the two other vans behind us and I watch as the other boys' including Danielle and Rita get out of the car. I look at the house in front of us and realize that it's basically a traditional two-story home. The way Brian had described it made it seem like the house was just in terrible condition and was completely deserted. But actually it is not that bad. Anything would do.

 "So what do you all think?" Brian says once all of us have formed the perfect circle around him. "I know it's not all that great. But it should suffice for now."

 "It's absolutely fine Brian," Danielle says before laughing. "As long as we have some place to stay, it really shouldn't matter right?"

 Brian shakes his head in response to Danielle's question before speaking again. "So obviously there are two levels to this home. It's first come first serve for each room. You will have to pair up with someone." I watch as Louis looks like he's about to run but Brian puts his hand up first as a signal for him to stop. "And the master bedroom is already taken, that's me and Reyna's room. But the other rooms are open okay? Now you may go," he says. I watch as the boys sprint towards the house and Zayn just looks at them and begins to laugh.

 "I don't know why you're laughing," I say. "You need to go and pick out our room."

 "Why does it have to be me?" he laughs. "Ladies first remember?"

 "Mmm," I say before laughing. "Get your ass in there."

 "Yes m'am!" Zayn says before playfully rolling his eyes and darting off towards the house. The only people that are left out here are me, Reyna, Brian, Doniya, Rita and Danielle.

 "Boys," Danielle says before rolling her eyes. "What are we gonna do with them?" I shrug my shoulders before Reyna walks over to us.

 "So it looks like we are stuck with the luggage ladies," Reyna says before sighing. "Brian can you help us out here?"

 "Sure thing sweetheart," Brian says walking quickly towards all three of us before kissing Reyna on the cheek. Brian makes his way to the back of the trunk of the car in front of us, while me and Danielle walk down to the car at the very end. She opens up the trunk slowly and it reveals several bags piled up high, touching the roof of the vehicle.

 "Woah," I say before laughing. "That's a lot of shit."

 I look over at Danielle who is in a fit of laughter with her hands over her face. "Who knew some of the boys' were such girls? They have more stuff than I do and that's saying a lot." I laugh at Danielle's remark before my hand wraps around the handle of one of the suitcases at the very top of the large pile. As soon as I lift the bag up, it falls to the ground immediately with a loud thud.

 "What the hell is in here?" I say while looking at the bag. "A body or some shit?"

 "Probably. You never know what the boys' could be up to," Danielle replies. Danielle tries to pick up the bag herself and she can barely lift it up. And that is surprising to me because she is way stronger than me. "Now that I think of it," Danielle says before rubbing a hand through her hair, "that might be Brian's artillery bag?"

 He needs that many fucking weapons? Seriously? I slowly begin to unzip the bag and once I open it up, my eyes are met with various guns of all sorts...just perfectly in place and everything. Several boxes of ammo are on top of those weapons and I close it back up. Well I know for sure that Brian is very prepared for anything to happen that's for sure.

 "Hey you two," Brian says as he walks towards us. "I can handle that bag. I completely forgot about it," he laughs nervously. "Sorry bout that." Brian walks directly towards the suitcase and his large hand wraps around the handle of it. He swiftly picks it up, not even struggling one bit and carries the bag towards the front door.

 "I think he might be on steroids Danielle," I say before laughing.

 "I totally agree," she says before smiling at me. Her eyes look back over to the remaining crap in the trunk and an exhausting look spreads across her face. "Well I think we can get the rest...hopefully."

 I look back at the trunk and spot a few duffel bags which look very light. But that heavy ass suitcase looked light as well, so I cannot trust my instincts anymore. I pick up the two duffel bags with ease surprisingly and Danielle grabs the last couple of bags as well. She closes the trunk with her free hand and we begin to walk towards the house.

 As soon as I step foot into the room I see all of the boys' except for Zayn standing in front of me...obviously arguing about something.

 "You know I wanted that room Niall," Liam says before narrowing his eyes at the blue-eyed fellow.

 "Well too bad. I got there first," Niall replies before sticking his tongue out at Liam and his contagious laugh fills the room.

 "Bullshit," Louis interjects. "I was there before both of you so I believe it's only right for me to have the room."

 I drop the bags on the floor where they make a small noise. But the noise is loud enough for the boys to all face me and Danielle.

 "How about you all just pair up with each other?" I say before raising my eyebrow. "It would make things a lot easier. Besides you are all acting childish right now."

 "You know they can't do that Mari," Danielle says while standing beside me. "It would destroy their so-called manly egos."

