fire must burn out--HoO fanfiction

'I will come back for you' Leo's promise to Calypso rang in his ears. He must find her. After ditching his friends in a accident, Leo Valdez decides to rescue Calypso from her prison.


2. chapter 2

Leo saw a bright light. It felt so comforting, soothing. He wanted to continue forwards. As he walked slowly towards the light, he saw his mom. His mom! His mom called to him to join them. Then, he saw Calypso, she waved at him and held up a picnic basket. His mom and her were laughing like they were sharing a joke. Leo started running threw the foggy mist. He had to reach them and the light. “Is he alive?” asked a girl voice “Just.” Leo stopped. Those voices were familiar. His chest started hurting. “ Hurry! He might die!” Leo started floating upwards and away from the light. NO! He couldn't leave! He tried swimming down, but couldn't. Then, he surfaced.



Leo coughed and started kicking and flailing. “ No! Let me go back! MOM! CALYPSO!” His screaming turned incoherent. Then, he opened his eyes and it died out. His limbs relaxed and sank to the ground. He was on sand, surrounded by Percy and Annabeth. “are you okay?” asked Percy “I found you on the ocean floor.” Suddenly, Leo remembered the firewood. Before he could pull it out of his pocket, he heard shouting. Annabeth and Percy dashed away and came back carrying a immobile Frank with Jason holding a crying Hazel, while Piper comforted her. They put down Frank on the sand next to Leo and as he got a good look of him, Leo felt dread in his stomach. Frank looked like he had been cooked. He was singed and black as soot. Jason looked at Leo with a dark expression. “Leo” He tried to say calmly, but his voice cracked. “Where is the firewood.” The word rang a bell. fire wood. “W-what?” asked a dazed Leo. Suddenly, Jason's nose was inches from his. “Where. is. The. Wood.” He said, seething. Leo's eyes widened in fear. Usually his friend was calmer than this. With trembling hands, he reached into his pocket. He then pulled out a fistful of burn scraps.

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