The Diaryish Tale of Willow Warren.

This is a fictional story I made which is kind of inspired by SOME events in my life but its mostly made up - its not the best but please tell me what you think.

It's Willow here, reporting the mishap's which like to occur in my life at times just to embarrass me in ways which are just a pain in the ass - not literally! - okay so I'm basically going to go on about some things in my life and perhaps the biggest crush on the greatest guy ever - no, I'm not being sarcastic... yet. So if you want to read my so called diary then be my guest because it'll be fun, well, I hope it is but if not you can just laugh at me expense, I won't mind.
Willow xox


1. Intro

~~"We only accept the love we think we deserve,"

This is one of the best lines I've found to describe why we cheat ourselves of the feeling of true love. Basically what I'm is that we are all in some way tainted with the biological and innate reason to accept what we think we deserve as we all see ourselves as so much less than we actually are.
Hey, yeah I suppose that is a little bit of a downer but well it's the truth there's no point in denying it! You can't say that you don't think that you put yourself down most of the time...unless your Nate Stiles - he's like the only exception to the rule trust me on this he's like the one and only sex god! - Anyway where we, ah yes, what do you see when you look in that mirror? Come on the truth, I promise I won't tell...
Okay, yeah I see your point but really you can NOT be as bad as me, don't believe me? Well; take what you just said and double it, no triple it, that's me right there the one and only disaster that God made is me. (Ooh, listen to me being all dramatic!)
Oh sorry I never actually told you my name, it's Willow Dee Warren; it's nice to meet you! Now picture this:
•a girl with purple hair with blond streaks, blue eyes, ear piercings (I might be getting my lip pierced soon), a bad complexion, average height and well I call me chubby but most people would call me fat... I try to not let it bother me but... well sometimes... it does get under my skin and I look in the mirror and hate my reflection that states back at me... Oh gosh sorry about that I shouldn't bore and burden you with my life problems.
So where we're we, ah mmmmh ermm... Oh I remember I was on about love and our views on ourselves and me (a little). Right then I don't have very high expectations of myself so I want to help you lot out there in the big bad world we have to live in. As I was saying we all see ourselves differently to others so frankly, everyone's unique - which can be hard like really hard but I know you've properly heard it all before but being different it good it makes us unique (whether guys or girls, which ever way you swing, seem to notice that is a different matter) but its true so just screw everyone else they can go fuck themselves! (Ah yeah I'll warn you now I do tend to swear; quite a lot sometimes so sorry if I offended you but that's just how I am). We feel that due to how much we judge ourselves we only are aloud some rubbish someone thinks is love as we don't deserve anything more.
Gosh now I'm starting to send myself to sleep! Okay to not drag on who wants to hear some goss? Fact: I'm reluctantly going to share it with you lovely lot whether you want to hear it anyway!
It all started when...

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