running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


17. Chapter 17.

Mari's POV

         A knock on the door causes my to sit up and unravel myself out of Zayn's arms. The minute I do, I feel the loss of his warm presence but he instantly interlaces my fingers with his. Brian is now standing in front of us with his arms folded across his chest, his mouth in a straight line.

         "Pack your stuff," he mumbles before throwing a bag towards both me and Zayn, landing right on top of the bed. "We are leaving right now."

         Zayn swiftly swings his legs towards the side of the bed before standing up. "Wait-why?" he says. "Did you find it?"

         Brian nods his head before shifting his eyes towards me. "He had a tracking device on Mari the whole entire time. He knew where we were as soon as you got here Mari." The thought of that makes my stomach drop. Damon has known my exact location since I arrived here in London. That sneaky little bastard. "Reyna found the device on a jacket of yours downstairs. Don't worry, we quickly disposed of it," Brian continues. "But now that our location is out there...we aren't safe least not anymore. It was fun here while it lasted though."

         I watch as Brian's face drops and his eyes quickly glance around the room before he sighs very loudly. I feel bad. I brought this upon him...everybody.

        "Where are we going now?" Zayn says as he is opening up several drawers and stuffing clothes into the large black duffel bag. "We can't just go on the run again," he says, slightly raising his voice.

        Like I said...I'm tired of running. I don't want to have to run for the rest of my life...especially not from Damon. But he is a both me and Zayn. He killed our parents and removed them from our lives. I wonder what my parents think of me right now? Are they watching me this very moment? Do they already know my fate? All these questions are flying through my mind right now as I stare blankly at the wall in front of me.

         "Well we aren't going to," Brian says before rubbing his hands together. "I've had backup places for years now...just in case something like this would happen. So we will be staying at my safe house until we can figure out a way to solve this little problem of ours."

        "We need to kill him Brian," I mumble while continuing to stare at the wall in front of me, my hands clasped together on my lap. "We have to."

        "I know we do Mari," he replies. "I completely agree. We just need to think about how we are going to do it-strategically of course. We need to plan this out."

        "Well I suggest we start to do something soon," Zayn says, while he is preoccupied in stuffing as many clothes as he can into the now almost full bag. "Because the asshole is gonna come back soon. You know that right?"

        "I know," Brian simply replies. "Which is why we need to be two steps ahead of him, learning as much information about the man as we can. But we will do that soon as we get settled into this new place."

         "Where is it exactly?" I speak up, Brian's eyes now staring into mine.

         "It's on the other side of the city. It's kinda deserted...similar to this house. Just different...and not as extravagant. But it will have to do...for now." I shake my head before stretching my arms and then cross them over my chest. "We're leaving in about an hour." I look over to the small table beside the bed where the small digital clock reads 9:00. It seems so much later than that.

         "Ughh," I say. "Okay, we will be ready then." Brian nods his head before walking out of the room, not saying anything else. As soon as Brian leaves I quickly get up and shut the door. I just realized that I have nothing but this shirt on and underwear. If I got up while Brian was in here, that would have been so embarrassing. I look over at Zayn who's eyes are scanning me up and down and the way he looks at me as if I'm the most beautiful thing he has ever seen makes my stomach do backflips. He quickly zips up the duffel bag before standing up and making his way over to me. His strong arms wrap around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

         "How are you feeling now?" he asks me.

         "Better," I say while I rest my head on his chest. I can hear his heart beating as he brushes some of my hair away from my face.

        "Well good," he says. "I didn't like seeing you like that Mari. Y-You scared me half to death."

         "I'm sorry," I mumble. "I don't want to make you worry about me. I'm fine...I'll tell you when you need to start worrying Zayn."

         Zayn unwraps his arms from around my waist and he looks down at me, our eyes meeting with each other's. The small amount of sunlight peeking through the curtains is now shining on him and it makes his features look absolutely perfect. His brown eyes are mesmerizing as I continue to stare at him. A smile creeps upon his lips as he realizes that I am just kinda well...staring at him.

         "What?" he says before laughing.

         "Nothing," I mumble before licking my lips. "You're just perfect," I laugh. Zayn kinda blushes as those words leave my mouth and I stand on my tippy toes to press a soft kiss to his lips. A small moan escapes his mouth as I slightly bite his lip with my teeth. He places his hands on both sides of my hips and pulls me closer to him again.

        "You know that you are very distracting right?" he says in between kisses. I pull my lips away from his and I flash him a smile. "But that's a good thing," he says before laughing and pressing his lips to mine once more.

         "Well I'm not trying to be distracting," I reply. "It's just being around you makes me happy. And I need some happiness in my life right now." Zayn immediately envelops me into a big hug and lifts me up before spinning me around while still in his grasp. He quickly sets me down before kissing me on the cheek.

