Liam's sister(Zayn Malik punk fanfiction)

Things are not always what they seem...


9. chapter eight:What did you do?

Hey guys here is the new chapter guys enjoy!!

My Pov:

"What did you guys do?" Niall asked as Zayn's face was still red." Oh uh nothing mate" Zayn said patting his back Niall nodded unsure and left the room looking at the ground.

Zayn smirked at me as the door shut and dragged me to his room throwing me on his bed and pouncing on me. Smashing his warm lips on mine for one minute.

I smiled into the kiss so did he we both heard a gasp from the door "Why?" I heard the Irish accent ring through my ears. Zayn got off of me smirk a bit and then said " Mate, she likes me not you".

But that is not true I thought to myself, Niall shook he head and said" no no no your lying Zayn"." He is lying I like the both of you" I said after they both stopped talking.

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