What a dream

a dream came true.


9. 9.

"about me?" i chuckled. he nodded smiling. "why?" his face went seriously.

"what realy happened between you and harry. and if you are his girlfriend now." WHAT?

"uhm. why? i mean why do you wanna know that?" i pulled at the back of my shirt because my neckline had lowed a little to much. i blushed a little as i realised it. but niall just looked into my eyes. i eyed up his body. again. you should stop. of corse he have a nice body...and such a strong chest..and his lenght not realy hidden. -you are seriously staring at his dick. and he konws that. stop.

"because i want to know if i would be the other boy or if i would be THE boy." what? my face was a big impression of this word. i pulled up my eyebrows and looked asking to him.

"i mean if you are single or not. if you and harry are already a couple or if you are going to be or-"

"ohh! that's your question. let me see...well harry wasn't coming after us so i guess i am single." he sighted relieved. i lifted one eyebrow. i smiled but it was gone as fast as it came.

"but what have you both done in the room?" he realy cares about that?

"he kissed me once. and ... i kissed back once. that was all"

"you kissed back?"

"...yes. or.. no he kissed me twice." he raised his eyebrows questioning.

" he asked me if i dont liked his kiss because i gasped suprised and interupted the kiss with it. and i wont ever lie about it i liked it." he doesn't looked amused about this. " and just was to confused about it and so i wraped my arms around his neck pulled him close and then he kissed me-"

"he kissed you?" he realy doubt what i am saying. i lifted up the bed and stood up. i faced the door and turned my back to him. immediately a hand grabed my arm.

"dont leave me!" i turned around. i will prove him that i'm telling the truth. hopefuly it's gonna work. he stood right infront of me. i could feel his breathe on my nose. suddelny i wrapped my arms around his neck, pulled him close our noses touched. nothing happened. we stood like this for a while.

"like this i did. just that harry kissed me immediately." i whispered.

"well it's hard not to kiss you at all. and now its realy hard too." i frowned.

"so why don't you do it?" he chuckled and wrapped his arms around my waist. don't kiss him! wait until he do it.

"what are you thinking about,ruth? and why don't you kiss me?"

" i thought you wanted to kiss me!" he grinned and pulled me closer our lips were so close but still not touching.

"and what are you thinking about?"

"i am trying not to kiss you."

"because you don't want to?" i can't breathe. he pulled me tighter and tighter.

"no. because ... i don't want to look like a slut to the others." he loosen his grip a little and shook his head.

"harry kissed you. not you him,right?" i nodded. "so you're not honey." he said slowly laid down and kissed me softly. i could his fell his heart close to mine. it was punding hard. just like mine. i  kissed back and his toung find his way to mine. his kiss was full of love and desire. suddenly i felt his hands wandering up and down my back and finaly placed them nearly shy on my bum. our bodys left no between us. i guess the kiss lasted more then five minutes until the door suddelny opened.

"Ruth i wanted to-"


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