What a dream

a dream came true.


7. 7.

**uhm this chapter is VERY long hope you like it though


"hihi..uhm. nice to meet you too" i winked to him. he offered his bare arm to me and i linked in. whereever he will bring you. it will be fun. i guess...

"so what is such a beauty is doing in such an labyrith all alone?" even if he was naked, he managed it to look like a gentlemen though he's shitting his self. and this irish accent. it's so adorable. his shorts were tight and i guess...Stop! you are starring at his dick. and he already recognizing it. he looked confused, he followed my eyes, blushed a little but getting "serious" after few seconds.

"like what you see?" he wasn't sure if it should be a joke or if he could ask that seriously.

"where did you wanted to go? i guess you wanted to ask zayn about your food?" change of subject. he shrugged.

"i guess it's not that important."

"what? food isn't important are you kidding me?" he starred at me with suprise.i continued

"if somebody would steel my sweets or well anything what is mine i would go and get it back or at least going to get a payback." i kept loocking straight. don't look into his amazing blue eyes. why do they all need to have such amazing, no amazayn eyes. i giggled. oh do something to avoid his question!!!!!

"ZAYN MALIK?" i called down the halls.

"YEAH?" a door opened and i ran to it leaving niall alone. i could see him standing there glancing at me. Zayn otherwise closed the door behind me stunning. he just got a pair grey skinny jeans on. 

"don't you guys are able to wear t-shirts?" he smirked great at least you had brought one of the hottest guys on the world to put on a shirt. you realy are cleverness in person. i facepalmed myself for that.

"well i don't have to." he said. his painted skin looked so sexy. his caramel coloured skin in combination of this combination of all those tattoos. i could have watched it for years. there are so many motives. though i don't realy want to get tattoos and would never get one on my own, but on the otherside they are very creative. i glanzed curious at all those tatoos.

"you like what you see?" zayn asked.

"not in that way." i sticked out my tounge. "i just want to look at your tattoos they look so creative." he smiled.

"they are. every single one of it have a little story. or just looked cool enough for beeing printed on me." he grinned. "i know it sounds weird but i guess you want to touch one doesn't you?" the words on their own sound dirty but he was so right.

"haha. uhm. well you are right. but i just never touched a tattoo. i am so curious." i shrugged. he grinned playfuly and reached out his arm.

"so touch it." i grinned while my fingertips glided over his soft and smooth skin. my attention was catched by thy microphone. my fingers draw the frame of it.

"i like this one." i said tapping on it. he lifted his eyebrow.

"you like tattoos at all?" i smiled.

"yeah but not on my own skin" yeah try to be cheeky. you can do that SSOOOO well -.-

"and hey i am not that innocent, okay?" he lifted his eyebrows.

"you don't even wear earrings. you are like the person that completly fit to this word. you don't even wear make-up do you?" ah fuck i shoud hae put on some make-up on.

"i forgot to, okay? and i don't wear earrings because i don't even have an earlobe piercing." his smile just grew bigger.

"i would also guess that you never had kissed somebody." i blushed. I DID.

"you haven't?!" he seemed to be shocked.

"I have. okay. its not that long time ago but i have." he calm down a little. how many people did you already kissed?"

"one" Harry freaking Edward Styles

"is he your boyfriend?" i shook my head. after that what louis said it just was fun i guess.

"was he?" he tried to avoid my raw point. but there is none. i guess.

"you kissed someone who WASN'T your boyfriend? wow you are not that innocent,...-"

"oh i'm ruth." we both laughed. we talked for a long while and he don't even knew my name.

"zayn." he held out his hand and i shook it. we grinned because it was an awkward moment.

"it's so quiet here. can't we listen to some music?" i asked. zayn smiled.

"i just thought th-" someone out there on the halways interuppted our conversation and we listened.

"YOU DID WHAT?" it was clearly louis. zayn looked at me asking. i shrugged but halfways i stopped. he looked asking.

"Lou. i don't raped her! it was just a kiss." harry. zayn looked at me. i hided my face behind my hands. therefore are those sofas. i sat onto it and rested my elbows on my knees. it was much easier to hide my red blushed face now.


"oh- h-hey..l-lads.. uhm-m what's g-going on?" niall stumbled. i heard zayn harshly open the door. i hided on the sofa. i simply laid down thankfuly the sofa is standing with its back to the door.

"niall had you listend us or what are you doing right infront of my door?" zayn was clearly upset. why?

"and anyway. Harry. why the hell are you stealing kisses by girls? i mean you never did that." really? "and lou. instead of screaming at harry you could have looked for the girl. and anyways where the hell is liam?" silence...zayn had said everything at once.

"i was skyping to sophia." LIAM <3 i was able to move. but it was so much more interesting just listen to the boys without knowing them that somebody is listen. except zayn. but he had nothing to hide.

"what have you done haz? i heard lou screaming the whole halway down." liams voice was calm and soothing.

"Ruth was here. So the fan we should care for this day. the one with those cute letters and the mum you know?" i guess he waited for liams nod "this girl was here. she was very nice and i liked her and i also understood why she wanted to be my little sister because she really had the same humor and taste like me. we talked for a while till i wanted to get her to know you. then harry came and stole her and run away. carring her. she couldn't struggel."

"hey it just was for fun!" it was harry.

"did you asked her if she want to?" pause..."and did she said yes?" pause...

"what would you do if you are a cute innocent girl doesn't thinking of something bad?" defenitly louis. "louis. let him tell his part."-zayn why is he so nice? is it even allowed to be that adorable? louis mutterd something..

"I thought it would be fun to hide and so i got into one of those empty rooms." yeah... it was like that. "she was a little confused and cute. she said her name is ruth and realy reached me out her hand to shake it. i mean com'on guys thats so cute that it's funny. isn't it?" silence. no it's not. "okay. not funny okaay. well i shook her hand and giggled. she liked my giggle and-" all guys started laughing.

"yeah who don'T like your little-girl-giggeling haz!" niall laughed. he nearly bursted out in laughing. nialls laughter best ever.

"ANYWAYS...uhm.. she just was so cute i stopped giggeling and gazed at her. she was so insecure that she also stopped laughing. she was about to say something but i couldn't held myself back and kissed her."

"did she kissed you back?" it was liam. he was very seriously about it. i cn't belive that they all are so serious.

"uhm.. yeah i think so. yeah. but she stopped. i guess she don't liked it. but then she stumbled something and kissed me back. it just felt very nice."

"French kiss?" somebody asked quietly.. i guess niall.

"uhm.. i tried to but well, lou interupted us." someone sighted.

"it was better. who knows how far you had gone. i just got in there seeing you laughing and-"

"notice something?? She was laughing. she was totaly fine."

"i guess it was more because i ran into the sofa." louis was so true.

"but your talking about me beeing a womanizer was good or what?"

"b-but-" lou realized what he did.

"Harry. Louis didn't know about that so it's not his fault. at all you shoudn't kiss girls out of the blue after knowing them 2 minutes." thanks for zayn. it wasn't louis fault. and at all i'm fine.

"ruth is an innocent girl, harry. and you knew that. so you shoudn't use her like a toy."

"yeah...okay it was my fault...an-.. wait. why do you know her naame is ruth?" harry was warily.

"because he talked to her." it wasn't niall. it was liam. how can he know about that?? i guess everybody had the same question.

"she is laying in the sofa in zayns room." whoops...


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