running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


14. Chapter 14.

Mari's POV

         As we all near the front door, I catch a glimpse of Brad through the window with some other men on the other side. They are all standing a safe distance away from the porch with guns in their hands. Brad has his arms folded across his broad chest and is wearing a black t-shirt and jeans-the same thing I saw him wearing when I first met him. A small amount of sunlight is reflecting off of his short blonde hair, considering that the sun is barely over the horizon yet. They would try to use the element of surprise and attack us this early in the morning. Too bad their plan has failed...

         "Open the door!" Brad shouts as he bangs on the door repeatedly. The noise echoes off of the walls in the house and we all freeze in place. "I know you are all fucking in there," he growls. "We have the place surrounded. Hand Mari and Zayn over and none of you will get hurt," he mumbles. "Or I would be happy to come in there and just kill you all if that's what you fucking want!" I watch as a smirk plays at the corners of his mouth and he lets out a small laugh. I should have known that Damon would send someone else to do his dirty work. He would never have the balls to do it himself. But Brad out of all people? That wasn't very smart...

         "Okay," Brian whispers before shifting his glance so that he is looking at all of us. "I'm going to open the door," he says before shifting his glance towards the door.

         "Are you insane Brian?" Doniya says, her eyes widening in shock. "Are you trying to get us all freakin' killed?" A disgusted look spreads across Doniya's face and it's almost as if she is repulsed by Brian's plan. Reyna places her hand on Doniya's shoulder, trying to calm her down before speaking.

         "Trust your uncle on this one Doniya," she says softly. "Trust me. He knows what he's doing." Reyna's eyes meet with Brian's and she nods her head, signaling for him to continue.

         "I need some of you to cover the perimeter of the house," he says. "Go out through the back entrance. I'm pretty sure that they only have the front half of the house surrounded."

         "Well then they are idiots then," Harry says before laughing. "Obviously they did not think this through at all."

          "Right," Liam speaks up. "But their stupidity will be proven to be detrimental to them at least. Not us."

          "Our main goal is to make sure that they do not get close to Mari or Zayn," Brian continues. "I need some of you to go to the balcony and be snipers. If we hit them from every single angle, there is no possible way that they will survive." We all nod our heads in agreement to Brian's plan and all of us exchange glances with each other. "So Louis and Doniya-you guys are my snipers. Harry, Reyna and Niall-you guys bring the heat from the back. And Danielle, Liam, Rita and I will stay up here in the front and will keep everything under control."

        "Wait what about us?" Zayn speaks up before raising his eyebrow in confusion.

        "You two stay here," Brian simply replies. "We have everything under control."

        "You cannot just expect us just to sit back and watch do you?" Zayn says, slightly raising his voice. "You need as many hands as you can get Brian."

        "Well you helping us out will just make you more vulnerable to getting hurt or some shit and we don't need that right now Zayn." Brian says in a very serious tone and he clenches his jaw before clearing his throat. "So just stay here. Both of you stay here." His face is completely solid now, his lips forming the perfect straight line.

          "No," I speak up and Brian turns his attention towards me and he looks almost taken back by the fact that I disagree with him. "I completely agree with Zayn on this one Brian. You need our help, so just let us help you out."

          Brian sighs before raking his fingers through his hair. "Fine," he mumbles. "We're wasting time arguing about this anyway. Uhhh you two have to split up though. They are expecting for you two to stay together, which would make it easier for them to target both of you at once."

          "Well let's switch things up then," Reyna says. "How about Mari you come to the back with me Harry and Niall...and Zayn you can stay up here with Brian?" Reyna's eyes meet mine before she gives me a soft smile. "Is that okay?"

          I look over to Zayn who is rocking back and forth on his heels and he nods his head in agreement. "Well since now that is all settled, let's get started," Brian says. "Keep your eyes on me," he says while looking at Louis and Doniya. Louis and Doniya quickly scurry up the stairs and I look back over at Reyna who has a soft smile upon her lips.

         "C'mon Mari," she says before grabbing my hand. "Follow me." Reyna pulls me towards her and the other boys' stand behind me. Reyna begins to jog towards the other side of the room and I follow behind her but not before I take one last glance at Zayn.

         "I love you," he says so softly that I can barely hear it.

         "I love you too," I quickly respond before I turn the corner.

Zayn's POV

          After I can no longer see Mari, I look in front of me to find Brian's hand wrapped around the door handle to the front door. "Cover me," he says before slowly turning the first lock on the door. The clicking noise of each of the locks makes my heart slightly beat a little bit more faster. Going into stuff like this is never easy and you don't necessarily ever get used to it either. You have no clue what is about to happen and you can only hope for the best. But sometimes being optimistic about these types of situations does not always work.