         "Did that work?" he says before laughing and poking me in the stomach.

         "A little," I say before running my hand through my hair and flashing him soft smile. "It's just...that I wanna go somewhere Zayn."

         "Well we are soon Mari," he says before placing my hand in his.

         "I mean not the other house Zayn. I mean like actually go go out an see some stuff. I mean I have never been to England before...and I have spent all my time here locked up in this house. I wanna actually get to explore and experience what this wonderful place has to offer."
         "Now Mari," Zayn says. "You know I would love to do that bu-"

         "No buts," I say. "Just please?" I begin to bat my eyelashes at Zayn and I stick my bottom lip out at him. "Please?" I whine.

         Zayn lets out a small sigh before messing with his hair. "I guess I'll see what I can do Mari. But I cannot make any promises."

         "Thank you," I say before smiling. "Now I'm going to leave so that you can finish getting all packed up since I'm so distracting to you," I laugh.

         "I was just kidding Mari," he laughs. "You can stay if you would like."

         "It's fine," I reply. "Besides I need to let everyone know that I'm still alive...especially Harry." Harry was very shaken up while looking me up and down in the forest just a few hours ago. He looked at me as if I was a piece of fragile glass, about to shatter any moment. And I thought I was just about to break. I was on the verge of breaking...completely. I mean just relaxing for the past couple of hours have helped make all those millions of questions and emotions running throughout my mind kinda subside a little. And now I feel a little bit better...but I'm still aware of everything that has happened and those emotions that I have been feeling for quite some time are still there...they just aren't as vivid.

         I slide on a pair of sweatpants before flashing Zayn one last smile before walking out the door. As soon as I shut the door behind me, I turn around to be met by a pair of bright blue eyes.

         "Mari," Niall says. "Are you okay?" he says worriedly. His eyes scan me up and down and I realize that I probably scared him as well...along with everyone else in the house. I mean, I kinda scared myself too...

         "Yeah I'm fine," I say before flashing him a smile. "I just needed to take a break ya know? My mind has been racing for what seems like forever now...and I just crashed."

         Niall places his hand on my shoulder before flashing me a smile in return. "Well I understand. Everything has been chaotic lately...especially today. I understand how it may have been a little traumatic to you...especially since you've never experienced something so abrupt before."

         Yeah I haven't. The surprise attack by Damon and his men is part of what triggered by downfall today. My mind just could not process everything that was going on...especially on top of what is already occupying my mind. Seeing Will today in the condition he was in was something I didn't want to see. B-But now something is different inside of me. I feel a little bit more determinant and far as trying to get him back. He's alive...and not doing well. But knowing that he is alive motivates me to keep on fighting and try to save him.

         "Yeah...I know."

         "Well if you need someone to talk to or something you know where to find me," he says. "I've got to go finish packing...but if I were you, I would go and try to find Harry. He's been pretty shaken up these past couple of hours ya know? He hasn't said one word."

        "Oh okay. I will go and look for him right now," I respond before beginning to walk in the opposite direction.


         I've looked everywhere for Harry and no one has seen him. I would have never expected him to be so worried about me. I mean surely he thought I was going to be okay...right?

         I check the last place where Harry could be-which is on the front porch. I wrap my hand around the doorknob before turning it and the sun immediately hits my skin. I turn to the left a little and I find Harry at the very end of the porch, facing the opposite direction. I shut the door behind me and make my way down to where Harry is. As I near him...he doesn't even bother to turn around. But I know he can hear me approaching him. I don't say anything to him until after I sit down right beside him. His knees are pulled up close to his chest and a cigarette is between his lips. I watch as he inhales very deeply and when he exhales the cloud of smoke surrounds both of us, filling my nostrils.

         "You want one?" he asks before pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. Even though I'm not very fond of smoking...and rarely ever do it, I take Harry's offer and take the pack away from him. I pull out one of the cigarettes and Harry flicks his lighter so that a flame forms. He moves the lighter so that it burns the end of the cigarette and moments later I feel the smoke begin to fill my lungs. It always takes me a while to get used to a cigarette and the feeling it brings me always feels foreign at first too. But after a while I feel calmer and more relaxed.

         "You smoke?" I ask him before inhaling once more.

         "Yeah," he replies. "Every once in a while...whenever I need to think things through."

         "Oh," I simply reply. Harry continues to stare at the trees in front of us, his green eyes never once meeting mine. There's something on his mind...and obviously its rendering him a lot. Harry is not typically one of those people who just well-uh doesn't talk. He's always very talkative and he always has a smile on his face. I've never really seen him without one.

