Do You Really Love Me?

What would you do if you found out that your boyfriend was cheating on you? But he still came back to you?


4. Chapter 3

3 months later:

It had been  months since the incident with Louis and that girl and you two  couldn't have been more happier together. Also it top it all of  it was almost your third anniversary of being a couple.

"Only one week left until our anniversary Emily!!!" ' Megan screamed.

"I know! I wonder what Louis has planned for you two?" Emily questioned.

" Whatever it is, I bet it is going amazing!".

"Lets go upstairs to your game room to see what Louis and Zayn are up to."

"Ok lets go then."

Megan and Emily ran upstairs and into the game room to see Louis and Zayn playing Call Of Duty Ghosts.

"Hey guys!!" Megan and Emily

"What's up girls?" Louis asked as he walked over to you and kissed your cheek.

"Nothing really, just came to check up on you two."

Louis looked at the clock and jumped.

"I'll be back in a few minutes, I need to do something." Louis said as he walked to the bedroom you two shared and closed the door.

"You guys wanna play a different video game?" zany asked.

"Sure!" you and Emily said.

All three of you guys were having a blast beating each other at the games and then later on chilling out and telling jokes. But all of suddenly heard giggling coming from the bedroom.

" Did you two hear that?" Megan questioned.

"Yeah" Zayn and Emily said in unison.

"Imma go see what's going on" you told them as you walked quietly towards the bedroom.

The giggles got louder as the neared the bedroom and then you soft moans. You made it to the bedroom door and put your ear against it.

"Oh Louis you ......" The rest was mumbled and you couldn't under it.

Megan slowly opened the door and was shocked at what she saw. Louis with a different girl on top of him straddling his waist while snogging her face off and his hands squeezing her bottom. His lips then moved to her neck as he sucked and kissed the skin as the girl moaned like a slut. Megan the quietly went it the closet that her and Louis shared and started to pack a suitcase with all her clothes and belongings. once she was done she snuck out of the room and put her suitcase downstairs and then ran upstairs to the bedroom, went inside, grabbed a book from the shelf in the room, stood right behind the girl and threw the book right at her head.

The girl fell on top of Louis' chest and was knocked out from the weight and because of the force you threw the book at. Louis then sat up and looked at you with shocked and startled eyes.

" so this is how you treat me?" Megan said

"You still haven't stopped have you, I cant believe you would do this to me!" Megan screamed as tears ran down her face.

"After almost three years, this is how it all ends! How long has this been going on?! You no what, never mind, I'm breaking up with you and leaving you for good." Megan said as she stomped out of the room and into the game room where Zayn and Emily were.

" OH my gosh! Megan, what happened?!" Emily questioned as she walked over to Megan and engulfed her in a hug.

"H-he cheated o-on m-me again." Megan sobbed

"WHAT?!" Zayn screamed. "That little bastard! Where the hell is he?!"

"Calm down Zayn, lets leave and take Megan to our place so that we can help her through this".

"Ok, lets go girls".

You three ran down the stairs just as a shocked Louis came out of the bedroom.

"Wait! Megan please don't do this! This is all my fault! Please don't leave me baby!" Louis screamed as he ran after you.

" Too late" Emily said as you three ran out the door and got into Zayn's car.

"Megan please don't leave!" Louis screamed, tears rolling down his face as he pounded against the windows of the car as it rolled out of the driveway. Zayn made a turn and started onto the road. Megan turned around in her seat to see a sobbing Louis in a drive way now on his knees. She sobbed into her hands as the car drove to Zayn and Emily's house, fifteen minutes later you arrived, opened the car door and took your suitcase out and went into the house after Emily and went into the guest room and locked the door.

"Just shout if you need us", Emily said as she rubbed Megan's back.

"Thank you for being an amazing friend". Megan crocked.

" Anytime", Emily said as she walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

Megan then laid back in the bed and let out soft sobs, thinking about what would happen next.






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