running away from the enemy ➳ [z.m. love story/au]

"Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge." -Meir Kahane---

Run. That's all they could do. Mari, Will and Zayn went separate ways in order to protect each other from the one who is out to kill them. Paranoid is what describes all of them. Someone is out to kill them and is watching their every move. But what happens when someone one of them thought they could trust betrays them in the biggest way imaginable? You can run, but you can't hide. This person is out for the kill and won't stop until he gets what he wants...


11. Chapter 11.

Mari's POV

      I wake up with Zayn's arms wrapped tightly around my torso, our limbs intertwined. I hear soft snores coming out from his mouth and it makes me smile. He looks so different right now-defenseless, vulnerable. I have never really seen Zayn like this except for the night when his house burned down right in front of his eyes. The look in his eyes was just heartbreaking. His eyes were illuminated by the flames as tears slowly cascaded down his slender face. I know that I will never forget that night. The word 'vulnerable' is something that I never thought would be in Zayn's vocabulary. But, I guess it was...and I don't blame him. My hand finds it's way to his short black hair before I press a soft kiss to his slightly chapped lips. Zayn stirs a little, but eventually stops moving returning to a peaceful slumber. I slowly peel myself out of his arms trying not to disturb him.

     Once I'm free I stand up out of the bed and do a small stretch, which is painful at first but the pain eventually fades away. As I stretch I catch a glimpse of my body in the mirror a few feet away from me. I walk up to the mirror so that I can only see myself from the waist up. I bunch my hair up and move it to the side revealing a raised section of skin on my neck that is slightly bruised. Well shit Zayn. Flashbacks from last night begin to flood my mind-Zayn leaving trails of kisses up and down my neck, the way our lips perfectly molded together. The thought of that makes me blush and a smile creeps upon my lips. I look over to Zayn who is still sound asleep, before my eyes look back over at the mirror to see the fresh hickey on my neck. I need to cover it up with some foundation or something. But just my luck, I don't have any. I don't have anything actually. I mean how embarrassing would it be if everyone saw that on my neck? Uh so yeah, I need to cover it up.

       I quickly gather up my clothes that are scrambled across the floor before shaking them out and putting them on. I take one last glance at myself in the mirror, making sure my hair covers up the hickey just in case I so happen to bump into someone in the hallway before walking towards the door and slowly opening it. I creep out of the room and shut the door behind me before beginning to walk down the hallway. I pass several shut doors and eventually see a room with the door open. As I walk past I see Doniya sitting on her bed, twirling her hair with her finger while looking at something on her phone. Welp, she's my last resort really. I find myself walking through her doorway and her eyes instantly set on me.

      "Hey can I borrow so-"

      "Get out," she growls through her teeth. I take a deep breath before rolling my eyes at her. Stay calm Mari. You can fucking do this.
      "I just need to borrow some fucking foundation," I growl. "That's all I'm here for. After that, I will not be a bother to you anymore." Suddenly she raises her eyebrow before getting out of the bed and standing in front of me. She moves my hair to the side revealing the hickey on the side of my neck. A smirk pulls at the corner of her lips as she quickly let's go of my hair and looks at me.

      "Oh so you're trying to do the little old foundation trick huh?" she says. "Zayn and you already had sex? Wow. I guess he cannot resist the fucking whore who has a psycho ass brother who is trying to kill him."

      "Don't you dare fucking talk about Will like that," I growl I say while clenching my hand into a tight fist by my side. "And I'm not a fucking whore."

      "I will say whatever I want to say about the little fuck," she growls. "Have you forgotten that the bastard shot me?" she says before lifting up her shirt, revealing the dark scar on her side that Will left. "And now you decided to just fucking show up out of nowhere because you want to save the prick." Doniya plops back on her bed while still looking at me. "And now you want me to help you out after all the pain you fucking caused by brother? Ahh no. I don't think so. Everyone needs to see that you are a fucking whore."

       That's fucking it. "Call me a whore one more fucking time," I growl through my teeth. "I fucking dare you to bitch. It looks like you cannot leave the past behind and just fucking move on. I wanted to start off fresh but I guess not, because your a little insecure bi-" I cannot even get my words out before I feel a blow to the face. Blood forms in my mouth and I grab my jaw in shock.

      "Ooooh you're gonna get it now you little bitch," I say with a smirk spread across my face.

Zayn's POV

       "We need some help in here!" I hear someone yell from out in the hallway. What the hell is going on? I quickly get out of the bed and run towards the door in nothing but my boxers. I quickly open the door to find Doniya's door open with several screams and conversations go on.

      "Stop Mari!" I hear Liam shout. I walk into the room to find Mari's hand in Doniya's hair, pulling on it and the boys are trying to break up their fight.