         "I never thought I would ever see you smoke," he says before licking his lips.

         "Why not?" I ask. "Am I a goody-two shoes to you?"

        "No. It's just that I would have never pictured you doing it before. You seem to never have been really stressed out before...except for today of course."

          A brief moment of silence passes as we both continue to sit beside each other. "Well I'm fine now," I say, breaking the awkward silence. "I just kinda had a breakdown." After saying that, Harry turns and faces me, his green eyes staring into mine.

         "Please don't ever do that again Mari," he says. "Please don't. I-I was so...I don't even know...worried I guess? You made me nervous. And you just looked so out of it and I never thought that you, of all people would just shut down like that. You are just so full of life, I guess you could say. And watching you fall to the ground, knees first and seeing tears roll down your cheeks was sad to watch. And I guess you could say it brought back some old memories for me." Harry rubs the end of the cigarette on the concrete porch below us before throwing it in the grass.

        "I used to be very depressed. All the time," he continues. "This was about maybe like 6 or 7 years ago I guess." His hand rakes through his curly hair before he clasps them together on his lap. "You never know how much your life can change in one night until it happens. Well one entire life turned upside down." Harry's eyes are now watering a little and he sniffles before continuing to speak to me. "My sister died that night," he says before biting his lip, trying to hold his tears back. "I was so close to her...and just BAM! Her life was taken away with the pull of a trigger. After that...I just completely cut myself off from everything. I stopped going to school...I stopped talking to everyone. I stayed inside of my room all day. I was broken...and I never thought that I would be okay ever again. That is...until I met Zayn." I wipe away a tear that has escaped my eye while continuing to stare into Harry's eyes. "But what I'm trying to say is...that Mari don't give up on yourself. I understand that your life may seems very hellish right now and that it just keeps on fucking you over. But I promise that everything will be okay. You just have to keep on fighting. I know that it may seem hard...but the worst things that happen in life only make us stronger ya know? I don't want you to fall apart just like I did Mari are different. There is something inside of you that has kept you strong for so long. Eventually everything will go back to normal...just like it did for me."

         I nod my head at Harry's words before throwing the remains of my cigarette in the grass. I pull Harry into a hug and I hear him begin to sob a little. Tears begin to roll down my cheeks as well and I just let them fall. I need this. I need to cry and try to rid myself of all the grief I have been feeling.

         "I promise I won't give up Harry," I say, with my arms still wrapped around him. Harry's personal story is kinda motivational. Zayn's words earlier today were motivational as well. I have all these people around me, who care about me and my well-being. They don't wanna see me fall into the cracks and just completely let go of life. And I don't want them to see me do that either. Even though life may seem like a bitch right now...everything happens for a reason. And I am just hoping that everything will workout the way it should...sooner or later.

         I unwrap my arms from Harry's torso and his green eyes are now slightly blood shot. "Be happy Mari," he says. "Just remember that you have people who are here for you...especially me." A small smile spreads across his lips and his dimples show. "You know?" he says. "I never would have thought I would actually have become friends with you Mari," he laughs. "I thought you would have been a bitch...based off of what I had heard about your family. But actually, you are a really nice person and just very chill. I like that. You remind me of my sister."

         "I bet she was an amazing person Harry," I say. The fact that he said I was like his sister makes me smile. I'm glad that Harry believes that I am someone who he can confide in. "And I bet she's looking down at you right now."

         "I know she is," Harry says. "She's my guardian angel."

          Suddenly we both hear the sound of the front door opening and Zayn steps foot on the porch and begins to walk towards us. "We have to go you guys. Brian's getting pretty pissed off inside. He keeps on complaining about how we were supposed to be leaving 30 minutes ago. Blah, blah, blah." Zayn's eyes meet both mine and Harry's and he raises his eyebrow in confusion.

          "Are you both okay?" he asks while looking both of us up and down.

         "Yeah," Harry says. "We were just talking about a chick flick together," he laughs.

         "Okay?" Zayn says before letting out a small laugh and slipping his hand into mine. "You ready babe?" he says.

         "Yeah," I  quickly reply. Zayn and I begin to walk towards the door and Harry follows behind us. I'm glad that Harry and I just had that talk. It's kinda changed my perspective on things. And now I'm willing to fight to get my brother back no matter how long it takes...


(hiyaaa :] so I hope ya liked this chapter! please leave a comment! your opinion means a lot to meeee! ^_^

umm so we kinda got to see a glimpse of Harry's personal life in this chappy :) and now mari and harry are kinda like friends now...which is a good thing because Mari needs all the support she can get right now!

i'm sorry if these last couple of chapter have been kinda boring! but these chapters are leading up to the climax of this storyyy (
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