          Danielle and Liam quickly hide on the other side of the wall beside the door and I move behind the couch so that I am hidden. Suddenly Rita squats down on the ground beside me before looking over at me. "Well this isn't what I expected to happen this morning when Brian said that we were going to do some fight training," she laughs before moving her eyes towards the door.

          Honestly I find nothing humorous about the situation. I mean honestly how and the fuck did they find out where we were? I mean I'm pretty sure that no one really knows where Brian lives. He keeps everything under wraps because he is very secretive I must say...

           "Stranger things have happened," I mumble before creeping closer towards the end of the couch, so I can get a better view of Brian. I hear the door slowly creak open and I watch as he takes a step outside and I quickly run up so that I am on one of the sides of the door frame now. Rita begins to move but I instantly shake my head and put my hand up, signaling for her to stop. Having both of us up here would makes us more noticeable than we need to be. I see Danielle's curly hair first before she pops her head in from around the corner. I shake my head, signaling for her to come up and Liam follows closely behind her in a crouching position.

          "Why hello there gentlemen," I hear Brian say, "Is there something that I can help you with?"

          "We aren't here for small talk and you fucking know that," some man growls. "Where the fuck are they?"

          "They could be here," Brian says. "Or they could not be here? You tell me."

          "Tell me where they fucking are or I swear...I will fucking pull the trigger," the man says, venom dripping off of each and every single one of his words.

          "Now you know you wouldn't kill me," Brian says before letting out a small laugh.

          "And why would that be?" the man says through his teeth.

           "Because," Brian says, "I'm afraid you won't get the chance to I'm afraid." The man starts to laugh and I watch and I peek out the window to see his finger rubbing against the trigger of the gun in his hands. "NOW!" I hear Brian shout and he ducks before the bullet shot out of the gun that the man is holding hits his shoulder. All of us-Danielle, Liam, Rita and I-step foot outside and I watch as the man's eyes widen in shock.

          "Surprise motherfucker," I growl through my teeth before all I can hear rushing through my ears are the sounds of multiple gunshots being fired.

Mari's POV

        We are now making our way to the front of the house through the mass of trees and shrubs. Several prickly branches make their presence known by scratching the skin on my legs and arms. Some of the scratches even begin to bleed but I continue to walk, following closely behind Reyna.
         "We all need to spread out," Reyna says softly, so that only Niall, Harry and I can hear her. "If we spread out, the more distance we can cover...which means the faster we can get this shit done and over with." As we continue to walk I see an opening in the trees and I know that is our hiding spot. We cannot get any closer than that without any of the men knowing our positions.

        I watch as the front door of the house opens up slowly and Brian steps out with his white t-shirt on and gray sweatpants. I quickly realize that there is no sign of a gun in his hand and I conclude that he believes that his plan is bulletproof. But surely he would not walk out there completely unarmed. I mean I know that he has Zayn, Liam, Danielle and Rita for backup but still...

        "Okay Mari," Reyna says while facing me. "You and Harry go over there and Niall you stay here with me. Wait for Brian's signal before you do anything got it?" All of us nod our heads before Harry walks jogs around me and I follow him. We quickly crouch down and I aim my gun at the man standing relatively close to us.

        "You alright?" Harry whispers as we both stare attentively at the scene about to unfold in front of us.

        "Yeah," I quickly respond. "Just ready to get this over with."

        "Agreed," he responds.

        Suddenly I watch as Brad raises his arm and points it at Brian standing directly in front of him. This is it. I place both of my hand on the handle of the gun, trying to keep them from shaking as much and I focus on the target in front of me.

        "Breathe," Harry says and I take in a deep breath, which calms me down temporarily. "I've got your back," he says. "I promise."

        "NOW!" I hear Brian shout out in the distance and that's when I hear the first shots being fired. I watch as a couple men fall on the ground in a split second. I quickly pull the trigger, hitting the man in front of me in the back and he falls over in pain. I fire a shot once more, trying to make sure that he never gets back up. I watch as Zayn, Liam, Danielle and Rita step out onto the porch of the house and quickly take cover behind the pillars on the porch. Suddenly I watch as Brad dashes off into the nearby woods and my first instinct is to go after him. I find myself running across the field in front of me, missing the several gun shots being fired at me.

         "MARI WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" I hear Harry shout angrily behind me, but my feet continue to move as I get closer and closer to where I just saw Brad. The little bastard thought he could just run off like a fucking coward. I don't fucking think so...I need answers.