      "IS THAT ALL YOU'VE GOT BITCH?!?!" I hear Mari shouting with her face filled with anger. Doniya grabs a handful of Mari's hair and begins to pull as well, causing Mari to hiss in pain.

      "Stop it fucking both of you!" I shout, my voice booming over all of the other noises in the room. Mari's eyes meet mine causing her to let go of Doniya's hair. "Let go of her fucking hair Doniya," I growl at her.

    "No," she shouts. "This little bitch deserv-"

    "FUCKING LET HER GO!" I shout once more causing everyone's movements to cease and several eyes meet mine. I clear my throat once I have everyone's attention and I look at both of the boys'. "You can all leave now," I mumble. All of them nod their heads before walking out of the room. I watch as Doniya and Harry make eye contact before he shuts the door behind him. I turn my attention back to the love of my life and my sister standing directly in front of me. "What the fuck is going on?" I say coldly, staring at them with my jaw clenched. Both girls look at me with large eyes and Doniya has a scowl spread across her face.

      "Well your little bitch of a girlfriend here decided to fucking walk in my room without asking," she growls. I shift my eyes towards Mari's face which is showing no emotion, and her fingers are laced together.

       "I was just trying to get some foundation," she simply replies, avoiding my eye contact. A devilish smirk spreads across Doniya's face as she turns her attention towards me.

       "She was just trying to get some makeup to cover up that hideous and ginormous fucking hickey you gave her Zayn," she says. I feel Doniya's eyes burning into me basically and her remark catches me off guard. I let out a nervous cough before rubbing my hand through my very messy hair. "Don't try to act like I wouldn't find out," she snaps. "I could hear you two going at it last night. Remember that my room is practically next to yours which means I can hear everything...even things that I never want to hear in my entire life."

      "That's enough Doniya," I say trying to put a stop to all her little comments. "I thought you two would be able to freaking get along with each other. Aren't we already past this? It's been months since you have both seen each other and this is how you both want to start things off?! By fucking fighting?!"

      "Oh no no no," Doniya says, "You are not going to blame this on me. First you fucking pick this bitch over me, your fucking family for Christ's sake! And then now you're fucking siding with her? You just automatically wanna take her side huh?"

      "I'm not a fucking bitch," Mari growls through her teeth staring coldly at Doniya.

       "Oh?" Doniya asks before raising her eyebrow. "What would you like for me to call you? A fucking whore?" Suddenly Mari walks closer to Doniya with her fist clenched at her side. Before Mari can swing, I step in between the two of them.

      "You fucking know what?!" I shout. "I'm leaving.Talk to me when you both can talk to each other without fighting. I'm so fucking done with this shit already." I begin to walk towards the doorway, receiving stares from both Mari and Doniya. They shouldn't have just pissed me off. I walk out of the room, leaving the hostile atmosphere and slam the door shut behind me. I need a cigarette, a fucking beer, just something right now.

      As soon as I step foot inside my room, I find a pack of cigarettes on my dresser and pull one out before slipping on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt. The balcony on the side of my room looks so welcoming and inviting that I decide to open the double doors that lead to it. The fresh spring air fills my nostrils as I sit down on one of the chair and pull my lighter out. As soon as the smoke begins to invade my body, I feel relaxed and feel better than I did just a few mere seconds ago.

       I look over the city of London as I continue to inhale the smoke from the cigarette. It's different here than in New Jersey. I've always said that whenever I come here. Sitting out here right now makes me think of the times I spent here as a child...with both of my parents and sisters. We we're happy back then, the perfect family as I like to call it, even though our family  was far away from perfect. London was considered as my escape place when I was little I guess you could say. Back in Jersey, I was thought of as "the son of a powerful gang leader." But here...I was still associated with that title. It was just that I couldn't really tell as much here as I did in Jersey. And I liked that. I liked the fact that I could try to be normal. But every time we would leave this beautiful city, I was snapped back into reality and realized that I can never live a normal matter how much I try to imagine it...

      Suddenly I hear the opening of the double doors beside me and I eventually I see Brian with a pair of jeans on and a t-shirt on smiling at me. From behind his back he whips out two nice cold beers that are calling my name right now. "I heard all of the yelling just now," he says. "Thought you might need someone to talk to." He hands the beer to me and I do not hesitate to pop the lid off and take a long sip of the beer.

      "You have no fucking idea," I say before putting the glass bottle against my lips and taking another sip.


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 ummm so Doniya and Mari got into another fight this chapter ha. i bet some of you are excited about that lol. but Zayn and Brian are going to have a convo next chapter and its gonna be kinda interesting ;) lol. again thanks for reading! and i'll see ya on monday for the next chapter! have a nice weekend! xx)

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