Do You Really Love Me?

What would you do if you found out that your boyfriend was cheating on you? But he still came back to you?


3. Chapter 2

You woke up the next day with a huge headache. after getting up from bed you walked to the bathroom and brushed your teeth, fixed your hair that was matted to your face, and washed your tear stained face. you walked down stairs to see everyone already dressed sitting on the couch and whispering.

"Morning everyone", you said.

"Morning beautiful", said a high pitched voice that you knew only too well.

You walked to the couch to where everyone was sitting and stood right in front of him.

"What the hell are you doing here?!"

"Please baby, I'm so sorry for doing this to you!"

"You probably don't even mean those words"

"Its just that I need you in my life so badly, I wouldn't be able to live my life anymore if you ever left me. I love you so much and I wouldn't be able to find anyone else to re place the hole in my heart if you ever left me."

Warm tears ran down your face as you listed to what Louis had just said. You also wouldn't be able to go on if you left him. No one in the world could ever compare to him even if he did something that was unforgiveable, you just couldn't live without him.

"Please forgive me baby, I know what I did was horrible b-but the girl forced me into it and I couldn't control myself", Louis said as his voice cracked and slow tears ran down his face.

"Please just forgive me, I promise that I will never do anything so horrible ever again", he sobbed.

You couldn't control yourself as you ran into his strong arms and wrapped slender arms around his neck as you sobbed into the crook of his neck. His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer and hugging you tighter as you felt his tears drip onto your shoulder.

"Louis", you said as you small hands cupped hid face "I love you so much and I just don't ever want you to put me through this type of situation ever again."

"I promise Megan, I won't ever do this to you again. You're my beautiful baby and it just tears me apart to see you upset."

"I love you", you whispered

"I love you more", he said as he softly kissed your lips.

You suddenly heard everyone around you clapping and whistling as you buried your face in the crook of Louis's neck.

"Hooray for Megan and Louis!", Harry screamed as the engulfed both of you in a hug. A second later you found yourself in the middle of a group hug with all your friends as they all yelled and screamed for you and Louis.

"I'm hungry!!!!", Niall screamed

"Me too!" agreed Emily.

"Lets make some food!" Liam yelled as they all ran into your kitchen leaving you and Louis, still hugging, behind.

"Their crazy", he finally said.

"Yeah, but I love them anyway", you replied.

"Same", he replied as he kissed your forehead.

"Wanna go eat?"

"Thought you would never ask", he said as you heard his stomach and shortly after your stomach let out a loud growl.

Both of you walked hand in and hand to the kitchen as you thinking what the next day and the future would bring for you and Louis.


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