Liam's sister(Zayn Malik punk fanfiction)

Things are not always what they seem...


3. chapter two:Niall

Hey guys sorry that I have not updated this story I have been working on my other ones here is the new chapter enjoy!!!!

My Pov:

The four of them left but Niall stayed with me,"may I-I kiss you?" He asked as he scooted closer to me so that his breathe lightly fanned my face. I nodded and he gently placed his warm soft lips on mine.Sparks that is all I felt "awwwww" I heard Liam say.

We pulled apart Niall looked really scared of Liam "Niall your fine you could date my little sister I just don't want Zayn to date her mate" Liam explained to him." Really? Thanks mate I'll treat her like a princess" Niall said to Liam I smiled until I saw Zayn watching us with tears flowing down his face.

Sorry for not updating in a while :).

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