Someone in my head,

Someone is in my head, help me! Someone please, I don't know what to do! Help, help!


3. The Story

   " I loved you, I loved your father, Tommy and you. I only wanted to keep you safe. One day a man, old gray man, came up to me and wanted to do an experiment on you. I told them no, I would let them do it to me before they do it to my family. Then, he put a shot in my neck a threatened to hurt everyone I loved if I told anyone. The experiment was to see if they could bring people back from the dead. Soon enough, they killed me then brought me back. Sadly, there are side effects. I might start twitching or jumping. Mia, I need you to do something for me."

     " Mom, I would do anything for you!"

     " Go to Toronto Middle School. Find the invisible girl.  Then, ask her if she knows about Sam Ace. The girl really likes chicken nuggets."

    " What should I tell Dad? Why are you hear? Are you in my head?"

     " Take this piece of paper, tell your father that you need to go to school at dinner. This will explain everything to him. Once your done, tell me. I love you sweets." Mom disappeared.

     " Time for dinner." Dad told me. Only one thing to do now, find the chicken nugget lover.        

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