I like my Bestfriend's crush?

My name is Alex Stevens. I go to Jackson High and I live in North Carolina just off of the shore. This is the story of how I started to like my best friend's crush


2. First day...

 School starts tomorrow and I'm dreading It all... the "stars", homework, and the judged feelings you get walking around the halls. 

 Now it starts a new year and new beginnings.

 I wake up to the smell of bacon and pancakes, and the sweet smell of the delectable syrup. I toss the covers off my sticky body, and trudge over to the shower. I strip down and turn the nozzle to the hottest point. I'm in the shower for not even 5 minutes before I hear my mom calling for me downstairs, for breakfast has been served. I groan really loudly knowing even using all my efforts she can't hear me. I turn the water off, and wrap myself in a towel off the shelf. As I walk out the bathroom to my room I hear my mom laughing in the kitchen, her laugh always makes me smile and sometimes tear up. Knowing that one day I won't get to hear joyful laugh that's always full and makes you want to laugh along. It makes me sad but I always tell myself and I know she is going to beat this cancer one way or another.

 I reach my closet and pull out a Jack Wills shirt and some yoga pants, and grab a pair of TOMS then quickly dress . I trudge down the stairs with my school stuff and set it onto the island in our large kitchen. My mother is sitting at the table drinking coffee watching The Middle, it's her favorite show. "Hey mom, how are you doing?" I ask a smile over taking my face.

"Oh honey dear!" she exclaims "Are you ready for your FIRST DAY as a junior. I'm so happy my little girl is growing up!" I notice tears are starting to form in her eyes so I drag my arms out to hug her small frame. She quickly accepts my hugs tightly wrapping her fragile arms around my slim body. She starts to quietly sobbing on my shoulder.

"I'm all right mom, I just hope this year is better then the last"

"It's all going to be fine, and when are you going to start dating?" she replies with humor in her voice "It's about time you get one!" Then I pull away.

I look a her startled then I just burst out laughing hoping she is just kidding.

"Ya ya mom whatever you say"

"Well you better get going!" She says sadly. "You don't want to be late for your first day!"

"Ok mom, I'll see you when I get home, be careful ok?" I ask with hints of worry. I hate leaving my mom alone, but she says I have to get the high school experience not just online learning.

"Yes Honey just get going! I love you!" She says sending me out the door, into the cruel world. "Love you Bye!!" Then it was off to school. 


 I arrive to school 5 minutes later. I park my truck into the only empty spot in the front of the lot, and start to gather my stuff together, with books and other school supplies in my arms, I slowly start to walk towards the school. I can already feel eyes on my and I glance around and my eyes land on the one and only Claire Rose. The head leader of the "stars" she even has her own posse, which includes 3 other girls Sam Pepperton, Rachel Kepton, and Lucy Sharpsten. They have been trying to make me join their stupid group and I'd seriously rather stick a knife in my leg then do that. As I try to advert my eyes somewhere else, anywhere else. I hear her start to call my name and I notice in the corner of my eyes she is starting to walk towards me. I have no other choice now but to stop and talk to her. GREAT.

 "Hey Alex!" she says with a pitchy voice and smiles widely. "You know, we always have another spot at our table at lunch, and you can jut ditch your "friends" and hang with us." 

 Let my say this now I'd rather puke. "Um....Well you see Claire I already have awesome friends and a table to sit at so I'm just going to reject your offer." I shoot back getting annoyed.

"Well you see Alex this offer? It's a great one and it's a one chance" she says with a smirk.

 I look at her and just laugh. I laugh so hard I have to start holding my stomach. "One time offer? Really? You have been asking me into your group for just about forever, your approaches are always the same, so maybe you can just get it through your head I'm NEVER going to join your group." I say sternly. Then stalk off towards the building leaving her and her stupid posse in awe.  I hear her shout one last thing before I enter the building. "I will get you to join one of these days, and when I do of course I'm going to say I told you so." Then I just roll my eyes.

Finally in the building. The same place I have been going since Preschool with the same people really shows how dull and boring life is here. Its really rare to ever have a new kid and when they are new its aways someone who like in elementary. I walk straight towards the office to get my schedule and then i stalk off towards homeroom. I glance at my paper which reads Algebra II room 209 great. I glance at my other classes ok with all the locations and start searching. I make it to homeroom with ease and walk through the door. I see the nerds, and all the normal other kids sitting, hugging and joking around, while sitting around series of desks. I glance over searching for the teacher and I spot him at his desk. This year we were told we were getting a new teacher and turns out there is. I walk up to his desk and look for a name tag, or anything signaling his name but i spot nothing. He is sitting with his head down writing on papers so he doesn't notice me. I clear my throat rather loudly and then he looks up and gives me a toothy grin. He gets up from her chair and rises walks around his oak desk to shake my hand. He stood at the height of about 5'9 and had short styled brown hair and green eyes, he was a handsome man. He then brought out his hand for a shake then i drew out mine.

"Mr. Evans" he replied. "And you are?"

"I'm Alex Stevens" i replay shaking his hand

"Alex huh? Thats not a very common girls name, is it a nickname?"

"Well ya i guess" i say shrugging "Its short for Alexandria"

He gives me a knowing nod and replies "Well Mrs. Stevens it's a pleasure to have you in my class" Then he started heading behind his desk and say into his chair. I could tell this was signaling me the short conversation was over and it was time to head to my seat.

1st period flew by and it was time for 2nd, I really wasn't looking forward to my class was English but normal english. If my school had a higher level English i would probably be in it but they don't so I'm stuck with the easy stuff. Small town problems...

As I walked into the class room everyone was crowded around this one desk in the back of the room. I looked at everyone and shrugged and headed to an empty chair. I sat down and pulled out supplies for taking notes, then something or someone hit me hard on the head. I glared up and looked into the eyes of my best friend. Kate looked at my with wide eyes and smiled, she pointed to the crowd of people. She was blushing and I really didn't know why so I looked at her shrugged and stared straight ahead. She glared at me but said nothing. We never say anything to each other on the first day it's a tradition to not say anything to each other. All we could do was make eye contact and try to explain through actions. We tried sign language but that didn't work out to well. She sat by me and then the teacher Mrs. Scott started to take attendance. When she got to the S's she stopped and read the paper a few times then said "Alex Stevens?"

"Here" i replied. Then she said " Tyler Sutton"

Tyler Sutton? I thought for a second not knowing who that was. I turned around to see who this boy was and then my eyes landed on him. He looked at me and I stared at him. Then i crashed to the floor with a thud and my world went black.


HEY GUYS!! Omg this chapter took forever but I thought it turned out really well!! I hope u guys like this story! Ah!



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