What a dream

a dream came true.


8. 8.

Shoud i pretend sleeping or should i just get up awkwardly...uhhhmmm-

"OH MY GODNESS! Are you okay darling? i already was scared you could get lost in those three hallways!" realy? three? it felt like a thousands... Louis sounded truly worried. i opened my eyes. Louis sat on his knees so he could look right into my eyes.

"hey everything's okay..?" i nodded. he was so cute. i stand up and pulled him into a hug and grabbed my face into his chest. he placed his head on mine and cuddled me. i could hear him sighted relieved. this just made me pull him closer to me. he smelled so good. he smelled safe.

"er hem" i let go of louis and he smiled at me.

"everything is fine i just was annoyed by everyone saying that i am so "cute and "innocent""

"yeah at least after your little meeting you lost your first innocence." zayn grinned. harry starred at me with his mouth open and wide opened eyes. he felt sorry for what he did.

"shut up,zayn!" i slapped lightly on his bare chest. i turned around to liam. "hey liam. i'm Ruth"

i reached out my hand he took it and shook it without any problem. harry immediately blushed.

"nice to meet you ruth. I hope you doesn't mind that i blew up your cover." he smiled excusing. i shook my head.

"No problem." i turned to niall "i'm hungry. where do i get something to eat here?" he laughed and linked his still bare arm into mine. he was seriously still just in boxers. i raised my eyebrows

"don't you want to put clothes on again? if we are going outside it first: going to be cold, and second: there will be more than thousands of fans are running towards you. i guess before you had ate something they would have eat you!" he chuckled and kept on walking.

"honey, the food is in my room." oh...that was to be expected. -.- 

"honey?" i raised my eyebrows. he nodded satisfied. okay...

"wont you share the food with us all?" niall shook his head.

"i never share my food with a bunch of lads. not even MY lads." all grinned.

"so you wont share your food with me?" i asked in a sulkily tone. Niall let go of my arm and looked outraged in my eyes. he got down on his knees like to a proposoal grabed my hands softly everything was quiet and asked

"do you, Ruth, want to eat with me?" everybody bursted out in laughing except me and niall. as the boys calmed down a bit i answered

"yes i do.i am fucking hungry" this time everybody burst out in laughing. niall used the moment pulled me out of zayns room, pulled me close and wispered "run and don't let go of my hand" and we ran to his room holding our hands tight. as we reached the door we already heard the guys calling

"HEY WE WANNA HAVE SOME FOOD TOO!" this was louis.

"look in your own fridges!" niall called back while he was slamming the door closed with him and me in his room. it was untidy but it actually had got a bed instead of a sofa. suprising.

the room was even though small. plain white walls like all the others. some clothes were laying on the bed and on the floor. which was immediantly were collected and throwen into the wardrobe. he realy blushed. why was he so embaressed about everything when i'm with him? i mean he looks gorgeous though he's just wearing his boxers. i should take of some clothes to. ha ha what a stupid idea.

Niall lent down to have a look into the small fride and pulled out some sandwiches. they looked delicious.

"Jesus. i thought i'd already had ate all." i laughed

"that's why you dont wanted to share with the guys. you don't even knew if you have something to share!" he shrugged. he was caught.

"you caught me. i just wanted to be alone with you again. i am a bad person i know i shouldn't do this a-" i interupted him. i couldn't listen to that. he just was so cute.

"but at all you handed me a sandwish. and that was all you've promised." we both sat down on the bed facing each other. we both finished our sandwishes i was starving. in quiet until niall said

"sorry but i dont like talking while eating." i smirked

"me neither." he laid down on the bed resting his head on his hand. i did te same to still face him. he seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

"what are you thinking about?" he sighted and his cheeks blushed pink.

"i a-am thinking a-about....you"


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