Someone in my head,

Someone is in my head, help me! Someone please, I don't know what to do! Help, help!


5. My Invisible Friend Comes To Life

   When I was little, about 6 years ago,  Mt m. Now I'm sitting in math class, watching her eat chicken nuggets. She looked at me with disgust like I'm the weird one. The girl sent me a note that said,


                               New girl, I know I'm cute, but stop staring at me! 


                                                     P.S.  Stay away from me!

     I looked back over and a boy with shaggy black hair was in her place. He looked like he could be my Mom's son. I shook my head and acted like nothing happened, but Zac's friends didn't help. During lunch they wound scream nasty comments. Then, I looked over at they very edge   



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