I like my Bestfriend's crush?

My name is Alex Stevens. I go to Jackson High and I live in North Carolina just off of the shore. This is the story of how I started to like my best friend's crush


3. To much to handle

I woke up to a bad headache and a sore arm. I glanced down and noticed my arm was held in a sling. Great! Just the way I wanted to start the new year. I glanced around the room and saw various cots and curtains, I also glanced down to notice I was occupying one of the cots. I tried to sit up but my head kept me from moving. It felt like a hammer was hitting my temples. I groaned and then I heard footsteps coming near me, I closed my eyes in panic when the footsteps came to the edge of the cot then around to my right side. The person took my hand took my pulse and then took my temperature. She sighed and walked away. I opened my left eye and saw it was the school nurse who was walking to her office. She picked up the phone then started to dial, I saw her lips moving but she was to far away to hear. I stared at her then she finally put the phone down and started to walk towards me again. This time i kept my eyes open so she knew I was awake.

"Oh honey great you're awake!" She relives. I nod and open my mouth to answer but I realize my mouth and throat are really dry. She notices my troubles and hands me a glass of water. I grab the cup quickly and slowly chugged it down. The cool liquid chilling my throat. I clear my throat and hand the cup back to her.

"How long have I been out?" I ask.

"Well...maybe 1-2 hours, I didn't want to disturb you, and since today is the first day there really isn't anything u need to experience." I looked at her staring into her hazel eyes. I was sort of angry that she didn't wake me up, but then again I got more sleep. I was sitting up now, and I tried putting my legs to the side of the cot so I could stand. I slowly started to but presser on my legs and I was standing. I felt a wave of nausea but it subsided quickly. I took baby steps at first then I started to walk around getting the blood rushing through my legs again. I again looked around and then I put my hands through my hair and asked then nurse to go use then restroom, after she agreed and showed me the way. I walked into the one stall bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was messed up and I had a drool spot on the right corner of my mouth. I laughed slightly and washed the spot away and ran my fingers through my hair trying to straighten the knots out. I glanced down at my arm again and sighed, I would have to ask her about it later. I looked back up to see myself staring at me. I leaned and checked my complexion again. Once everything looked good I walked out of the bathroom and towards the nurse. "Excuse me?" I said softly.

  She turned around in her chair and said "Oh! Yes dear?"

"Is my arm going to be ok? I mean it feels fine as I move it a little..?" I wonder.

"Oh dear!" She exclaims. " No, there isn't anything really wrong with your arm I just thought u sprained it from the fall, but as I'm examining it now it looks perfectly fine." I sigh happily, if I would've got injured from that fall I would be laughing stock for a while. It's always better to hide in the dark shadows, I tend to stay low of the crowds but they come to me and it's not something at all that I want. I take the sling off my arm ad hand it to the nurse, she takes it and goes to put it away. I look around the room for my stuff and I see my bag and books on one of the selves by the door. I flex my arm a couple times, it hurts at first but then the pain subsides and I'm ok. I smile and head for my stuff. I put my bag on my shoulder and around my waist. I take the books and set them I the crook of my arm. I walk towards the nurse's little office and ask her for a pass. I look at the time as she is writing it out and I notice its just the beginning of 6th period. I sigh 3 classes left to go, I head out of the room and head towards my 6th period class room. I look down and my schedule says I need to head to Social Studies Mr. Rogers class room 325. I walk down the long corridor, it feels lonely walking down these halls alone and it's so silent I feel bad for disrupting the peace that was settled here.


 I find the room quicker then I thought I would. I was scared to walk in though...I knew once I walked in there would be a million eyes on me, the freak who fainted hours before. Everyone probably has been laughing at me this whole time, but I guess I couldn't really care...or I just have to show that I don't care. I put my hand on the handle turn and push. I look through the opening crack and push my arm further out fully opening the door so I could fit my whole body through. I stare in the eyes of my fellow students as they stare wide eyes at me, I glance over at the front of the room and see the teacher at his desk with a book out reading to himself. Isn't this Social Studies? Did I walk into the wrong class room. Then I see written on the Smart board is the teachers name Mr. Rogers. I walk up to his desk and stand there until he finally looks up from his book. He looks displeased I bothered his reading but that changes quickly when he sees it's me. "Well hello there, I'm Mr. Rogers just call me Mr. R for short" he says with a toothy smile, then he stretches his hand out to shake mine. "Hello" I say awkwardly. "I just uhh... was in the nurses and I..." Then I was cut off by his hand shooting up from his book and holding one finger up to show I should be quiet. I stare at him wondering why he did that and finally understood he didn't need me to explain, I nodded at him and he pointed to a seat in the back of the room.

  I walked away from his desk and started down the front isle and to the only seat left in the back row. Kids were staring at me and also snickering to eachother. I stared at the floor till I finally got to my seat. I set my books on my desk and looked up at the clock noticing I still have 40 minutes left of this period. I look at the students occupying the seats around me. It's mostly people I don't usually associate with but then I looked to my right and noticed a guy sitting next to me with headphones in and his hood up. I stared curiously of who this boy was, for he didn't look to familiar to anyone here and I know everyone in the grade. I continued the think, but I didn't realize in my daze I was still staring at him. He turned his head and stared into my eyed before I realized what was happening something slammed into my back. I quickly turned around and right behind me was my one and only bully. Steven Hunter. Steven has tattoos and has his ears pierced, he has gone to jail. Rumor all last year was that the reason he bullied me was because he liked me. I glared into his eyes and he stared straight through mine. "Excuse me, but ah this is MY seat" He says stubbornly. I look all around the desk for a name tag, after searching and not finding anything I look back at him and say "Well this seat sure doesn't have your name on it so it mustn't be yours." He glares down at me and starts to open his mouth but before he can get a word out, the boy gets up and punches him square in the jaw. Steven stood there for a second to what just happened sink in. He dropped his books and when to his the boy back, but he was to fast. The boy brought his arm out and this time punched him in his stomach and then walked out the door, leaving Steven on the ground and the whole room in awe.

  I jumped out of my chair and sank to the ground to help Steven. He was laying limply and looked in deep pain. He was holding his stomach and his eyes were shut. I raised my hand from my side and put it on his head. I said nothing as I quietly stocked his hair. He slowly cracked his eyes open a bit to see who was before him, he then smiled and then passed out. In the hospital I sat by Steven holding his hand as he was in a deep sleep. You see what happened was Steven was recovering from a recent rip injury and that's exactly where the kid punched him. It left Steven unconscious in pain. What you also should know that yes Steven is my bully but he has this thing about him, this part of him that wants you to care. His hand still in mine I glanced at the clock and saw school would've ended by now. I glanced back down and noticed some hairs on his face were sticking to his forehead so I got up and leaned over Steven letting go of his hand to move the hairs. I stoked them back ad as I was about to sit back down a arm went around my waist and pulled me down to the bed. My head landed softly on Steven's chest and my legs now on the bed, being held hostiage by Steven's

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