 "We are all men here," Harry says while looking at Danielle. "We can all compromise," Harry says while looking at the rest of the boys. "Right lads?"

 A few slow nods are given in response to Harry's question and a few incomprehensible words are exchanged.

 "Well then," I say. "I suppose Danielle...and Rita will just get to steal the rooms you wanted be in since you all want to act like idiots." Suddenly Danielle darts of up the staircase in front of me and the other boys quickly follow her pursuit.

 "No Danielle!" Liam says, his deep voice echoing of the walls of the staircase. "You don't get to have my room!"

 The sound of several footsteps fills my ears as the boys run upstairs and the sound is soon replaced with silence. The disappearance of everyone downstairs leaves the entire area quiet and I lean up against a nearby wall. I look around the house and realize that it is beautiful. The way how all the walls are covered in wood and how it looks like a classic home is very inviting. It's kinda a good thing not to be around all the extravagant and expensive crap. I've had enough of that shit to last me a lifetime...

 "Hey," Zayn says making his presence known before walking towards me. As he walks towards me, I realize that he has now changed into more comfortable clothes-a navy blue V-neck shirt and gray sweatpants. The sweatpants hang low on his hips and the t-shirt hugs tightly on his chest. It's honestly flattering and it compliments him. "You like the house?" he says while looking down at me.

 "Yeah, it's nice," I reply. "I really like it. It's different ya know?"

 "Yeah I know exactly what you mean," he says. "I used to love it here as a kid." An image of a young Zayn with large brown eyes and dark hair pops up into my mind and I smile. I bet he was an adorable kid. "This was kinda my escape place," he continues. "I felt like I could finally breathe here." Zayn quickly grabs my hand before beginning to walk, my legs following closely behind his.

 "Where are we going?" I ask.

 "You'll see," Zayn says as a smile threatens to spread across his lips.

Zayn's POV

 As soon as we make it outside, the confused look on Mari's face makes me want to burst out in laughter. She is so adorable even when she is not trying to be.

 "Zayn," she groans. "We have been walking forever. Where are you taking me?"

 "Just a few more seconds Mari," I say while looking over at her. She groans one more time and I smile at her once more. As I notice the trail in front of me coming to and end and the opening of the tree line, I know we have made it. As soon as we make it out into the clearing, I look over at Mari who's eyes are practically bulging out of her head and her mouth has formed the perfect "o."

 In front of us is one of the places where I loved to hide inside of as a child-my tree house. It's still in good condition, considering that I haven't even set eyes on the place for at least 10 or more years.

 "Woah," Mari says as her eyes scan up and down the structure with eyes full of amusement. "That is fucking incredible." It sure was. Whenever my parents would be so caught up with their work and shit I would come out here and entertain myself. Honestly this was my secret hiding place. No one knew where it was.

 "Yeah," I say. "She's a beauty isn't she?" Mari nods her head in agreement as her hand is still wrapped tightly around my own. "You wanna go inside?"

 "Are you sure that's safe Zayn? I mean it does kinda look...well kinda ol-"

 "I'm positive Mari," I respond, cutting her off. "Besides I want to show you what's inside."

 "Okay," Mari says and she begins to walk towards the rope ladder hanging off the edge of the wooden platform.  She occasionally looks down at me as she climbs up the rather long ladder and I give her an encouraging smile as I follow directly behind her. Finally her feet make it up to the platform and so do mine. I watch as Mari's eyes glance downward at the ground before she nervously gulps.

 "Are you scared of heights?" I ask her as her eyes continue to look down at the ground below us.

 "Uhh," she mumbles. "Maybe."

 "It's okay Mari," I say, flashing a smile towards her direction. "I've got you babe." My hand finds it's way to hers once again and I push open the door that leads to the entrance of the tree house. As soon as the wooden door swings open I find everything in the same condition as I left it. All of my things are still here and look exactly the same.
 My eyes wander across the paintings I did a while ago. I would just do it whenever I had free time as a kid. It's pretty amateur I must say.

 "Woah," Mari says as her eyes excitedly drift across my several drawings and paintings. "Did you make these?"

 "Yeah," I reply. "I know that they kinda su-"

 "They are amazing Zayn!" Mari squeals before picking one up in her hands. Her eyes absorb every ounce of the drawing and a smile spreads across her lips. "This is absolutely beautiful." I look closer at the picture she is holding and I remember when I made that one. I was sitting out on the ledge up here and I just began to draw. Mom and Dad were arguing with each other so I left the chaotic atmosphere for a more calm and tranquil one. I drew exactly what I saw that evening-the several trees, the orange-red sky. I must say that it's one of my favorite works I have ever done.

