Liam's sister(Zayn Malik punk fanfiction)

Things are not always what they seem...


6. chapter five:yes and talking

Hey guys sorry that I have not updated this story in a while here is the new chapter.

My Pov:

"Zayn sure" i said as Liam entered the room he motioned me to follow him. So I did we stopped once we were in his room he sat on his bed and patted a spot next to him I walked over to him and sat down on his silk covered bed."Zayn is right Niall is no good for you I think he wants you for your body" Liam explained to me.

"So can I date Zayn?" I asked smiling at him he sighed and then nodded his head."Yes!!! I mean thanks Liam" I exclaimed crushing him in a hug and kissing his now red cheeks." Now go to Zayn or if you like Niall go to him" Liam explained to me. I nodded my head and walked outside and I was pulled into Niall's room by Niall.

His hands ran down my sides making me shiver" I heard what Liam said about me love but I like you too just like Zayn" Niall explained to me.

Sorry it's short

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