I like my Bestfriend's crush?

My name is Alex Stevens. I go to Jackson High and I live in North Carolina just off of the shore. This is the story of how I started to like my best friend's crush


1. what an into

    Hey! My name is Alex, or also known as Alexandria Stevens.

  I go to Jackson High school, and my best friend Kate Wilson and I are going to be Juniors once school starts. We live in the small town of Manchester, North Carolina. Growing up with the same kids all your life hasn't always been my favorite cup of tea, but of course there is nothing I can do about it with my situation. My family contains a group of people such as my widowed mother Susan, my older brother Jason, and me Alex. My mom is roughly around the age of forty and has a son in college and me a daughter in high school. We aren't the wealthiest people, but we aren't the poorest either. I would say I have lived a great life, but there is only a couple problems.... My father died when I was just the age of 2. He died in Vietnam fighting for us, I miss him everyday, everyone loved my dad and it was hard to lose him even though I never really knew him, I still talk to him asking him questions but never getting the answers. I just want him to know about me, how my day is going so he doesn't feel like he is missing out. There is just one more problem making my life not at all good. My mom has lung cancer. You see my mom never smokes never has, but for one time. We are guessing she got it from all the smokers in the town, or that were in the town. As soon as the word got out my mom had the cancer, smoking was against the law. The thing that really kills me is I know deep down inside that she might not make it. Not many people get to win from this, and it scares me so much.




   School starts in 5 days and I know this is going to be and awesome year. Well I hope it will be, Kate and I have been spending just about everyday of the summer together, we have been bestfriends since we just started pre-school. Our school popularity is probably just a step lower then the "stars" (or also known as the "cool kids" ya ya everyone has a group of them, thinking they are way better then everyone else. Don't even ask how they got the name... I guess it's because they all have "hot bodies" and good looks) I am just a pretty average girl, long dirty blonde hair down to my lower back, pretty good looks, and just a to skinny body. Kate always makes me so jealous with her curves, dark short brown hair, and amazing looks. I have always envied everything about her especially her personality, I always wonder how she is still single. Kate is one of those girls that can always be positive in some of the worst moments, she has always been there for me, break ups, when my dad died and when we heard my mom got cancer. I love her to death. I can't imagine where I would be without her. She is my sister from another Mister.

   This is a little about my life. Parts of my life I'm sure going to miss.







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