        I keep on running until I see a man running in my direction. I try to dodge him but his weight ram right into my chest, causing the air to get knocked out of my lungs. I fall to the ground instantly and my gun is knocked out of my hand. The man walks over to me, grabbing me forcefully by my hair and I hiss in pain.

        "Oh you're a little pretty thing aren't you," he says my face directly in front of his. His breath reeks of cigarettes and the awful smell causes me to wrinkle my nose in disgust. "So beautiful," he says before a creepy smile spreads across his lips. I take this as the opportunity to head butt him and I am not phased at all by the hard contact. He is temporarily phased by my action and he quickly let's go of my hair. I run over to get my gun and I quickly pick it up before pulling the trigger and shooting the man dead in his chest. He falls over instantly and I shoot him again to make sure he is dead.

        Suddenly I see a curly mop of hair coming towards me in the distance and I automatically recognize the person as Harry. "Follow me Harry!" I shout before beginning to run again towards the long stretch of trees. I hope Brad hasn't gotten away yet. He could not have gotten far on foot. I hear Harry's harsh breathing as he nears me and then I hear him begin to speak.

        "What the hell is wrong with you?" he says as he runs along beside me. "Are you fucking stupid?"

         Yes I am stupid. I know I am. "Brad is trying to get away," I respond ignoring his comments which are sadly very true. "We can't let him get away. I need to find out where Will is." All of my actions right now are fueled by pure anger and adrenaline. I fucking hate Damon. I fucking hate everyone who has ever helped him ruin my life. That bastard Brad really thought he would be able to survive after he came back here to try and take both me and Zayn. I'm going to make sure that Damon thinks twice before he sends some more men after me ever again.

        Luckily it's not that dark out here anymore because the sun has officially risen. Now Brad doesn't have that many places to hide. Great. Suddenly I see his black t-shirt in front of us and my feet move even faster. Harry manages to keep up with my fast pace and I sprint down the small pathway that we have both set foot on now. I use this as an opportunity to stop and pull the trigger to shoot Brad. The bullet pierces his shoulder and I watch as he slows down a little, but still he hasn't stopped. I don't wanna kill him just yet, I need to ask him a few questions. I shoot one last time, aiming at his leg and it successfully hits him, causing him to trample over and fall face first onto the ground. 

        Both Harry and I run over to the man and I land a swift kick into his stomach, causing him to cough. I notice his shot wound on his leg oozing out blood, staining his jeans and I kneel down to get a good look at him.

        "Stupid, stupid, stupid Brad," I say before shaking my head and sighing. "You thought you would be able to just simply take both me and Zayn didn't you?" A deep scowl is on his face and I laugh before punching him in the face. A fair amount of dirt is now on his face and he continues to look at me with eyes full of disgust. "WHAT?!" I shout, my voicing echoing off of the trees. "YOU CAN'T FUCKING TALK NOW?"

        Brad bursts out laughing before sighing. Blood starts to ooze out of his now busted lip and the blood begins to cover his teeth. "You know he's going to kill you," he says. "You can't run from Damon. He will always find a way." Not if I get to him first. "Besides killing me won't solve a damn thing."

        "But it will teach Damon that he shouldn't have fucked with my family," I growl through my teeth. "He's going to fucking pay and I'm going to make sure of it. Besides, I don't think he will be very happy to find out that one of his precious men died," I laugh. "Now before I kill you, tell me where my brother is." Brad narrows his eyes while staring at me daringly, not saying a word. "FUCKING TELL ME!" I spit at him. I land a swift kick to his side again and he flinches a little. But even that kick does not help satisfy the amount of anger that is roaring inside of me right now...

        "You don't need to know," he grunts before spitting blood out of his mouth. "Besides he's probably dead already anyway...that worthless piece of trash." Images of Will's dead and lifeless body fill my head and my eyes begin to water.

         "You know what?" I say before pointing the gun at Brad. "Fuck you." My hands are now slightly trembling and tears are threatening to spill out of my eyes. "Have fun rotting in hell you fucking piece of shit!" I hiss before my finger rubs against the trigger and after I take a deep breath, I pull it.

         A loud noise temporarily fills my ears and blood begins to ooze out of Brad's body. I drop the gun near the ground beside him and it lands with a soft thud. I find myself falling to my knees as I look at his now lifeless body. I feel Harry's presence closer to me now and he kneels to the ground as well, wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

         "He's not dead," I whisper. "Will...He can't be dead." Tears begin to roll down my cheeks and I don't even bother to wipe them away. "H-He can't be dead." All I can hear now are the sounds of my trembling sobs as I place my hands over my face and cry...

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