 "I'm glad you like it," I reply. "It's one of my favorite pieces I have ever done."

 "How come you have never mentioned that you could draw before?" she says while smiling at me. "I mean that's fucking awesome! You are very talented."

 Her compliments make my smile even wider if that's even possible and I wrap my arm around her waist. "It's really not that important," I respond. "I mean...that was a long time ago. I'm not sure if I could do anything like this anymore."

 "Sure you can Zayn," she says. Her eyes glance around the room before she looks up at me again. "How about you draw me?"

 "Uhhh I don't know Mari. I mean I don't want to offend yo-" Mari quickly walks over to one of the tables across the room and picks up my sketch pad. She brings it over to me along with a pencil.

 "Here," she says shoving the stuff in my arms. "I have all the time in the world." Mari skips to the other side of the room before sitting down on the window sill nearby. A playful smirks plays at the corners of her mouth before she begins to laugh. "C'mon Zayn," she whines. "Please. I wanna put your skills to the test." An adorable laugh leaves her mouth before she crosses her arms over her chest. "Please?"

 "Okay, fine," I say before smiling. I make my way over to Mari and grab a nearby chair so I can sit down. As soon as I sit down, she still has a wide and bright smile planted on her lips and the very sight of her makes me amused. The sunlight is perfectly shining on her dark hair, some of the sunlight making her brown eyes and even lighter shade of brown. She is absolutely beautiful...and it's astounding to me. "You know that you are gonna probably have to sit like that for a long time right?" I laugh.

 "I know," she simply replies. "So hurry up," she says playfully before sticking her tongue out at me.

 "Yes m'am!" I say before beginning to draw on the sketch paper.


 "All done." I rip the piece of paper out of the sketch book before handing it to Mari. The sun has now begun to set and I figured that we should be heading back pretty soon. Mari's small hands grab onto the edges of the paper and her eyes light up instantly.

 "It's absolutely perfect Zayn!" she squeals. "I-I love it!" I tried my best to make sure that the picture resembled Mari as much as possible. And honestly, I'm shocked at how good it looks. I haven't touched a sketch pad or anything in what seems like forever. I thought I would have lost my touch. But I guess not huh?

 "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she repeats before planting a quick kiss on my lips. "And you said that you lost your touch," she says while continuing to admire the work in her hands. "Bullshit," she laughs.

 "I'm just as surprised as you are," I say truthfully. I honestly am. Maybe her presence brought back my touch? "But now that I just did that, I think we should get going," I say before looking out the window. "You know there are bears and other shit out he-"

 "Fucking bears?" Mari says, her eyes wide and alert. "We are getting out of here right now then. I don't want to get eaten by a bear."

 "I will kill it with my bare hands," I say before laughing.

 "Well tell me how it all went once your dead okay?" she responds before laughing. She pulls me into a hug and both of my arms wrap around her waist. "Thank you for bringing me up here," she says into my shirt.

 "No problem babe," I say while unraveling my arms from around her body. "Besides you deserve to know more about me...a more...well deeper side of me."

 "Don't get all dark on me Zayn," she laughs. "But I'm glad I learned about you little secret babe."

 Her fingers interlace with mine and we both begin to walk back towards the door. Mari steps out first and I take one last look at the inside of my little hiding place. We both get down the ladder safely and walk back down the same small trail that we walked on a few hours ago. The sounds of the insects chirping nearby fill my ears and Mari and I don't really talk on the way back. We just enjoy each other's company as well as the peaceful and serene setting.

 "I was looking for you two," Brian says as we approach the back porch. "You have been gone for about," he looks down at his watch with a stern look on his face, "two hours or so and you did not tell anyone where you two were going at all. You both had me scared to death. You cannot do that, especially with a psychotic man trying to kill you."

 "Sorry Brian," Mari speaks up before glancing over at me. "Uhhh-it won't happen again. I-Well we both apologize. Sorry."

 Brian nods his head before continuing to speak with his arms folded over his chest. He's holding a strict look upon his face as well as looking like he's our parents or something. Well both of our parents are dead so...

 "But anyways I have something to tell you two," he continues. Mari and I both raise our eyebrows in curiosity and Brian turns around before walking back towards the sliding glass door that leads to the backyard. "I have a plan. Follow me," he says as he opens up the door.

 Mari and I quickly glance at each other before following Brian inside and shutting the door behind us.


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