Liam's sister(Zayn Malik punk fanfiction)

Things are not always what they seem...


8. chapter seven:Niall wakes up

Hey guys sorry for the wait here is the next chapter enjoy!!!!

My Pov:

I blushed from Zayn's words causing him to smirk at me as his hard on got even bigger by the second. He took my hand and placed it inside of his boxers and wrapped my hand around his think long length.

"Zayn....." I said unsure but he just moved my hand up and down his length I nodded he removed his and and pulled down his jeans and boxers. I removed my hand as his length sprung up slapping his stomach.

"We will not go all the way just please get rid of my boner love" Zayn pleaded as I wrapped one of my hands around his length and started to stroke his length flicking my wrist he let out a moan.

He hips buckled towards my mouth I opened my mouth and he buckled his hips once more shoving all of his length into my mouth hitting the back of my throat. Causing me to gag and him to come inside of my mouth as he let out a loud groan. I swallowed his salty but sweet warm come as he pulled up his boxers and then jeans just then we heard groans.

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