running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


16. Chapter 16.

Mari's POV

         I step into the bathroom and shut the door behind me before locking it. I peel off all of my clothes, which are sadly splattered with blood and throw them on the floor. My body catches my eye in the mirror and I realize that this is what my true self looks like. I have put on a façade for so long. But this person in the mirror right now is the true me. A girl who is broken and is beginning to drown in the rapidly growing stress she is in...

        I waste no time in stepping into the hot shower and the water instantly begins to run all over my skin. The water may even be considered scalding hot right now but the temperature does not phase me one bit, as I have several other things filling my mind right now. Will's eyes. The way he looked at me is still embedded into my mind. He was crying out for me to help him and I wish I could that very second. Except I have no clue where he is. He looked like he was almost fed up and has lost all hope for getting free.

        Damon got exactly what he wanted-a reaction. I gave it to him. He's using Will to get what he wants from me. He wants to kill me...all of us...and it's terrifying.

         We need to get Will back. I'm constantly reminded of his absence and I feel a pang of guilt in my stomach. I should have stayed there with him. I should be experiencing the amount of pain he is in right now. Not him. I'm making everything worse for him...

         After spending a few more minutes in the shower I finally turn off the water and pull the shower curtain back. Steam quickly fogs up the mirror and I wipe some of it away to catch a good glimpse of my face in the mirror. My eyes are slightly red, my lips are slightly puffy and my damp brown hair is hitting my bare shoulders. But I feel a lot more calmer and tranquil than I did before I stepped foot into the shower. I search around the small room for the clothes that I thought I brought into the bathroom. But I cannot find them. So as a last resort I wrap the nice sized white bath towel tightly around my body before opening the door and quickly walking down the hallway. As soon as I make it into Zayn's bedroom I quickly grab one of his oversized t-shirts and slide on a sports bra and underwear. Reyna was nice enough to offer me some of her clothes for me to wear, which I gratefully accepted from her. The bottom of the white shirt hits the middle of my thighs and I slowly sit down on the bed before sliding underneath the covers. I pull the covers up so that they wrap protectively around my body in an attempt to comfort myself in some type of way. I stare at the plain white ceiling above me and close my eyes before taking slow and deep breaths.

         This day has barely even started yet and now I want it to be over. I want all of this shit to be over. It's becoming too much for me...and knowing that this is just the beginning makes me feel discouraged.

        Suddenly I hear the sound of the door knob turning and I do not even bother opening my eyes to see who the intruder is because I already know who it is. It's Zayn. I don't wanna look into his eyes right now because they are probably filled with remorse and worry. I don't want Zayn to worry about me...b-because I am absolutely fine. And I know that as soon as I look into his eyes, I will begin to bawl my eyes out. The bed slowly dips as he sits on the bed and this is when I take the time to open my eyes to find Zayn studying my body features. I watch as his eyes scan curiously down my face, taking in every inch of my upper body. His eyes find themselves to my lips and he blinks a couple times before shifting uncomfortably on the bed.

         "Are you okay baby?" he says softly, obviously trying not to trigger any sort of reaction out of me.

         "Yes," I mumble.

         Am I okay? No. No I'm not...

         "Please don't lie to me Mari," Zayn says. "I need to know how you are feeling babe. I want to help." His hands immediately find mine and he laces his fingers in between my own. I feel the slightest bit of comfort by the small amount of contact, as his warm hands meet my cold ones. "Just please Mari. Let me inside your mind. Please."

         His brown eyes are staring deeply into mine now and are watering a little bit. The fact that he is so worried about me makes me want to burst out in tears. He cares so much about me...when all I have done is bring more drama into his life.

        "Darling you drew this upon yourself," Damon had said.

         Maybe I did...bring this upon myself. What if I was there with Will right now...receiving the same treatment as he is? I would probably be on the verge of death...just like he probably is right now-holding onto the last few strands of life he has left. What if I was one breath away from slipping into the darkness and never seeing the light again? I could be with my parents again...something that I have missed for years now. Being dead might be better than being here later on if Damon succeeds in making my life more hellish than it already is...

