What a dream

a dream came true.


30. me again. SORRY

yeah hi guys it's me AGAIN. i just wanted to say thank you again and sorry for not updating but yeah... the last days(riday and saturday) were full of things. yesterday i did something for the first time and it was unbelivable nice.(no. not sex or something like this.) i am not sure if i am allowed to write about this so yeah. i will keep it. i will update next week i guess but i will write loads of tests and stuff. well but i will update !! i promise. today i wanted to but a friend wanted to learn with me for a test and in the evening my class go to an musical.. i am needed to go there too -.- and well yeah...sorry if this is boring XD
but hold on. i will update soon. and THANK YOU! again to all the ones who liked or followed. and everyone who read until now :D


~musicfreakrike <3

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