         "I'm tired Zayn," I say before biting my bottom lip. "I'm so tired." His grip on my hand tightens as those words escape my lips and a single tear escapes my eye. "I'm emotionally overwhelmed Zayn," I continue. "I thought I would be able to handle this...but I've gotten more than I asked for. I thought everything would be simple Zayn. I thought I would get Will back and that would be the end of everything. But no. Damon wants both of us to die." I quickly wipe the other tears that are now cascading down my cheeks before sighing. "I don't know what to do now Zayn. You should have seen the condition he was in. The sight of him was unbearable and it broke my heart to see him like that. I-I'm not ready to give up Zayn...but just imagine-we have been on the run for almost half a year now. I've wasted half a year of my life on running away from Damon...and I'm tired of running. Maybe w-we should...I don't know...just gi-"

         "Don't," Zayn says, abruptly cutting me off. "Don't you dare say it. You are not going to do this to yourself Mari." Zayn cups my cheek with his hand, forcing me to look at him. His eyes are slightly red now and his face is flushed. "I am not about to sit back and watch you eat yourself alive like this," he continues. "Mari you are much stronger than this...and you cannot let those words leave your mouth. We cannot give up. You cannot give up," he says while staring at me. "I won't allow it. Mari...everything is going to be perfect again. Everything seems like hell at first...but it eventually gets better. I promise that you will be able to live a happy life again...I promise. Even if it's the last thing I do."

         "You're too good for me Zayn," I mumble. "If you had never met me...maybe you would not be in this situation right now."

         "Would you stop beating yourself up Mari?" he says slightly raising his voice, his brown eyes staring intensely into mine. "I could never regret meeting you. Ever. You are the best thing that has happened in my life in a long time. After my parents...I was in a depressive stage...and I thought I would never be able to make it out of the phase...alive." His eyes continue to stare into mine and he is on the verge of tears as his hands are squeezing mine a little bit tighter now. "And look what happened?" he says. "You happened Mari. And now I will never let you go. So I promise that you will get through this. I'll always be here for you baby...always. Just remember that. I'll love you no matter what Mari."

         More tears roll down my cheeks and Zayn quickly wipes them away with the pad of his thumb. He sniffles a little before lying down beside me and wrapping his arms underneath me. He pulls me closer to him and I wrap my arms around him, taking in every ounce of his exhilarating scent. I hear him continuing to sniffle as tears roll down both of our faces. He shouldn't be crying about me...but he is. And this is the most emotion filled moment that we have ever shared together. His embrace alone right now is just comforting...and it reminds me that I still have someone there for me.

         "Kiss me Zayn," I whisper, the words carelessly slipping out of my mouth. I need this. I need to forget everything that has happened today. Zayn's perfect and soft lips find mine find mine and he slowly moves his lips on top of my own. I pick up his rhythm and our lips are soon moving in sync with each other's. As his lips continue to move with mine, reality begins to slip out of my grasp as I begin to imagine the world with just me and him in it. This kiss is softer than usual and is more passionate than anything else. The slow pace of the kiss begins to drive me insane and I find myself yearning for more. My hands find their way to Zayn's hair and I begin to tug at the roots of it, receiving a sensual moan from Zayn in return. My legs somehow become intertwined with Zayn's and his hand finds it's way to the small of my back, sliding it's way underneath the shirt that I am currently wearing.

         It's Zayn I've just realized. He is the one who is going to keep me sane. He is the one who is going to keep me from jumping over the edge. He is my rock...

         As long as I have him around...I will be able to conquer this situation. And since I've just realized this I press my lips harder onto his, giving him every ounce of my love I have left...

Will's POV

         My blood is rushing through my ears and all I can hear is the sound of the metal bar hitting my skin. I feel no pain whole entire body is numb. I can no longer feel anything actually...and I haven't been able to in what seems like forever.

         This was all a show to him. Him beating me is just so he can rowel up Mari and get a reaction out of her. The sound of her voice coming through the speakers of Damon's phone was unexpected. And I knew that she could see me when I heard a loud gasp escape from her lips. I wish she would not have seen me...especially like this. I probably look like hell...because I sure fucking feel like I am in hell. She doesn't need to worry about me. I will be fine...

         I've lost count of the number of days I have been hanging up from these walls. Damon has kept me under his watch 24/7. I've been hanging on this wall with chains wrapped around my arms and legs. All I have seen is the metal bars surrounding me and have experienced the unpleasant presence of Damon and his guards.

         I'm ready for Mari to come and rescue me. Even though I have not been here with Damon for a long period of time, he has not failed once so ever at attempting to make my life a living hell. The several beatings with poles, whips, anything he is able to get his hands on is so tortuous. I have not been able to get a wink of sleep and I am mentally and physically exhausted. The only thing I have had to eat was a few crackers...enough to keep me living until Mari decides to show up. Some days I would eat the cracker to just please Damon but then vomit it up as soon as he left the room. I don't need his pity. I am pitying myself enough right now as it is...

         "She's gone boss," one of Damon's little slaves mumbles and a smirk plays at the corners of Damon's mouth.

         "Good," he growls before turning his attention back towards me. His usual blue eyes are now a pure black and seem to be staring right into my soul. "Looks like Mari couldn't handle it," he laughs, before he rubs his hands together in enjoyment. "That's what she gets for killing...Brad."

         "What!" the guy behind Damon shouts. "B-Brad is dead?"

         "Yes," Damon simply replies. "He is sadly no longer with us." The man in the white shirt begins to nod his head in disbelief before beginning to pace around the room.

         "That fucking bitch," the man spits and his face turns a violent shade of red. "I swear to fucking god that I will kill that bitch with my own two hands."

        The fact that the man is freely and openly calling my sister a "bitch" makes me want to pummel him to a pulp. Mari does not ever deserve to be disrespected like that in her life...even though she once hated me...because of the amount of pain I caused her...

         Damon turns halfway around to make eye contact with the frustrated man and a mischievous smirk plants on his lips. "In time you will Chris," Damon says. "You will see all 3 of their demises." His eyes quickly glance over at me before he continues to speak. "But first we have to get Mari and Zayn here."

         "Well what are we supposed to do boss?" the Chris guy says, raising his voice. "We can't just walk in there...especially since we know they both have protection."

         "That's just it," I say before letting out a small laugh and it hurts my chest when I do. "You won't be able to lure them both here. They aren't fucking stupid like you two are."

         Damon walks over to me so that he is now standing dangerously close to me. I expect a blow to come to my stomach...or maybe even to my face. But the moment never happens and I honestly feel relieved. "I know I won't be able to lure both of them here at once," he says as his cold, blue eyes stare directly into mine. "You'll see though," he growls. "I go after everything that I want and I don't stop until I have it remember?"

         Yes. How could I not remember. That was the last day I saw my sister...the day I got shot.  I felt so weak handing myself over to Damon basically. But it's better for me to be here with the bastard instead of Mari. I'd rather it be her who gets to survive than me. Dad told me to always protect her...and I do not plan on breaking that promise anytime soon.

         I remember when Damon sat me down on a bench in the inside of his house and instantly his two men held me down with their bare hands before tying restraints to my body. My vision was becoming blurry as I was losing a lot of blood at the time. The burning sensation in my arm from the bullet caused so much pain that I was screaming inside of my head. I wasn't going to scream out loud to give Damon any sort of satisfaction. A rag was quickly placed into my mouth and then moments later is when I felt it-the most unbearable pain that I have ever felt in my entire life. I felt the scalpel that Damon had slice into my bare skin and I yelled out in pain. I cannot even emphasize how much I yelled. Damon didn't even bother numbing the area at all. And considering that the bullet was very deep in my arm, he enjoyed watching me yell out in pain. The last thing I remember was Damon looking down at me and smiling, his blue eyes flickering with darkness, a sinister smile spread across his lips indicating that he enjoy the sight of me being vulnerable. And then I blacked out, eventually waking up in these metal chains...

         "Hey!" Damon shouts at me, realizing that I just kinda dazed off. "Where are they going next?"

         "I don't know," I simply reply. "And even if I did know...I wouldn't fucking tell you." I laugh as I watch Damon clenches his fists in anger.

         "Fucking tell me you little shit!" he spits at me, his eyes and features radiating off anger and rage now.

         "I don't fucking know!" I shout back. "I honestly have no clue where they are going next." I really don't. All I knew was that Mari was going to wherever Zayn was...

         "Oh okay," Damon says softly before giving me a fake smile. Suddenly he bends down to swiftly pick up the metal pole that has some of my blood on it and he inspects it. The small amount of light in the room reflects off of the pole as he continues to mess with it. "You wanna be difficult about it huh? Well it looks like I'll have to beat it out of you."

         "DAMON I DON'T KNOW WHERE THE FUCK THEY ARE!" I shout, my voice coming out raspy. "Im telling you the fuc-" The pole is dangerously bashed into my stomach and I groan out in pain. "Dam-" I cannot even stop him before the pole makes contact with my side.

         "I can do this all day. We've got all the fucking time in the world," he growls before swinging the pole at me once again. My insides are screaming out in pain now and I spit out the blood that is now forming in my mouth before letting out a painful cough. My vision is now dramatically thrown off and I can barely focus on Damon who is standing directly in front of me. I can not find the energy to try to stop Damon anymore so I have no other choice but to let him hit me and try to block out the pain as much as I can. But the more he violently hits me with the pole, the closer I get to slipping into the darkness. And after trying to fight it, the darkness eventually consumes me, making my entire body go weak in an instant...


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